Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plans Changed... Such is Our Life!

You know... no matter how many times it happens it never gets easier. You would think having traveled with Jason for so long and knowing exactly how things work I would have almost expected this, sadly I did. This morning we planned our stops for the trip home, how far we were going to drive each day and all the things we were planning for each day when we got home. It seemed overwhelming but so exciting as I have been counting down the days and really really miss home. Then this afternoon I got the dreaded email... Jason has to stay. Needless to say I cried. It should be final tomorrow so I suppose there is still hope but I knew there was no way Jason could leave at this point in the job we were just waiting for management to figure it out.

So instead of leaving on Monday the 30th we are going to leave here the morning of Friday the 27th and get home on Sunday. We will have a few days situated and Jason will have to be back on a plane Wednesday morning. I'm not going to lie I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to the rest of you but I am heart broken. I have been so looking forward to getting the fuck hell out of here and going home to really get started on the house and making it ours. Jason isn't going to be there to help, he is going to miss Canadian Thanksgiving and my birthday... it really sucks! What pisses me off more than anything though is they knew, its scary to think they really are THAT STUPID thinking they could manage when he left... and trust me although I think Jason is amazing at what he does I am not boasting, its simply that his job is not complete. I hate to the say the jobs for the Canadian division seem to be a circle jerk at best.

I'm really upset, all night Jason has been trying to convince me its not all bad and that we can still get a lot of things done and he will still be back for our Smokey Mountain getaway with the Seavey's but I have my doubts... as he was going on and on I sat there listening piping in with rants when I was sure I wouldn't sob. I know its not his fault, I know this is how the job goes but it doesn't make it suck any less.

Just the other day Tanya and I were having the same conversation as she is in the same position, waiting to know whether they are going or stay in Miraflores, Peru.. they are suppose to be heading back to the home office and she is really hoping for less then a weeks notice as you know.. we have real lives and all outside the company. She said she had a meltdown about the whole thing and although I tried to comfort her I could have recounted my numerous upsets and freak outs over the fact that WE HAVE A LIFE TOO! I digress.

I may have taken things a little better (but likely not) if I would have gotten any sleep last night. It was just really hot in the apartment last night and the thunder and lightening started around midnight and really didn't let up all night. You know how I feel about a good thunderstorm but when it prevents me from sleeping its not my favorite thing. Jason's alarm went off at 6:00am this morning and that was it.. I was up! I'm really not a morning person and I laid there forever trying to go back to sleep but it just wasn't happening. I read Bloglovin' and tried to go to sleep again.. nothing.. so I made coffee.

The whole work thing has been something we have thought a lot about lately. As you know when one job ends it is always our hope that another job will begin. We were hoping to have a little bit of time off after this job as we went straight from 14 months in Alaska to a month of traveling and then here. With the new house we wanted to get things in order and then we were prepared for where we would head next. I'm not sure we were really prepared for what we were going to find out was next... Tunisia, Africa.

If you're not sure where that is... take a look...

At first I really felt like it could be an amazing experience, but after a lot of research, talking to others Jason works with who are from there or have been there we decided that there is a lot of civil unrest in that part of the world and the safety there specifically is extremely questionable for me specifically and no amount of money is worth that. Jason prefers jobs in North America and I have no fear that something will come together. 

Anyways I had a productive morning, I will say when I have to get up at the crack of dawn I somehow manage to get shit done! I made my football picks for the week and entered everyone else's! I found a dining room table I think and now I need to get the chairs ordered to go with it and hopefully they can be delivered now that Jason wont be around and lets be honest I shouldn't be trust to to tie stuff in the back of the truck and drive across the city! So we will see how that goes.

I managed to do the new software upgrade to my phone.. I am really not sure how I feel about the new setup just yet, I feel like it is a whole new phone! I'm not going to lie it took me long enough to figure out the first one out! Steve assures me that they have worked out all the kinks and I will see that the more I use it.. I'm going to choose to believe him.

Our oven also broke this afternoon and therefore I roasted a chicken for over 2 hours (I was on the phone and forgot it was in the oven), I took it out and left it on the counter for Jason to pick apart tonight (I cant pick meat off a bone, it seems so barbaric) and it was still RAW in places!! WTF! I blame it on the oven, a chicken that size cooked at 350 degrees for over 2 hours should have been CHARRED! Oh well.

Anyways we went and picked up a few last things at the grocery store tonight, and a few things that I wanted to take home with us that we cant get in the States! We are hanging out watching Duck Dynasty and then I am headed to bed hoping to sleep soundly! I'll keel ya'll posted if something by chance changes tomorrow and Jason gets to stay home with me but its not looking good! We didn't get the tornadoes they were calling for here today but it is lightening something fierce out there right now!

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  1. So sorry to read this news about Jason. What a bummer ! Hopefully this will change. Hang in there.