Monday, September 23, 2013

Places I Would Much Rather Be....

Someday's things just come together and because those days really don't happen often I choose to take in every single minute of enjoyment! I felt overwhelmed this morning getting up with a huge list of things to do and knowing that most likely one of my tasks was going to be extremely frustrating. Mind you nothing has gone easy, mostly on account that we are in a different country and trying to plan things for our arrival and Jason's short time there with me.

So first thing I had to order trash and recycling carts... this was something that I didn't really give much thought to but then realized that we would have to put trash out and I had no idea when that would need to be done and more importantly I had absolutely nothing to put the trash in. I called the city of Raleigh and ordered them as our home is a new construction, I waited on the phone for about 15 minutes and the guy was a douche bag but I got it ordered and they will be delivered in 5 business days, so hopefully Monday!

Next I had to order our plates and bar stools from Target. Jason really wanted them to get there while he was still home as we are not going to have a table and he knows how I am not very handy so he was hoping to get them put together before he leaves. That would be nice.

As I mentioned we were struggling to get the table we really want and I was in contact with a woman over the weekend but the manufacturers are closed on the weekend so she said she would get back to me today. I didn't hear from her this morning when I was done with a bunch of other calls so I thought I would call her before getting to the huge list of other places that I had high hopes may be able to get it if she couldn't. I gave her a call and she said that she hadn't heard back but she would put me on hold and give them a call right then, perfect! She came back and told me that because they are a registered Liberty Furniture dealer they will get first dibs and as it looks they will be able to have it at our house for the last week of October.... SCORE!!! Honestly I was so excited, it was a lot cheaper then we had originally priced it which is always a bonus when you are furnishing a whole house! I feel so much better that is taken care of, I was extremely worried we wouldn't be able to get it until January if at all.. which would have put us back as square one and that would have been extremely frustrating.

I got all the laundry done so hopefully I will just have one quick load to do on Thursday night when Jason gets home so we can finish packing. Really we have a lot of packing done already. Yesterday we had people in and out looking at the couches and tonight when Jason gets home more people are due to come over. They were also showing the apartment today which is annoying but whatever.

Now on a SUPER GOOD NOTE!!! My Mom wrote me today and her and Fiona are coming to visit the week of the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have been so down about Jason coming back here and being alone. This job has been extremely lonely for me and I had looked so forward to us going home that I was disappointed to know I was going to be alone again! Now that is not so the case as they are going to be there for a full week and I couldn't be more excited!!! They are going to be there for my birthday, they get to see the house and I cant wait to show them around Raleigh! YAY!

So today has really turned out to be a great day, but it is absolutely FREEZING in our apartment today and super damp because its raining out which makes my body hurt and I heard Trunchbull tell the people she was showing the apartment to that they don't turn the heat on until October 2nd.. really? Its been in the 30s... THAT'S COLD!!! So with that and the fact that Jason and I have been talking about a vacation with all the points on his credit card it made me think of all the places I would rather be...

1. At home in Raleigh, curled up on the couch in front of the fire watching a movie!

2. Back in Hawaii, Maui was amazing and I would go back in a heart beat but Kaua'i is an island we have never been too and I have heard nothing but good things.

3. Key West, Jason just mentioned maybe flying into Miami and driving through there and down into Key West and exploring for a week.

4. Peru with Tanya today because she is getting a new tattoo and I want one REALLY REALLY BAD! (I just saw a picture of it and now I know I definitely need one!)

5. In New York City.. because really at any point in time that is where I would love to be, I miss NYC and our life there.

6. Anywhere that is warmer than here really.

See I am not hard to please, haha!

So we are definitely hoping to get rid of the couches tonight and then as far as I am concerned we can pack up that TV and clean out that whole room and be done with it. If not I am going to look into Goodwill coming or something and picking them up just to get rid of them!

Football this week was a total bust, I don't even know what the hell happened there. The Panthers wiped the floor with the Giants, 38 to zip.. who saw that coming??? The Raven's smoked the Texans... I suppose that was super shocking but what happened to last years Texans who were ON FIRE! The Browns beat Minnesota.. Come on? I don't understand! I was actually really confident in my picks this week and turns out I suck. End of Story.

Alright I am off to kill more flies (that was another fabulous aspect of my day, as Jason ripped the screen door off the other night and couldn't get it back on and then opened the door yesterday and filled this place with flies.. rrrgh!) and make dinner. We are basically using up what we have here which makes for somewhat crappy dinners but whatever.


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