Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Young & The Occasionally Restless...

Do you ever feel restless, in need of a change and looking to get it where ever you can? I get like this sometimes, and it is generally closer to the end of a job or when we've been on a job for awhile and I'm bored and ready for whatever may come next. As you know we are soon to depart the wild west and I think that is part of my need for a change, mostly because it just isn't happening quick enough.

This morning I was so rudely awakened just after 7:00am by the lovely neighbor who was out there with his saw, hammer and whatever other power tools make loud obnoxious noises. I tell ya, this guy kills me... he has been doing this all summer! He built a HUGE shop for his backyard, then he built a huge fence around the perimeter of his property and now I suppose he is working on a underground shelter in case of the zombie apocalypse because he doesn't have anymore room in his yard. Who starts power tools before 9:00am? Aren't there laws against that or something??? I got up and closed the window, even though I was greatly enjoying the crisp air in here this morning (it was 45 degrees - straight fall weather!).

I was just getting back to sleep when around 7:30am when the cleaning girl started the vacuum again.. WHY!?!?! They don't care about the actual units why do they care about the hallways?!?! STOP THE MADNESS! I just got up. Clearly I was not meant to sleep in today! I made a coffee, which truth be told is the absolute highlight of any morning of mine. I go to bed looking forward to my morning coffee, and this is how I drink it!

One teaspoon of Nescafe French Vanilla instant coffee. 

On package of Sugar in the Raw

A few table spoons of Silk Vanilla Pure Almond Milk.

SO GOOD! If you do not generally use raw sugar, its like making a switch to anything different it definitely takes some getting use to. I use to use Splenda and after reading so many bad reviews about artificial sweeteners I made the change and couldn't be happier. How do you drink your coffee?

Anyways after making my coffee this morning I grabbed the laptop to start reading Bloglovin' and I came across a new post from one of my favorite blogs.. have you all heard of Kate from The Small Things Blog? Her blog is fabulous, she has her own Youtube Channel full of hair and makeup tutorials that make the beauty possibilities seem endless! I started watching and it got me thinking... maybe I should cut my hair (no.), maybe I should dye my hair, maybe I should let my tan go (happening as we speak) and embrace my pale complexion, maybe I should try some new products, lighter eye shadow, different liners, brighter lips! As you can see there are a lot of maybe's floating around. 

I'm not going to lie these are all just minor changes that are more possible at the moment as Jason is pitching a fit about me getting a new tattoo.. ya I said it, TATTOO! I have tattoos that I absolutely love, I know a lot of people who get tattoos young often regret them the older they get and truthfully that doesn't apply to me at all. Jason however regrets his tattoos and therefore is convinced everyone eventually will. I'm not going to lie I am not a huge fan of one of Jason's tattoos, but I don't by any means hate it.. now the one of the back of his left calf I absolutely LOVE! People always compliment him on it, the colors and everything and truthfully I don't think he hates that one as much. 

I have always loved tattoo's, I art.. a form of self expression! You can really tell a lot about someone by their tattoos because lets be honest no one gets a tattoo that doesn't have some meaning to them in some way (unless you were young, stupid and drunk I suppose- but I assume that is a rare few). People take time and do research to pick an artist, at which time picking one I would say is a huge compliment because tattoos really are life long commitments. I really wanted to get on while we were in Hawaii with the traditional Polynesian tattoo tools. I think it would be an amazing experience and if you have never seen the Hawaiian tribal tattoos they are absolutely AMAZING! 

Yes it would probably, most definitely hurt more than the more modern tools used in today's tattoos, but so what! ADVENTURE!

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I have quite an extensive board dedicated to INK. I would absolutely TASTEFULLY cover myself if Jason didn't have such a HUGE problem with it. I can understand where he is coming from, and I definitely do respect his opinion which is why I'm not making appointments for when we get home, but I cant help but long for a new tattoo. Truthfully I probably scared him when I said that I was thinking about a half sleeve, haha! But I really am!!! I see so many women with beautiful tattoos, half sleeves and full body pieces and I think they are amazing! I would be super happy if Jason would cover himself too, that's how much I love tattoos.. but it will never happen. 

So while I work on Jason check out my Tattoo love on Pinterest and tell me your thoughts on tattoos! Do you have them? If so what are they! Do you want them? If so what are you thinking about getting and where?! Maybe for now I will just live vicarious! 

I'm off to get my ass in gear, I have a few things to do and Jason and I are going out for dinner tonight with some people from work. Naturally we are going somewhere that is playing the Patriots game, but just in case I am taping it at home as well! I'm not going to lie, in making my picks this week I had a really hard time picking the Patriots (shhh... I know, I know!). It's just that they were already starting off with a mostly rookie team, they didn't do stellar in the preseason and last weeks game was by no means a steel! I will credit their win to Brady, Amendola and Vreen.. two of which are not playing this week do to injuries! Hell Vreen who was amazing last week isn't looking to be back in the game until week 11 do to surgery on his wrist, that he broke a bone in at the beginning of last weeks game and yet he finished the game! So I picked them out of respect for my husband but its a crap shoot this week! 

I hope everyone is having a great week, football is on tonight so that has to brighten your day! Plus we are that much closer to Sunday.. Hello upside! 

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  1. I like this coffee idea, although I don't use sugar. I am sweet enough. :)

    Now, as to tattoos. A person can't eat enough to vomit about any young pretty woman covering herself in Tattoos. A small well placed meaningful tattoo is nice, maybe one or two but a whole arm ? I think not. Have you seen senior woman with various tattoos on her body ? They look like shit ! Banish this nonsense about getting more tattoos or I will fly out to Estevan, kick in your particleboard door and take your index figure and stik it in a plug until you forget all about getting more tattoos. Listen to your wise husband. The only people that get tattoos are whores and hockey players. You are neither.

    Xo. :)