Saturday, September 7, 2013


I tell you guys I really have had the best intentions of blogging and the last couple of days I swear I just feel like I have nothing to say. I sit here looking at the blank screen thinking of all kinds of things I should be writing about and things that I could say but its getting me no where.. I don't know what my deal is.

I think I'm putting more pressure on myself to be around and have things to say because I slacked so much while we were away, I gave a huge update when we got back about the house but truthfully because we aren't there and because we are driving back we aren't really buying anything to go in the house. We are however looking and truthfully not getting very far.

So far this is the only dinnerware set that we can agree on and truth be told the more I look at it the more I don't like it. Ha! I liked it before but definitely didn't love it and now I'm not even sure I like it! Jason doesn't want anything to off the wall (his words not mine) and I refuse to have anything simple, as in Correll white plates. So while we were in North Carolina we went to Belk and came across these Gibson Home plates, they didn't have the sets, only the plates so we didn't get them.. I think I am thankful for that now. What do you think?

I don't know, I think they are way too plain and kind of boring. We are thinking about staying neutral in the kitchen but this really seems so blah! I don't foresee it putting me in a cooking kind of mood, haha if it doesn't put me in an eating kind of mood maybe we should get them!

We have been looking at coffee tables which is something we have notoriously differed in opinions on but as time has gone on we are leaning towards the same things. Our floors in the hours are extremely rustic looking which is what we wanted and therefore it opens doors as to what we can have as a coffee table! So these are a few things we are thinking about right now...

We really like this one, it is from Haverty's and can be used at storage which is really great as we always have blankets in the living room. This is the matching end tables which I actually like. 

Or this one..

This is something totally different, but another coffee table we are considering. 

I actually think I like this better! It is still the rustic but contemporary.. This might just be my first choice! Ha.. look at me making decisions and stuff! 

So anyways that's where we stand, I still haven't found any dining room tables that we like unfortunately and I could show you a million accent chairs that I want! But I am trying to stick to the things we actually need right now! 

If you get a chance check out Haverty's it is definitely where we found all our favorite furniture! 

I'm off to make dinner, this blog took me a lot longer than I expected as Tanya and I finally got a chance to facetime! Jason is super excited for chicken and rice casserole, so am I actually! We are headed to the gym after dinner and Jason is unfortunately working tomorrow!

I plan to be back around tomorrow, but truthfully in my whole lack of anything to say I am choosing not to force myself as I think it just takes away from the quality of the content! 

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

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  1. I like the first coffe table that looks like chest and the rustic end tables. Will you get lamps for the end tables ? That could be an interesting journey as for me, lamps are key.

    Don't worry about the blog. When the spirit hits and you have something you want to share it will come to you. Like I am a blog expert !

    What might be interesting is to hear your take how different or unique the United States from your perspective.



  2. Oh, as for plates, I have zero to offer. Frankly I don't give a hoot about plates. Lamps, well that's a different story.

  3. Me again. I noticed the plates you show in the picture, the set, this is exactly the same as our set. Thanks for shitting all over our choice ! ( just kidding, like I say I could care less).

    I was thinking it wouldbe interesting to read what you think of American gun culture. I read all sorts of stuff about it but have not any direct experience. Jacque, my daughter in law, as you know is from Arizona. Oh they love their guns.

  4. Lady, I totally agree the plates are boring. Sorry Stephen. lol. But even in a neutral room, there needs to be a pop of color (check any design blog/website) The plates/glasses etc are a great place to do it, because in general you don't see them all the time and they are small so not overbearing. You could get a fruit bowl to match, or a centerpiece for the table. Those plates come in almost every color, I love the red/black and purple/brown. I actually have the a similar one to the purple brown, they are not super bright, but do ad a little pop and because of the brown they transition into a neutral room nicely.
    As for the coffee tables, I personally like the last 2 as end tables/coffee table. I like the first one, but to me it looks more like a Hope Chest and gives me the vibe that it should be in a bedroom or by a door as kind of a show piece on its own, not a coffee table. The coffee table we have here in Peru is actually strangely, very similar to the last one as well, but the one you posted is way nicer and ours looks like it is an antique but not in a good way haha. Remember on those end tables to, to ad something with a bit of color so the room doesn't all blend together into a pile of neutral. lol

  5. Hi Nicole...we have a coffee table that is really BORING, but it goes with our decor. Personally I like the first one as and you said, it's great for storing blankets, etc. The last one is my second choice - but of course, it's your home:) Word of warning about plates...we bought squarish one and ended up returning them because they would not stack properly in the dishwasher. Seems the rack are made to handle round plates only. Perhaps with your new dishwasher, they are designed a little differently. I don't mind the set you showed about, but as Tanya said, perhaps a little more pop of colour is a good idea. I also like Steven's comment about blogging about your experiences with Canada and U.S. and likes & dislikes. And I also agree you just blog when you can. No one expects you to blog each & every day!

  6. I have to agree with the mystery person, square plates are awkward. They are hard to fit in the cupboard. Let's all start a petition and rid the world of square plates and square heads while we are at it.

  7. Haha I love a good comment debate! I'm with Tanya! I need color in my life! Sorry Steve, I do like those plates, they would be a good compromise if necessary. I will tell you right now though as I told Jason this morning I will NOT get white plates or regular old circle ones.. PERIOD! They have to be square, but to be honest they have new rectangle ones that I am IN LOVE with but Jason is beige to go that far out of his comfort zone! As for the coffee table I am definitely leaning towards the second one, I think when we get back to NC we will head over to Haverty's and we won't have a problem picking something. Right now our biggest struggles are a dining room table and plates. I will look into lamps Steve and get back to you! I need to get on looking at lamps, accents chairs and rugs!