Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HUGE Update...because I'm an Asshole!

Well I did exactly what I said I wasn't going to go, I said I wasn't going to neglect my blog while I was away and I did. Not at first, which was a blatant tease I suppose but then as time went on internet wasn't available and truthfully while we were at the Seavey's I basically ignored social media all together and it was kind of nice. We really had such a great time with them, we drank beers, had baby time with lady Amelia, it was just nice to be!

So lets back up a bit and I will fill you in from where I left off! Truthfully I am a little overwhelmed with how much there is to share, I was uploading pictures this morning and realized there was over 80!! For those of you who follow me on Instagram you have already seen a few of them but I do plan to thin them out!

Anyways grab a cup of whatever makes you happy and let the updating begin!

We had our meeting with the builder the morning after my last blog, truthfully after our inspection we were absolutely convinced that nothing in the house was going to be ready. There were so many things that we absolutely were not happy with and we unwillingly to accept. We decided that we would take green tape, because the builder uses blue tape to mark the areas he feels needs work, so we wanted input of our own. We basically green taped the whole damn house, there were so many things that was basically just crappy craftsmanship and we were not willing to accept that. The visit went fine, we met with our sales rep before we left and told her our concerns. We expressed to her that we felt cheated in that we had been more then willing to give them the time they needed to finish things properly and they were unwilling to take that route so now we flew all the way down here and they aren't sure its going to be ready. Sarah said that she was going to contact their closing coordinator and get back to me, on our way to Hope Mills I received an email that said they were sticking to Friday closing. I simply responded and said the house was theirs and would remain that way until we felt the work was adequate, I told her that we would not accept less than satisfactory work so they could meet a quota!

That night we chose to believe that they would get their shit together or we were prepared to tell them to shove it.. it was just so extremely disappointing to see something like that and know that they seriously thought they could pass it off. We were so grateful to have had such a wonderful inspector that we hired privately so we could be sure that what we couldn't see was acceptable work. We got to Hope Mills, super excited to see the Seavey's and figured we would leave it until Thursday and Jason and Evan would head up to Raleigh and check things out before going to closing on Friday.

So this is how we spent the next couple of days.. well... and a little beer and BBQ!

Ameila is SUCH a good baby, she can really amuse herself and never cries! She loves to just sit and read! Can you believe she is only 5 months?

Lady A and I got in some much needed bonding time! I just love her little chubby cheeks, they are so kissable! Her and I cuddled while the boys played Corn Hole with Josie and Ethan!

I'm not going to lie this picture melted my heart (maybe not the dog)... my future?

Truthfully Jason was so good with her, he was always making faces at her... the craziest faces as you can see and she was totally into it! She never once cried (can't say I wouldn't have if someone was making faces like that at me), they really bonded!

Look at that face! Can you even stand it? The dimple and everything!!

So in the midst of baby loving Thursday morning Jason and Evan headed to Raleigh to check out things with the house. I wanted to go but if you can believe it in all of this I was definitely the one to lose my temper a lot quicker and run off at the mouth so we figured it was best Jason and Evan went out.. their size is just as intimidating as my big mouth, or so they thought!

Jason seemed impressed with the work that had been done, basically they totally pulled it out of their ass somehow! He took a few pictures while they were there to ensure me things were coming along!

Evan upstairs in the loft space! You can see a bit of green tape hanging around still! 

They got the washer and dryer in... again more tape!

When we had been there earlier in the week the grass wasn't in, and they didn't know when they were going to be able to get more.. hoping before closing!

Side of the yard.

Another view of the back yard.  

The front yard with the new red tree they put in! We were thankful to be there while that was going in because that is not where they had intended to put it!

So Jason and Evan headed back to Hope Mills and I had spoken with the district Sales rep Brian and explained to him all of our concerns and he ASSURED me everything would be done! We said that we would like to meet with Tony in the morning before closing to make sure we were happy with things and that's exactly what we did. We left Hope Mills bright and early and headed back to Raleigh not knowing what we would find, but to our surprise they had worked all night and things that we never thought they could accomplish were done and done well! We made arrangements with Tony to have a few more things done and headed to lunch before closing! 

As we arrived at closing we got a call from the place where we bought the couch letting us know that they would not be able to deliver our couch as the color they had available was not the color we had ordered... so we would not be getting the couch until we got back. 

Closing went really well, the lawyer we dealt with was absolutely AMAZING! He knew everything inside and out, we didn't feel like he was rushing but we got through things with explanation in a timely manner. When it came time for us to fill out our survey for the builder (which we were obviously anxious for) we were all just sitting there quietly as I wrote away... so the lawyer decided to break the silence and inform me that I was his absolute favorite thing from Canada... haha why thank you! But he had a second which I suspect he expected to puzzle both Jason and I with.. little did he know! His second favorite thing from Canada is the band Rush! Jason and I both looked at each other and busted out laughing!!! For those of you who don't know my Dad's youngest brother has been fabulous friends and worked with Geddy Lee (the band's lead singer) for over 20 years! HILARIOUS! Needless to say he was much more puzzled then we were, he was so excited that I swear he made everyone who worked in the office come in so I could tell them the story!

So when closing was over this is where we sat...

Honestly what an amazing feeling! There were no words for just going home! We decided to go out for dinner and celebrate with beer and pizza (we are so classy) and then we had to be back to be there when our bed was delivered. We got back and decided to unpack the tote we had left at the Seavey's and put away the stuff we had until the bed came!

Jason was very into the lawn, he decided to water it as much as possible while I took on the task of my closet. 

Sad but true this isn't even a quarter of my clothes, they are really just the ones that I knew I wouldn't be needing for awhile. I am so excited for my new closet!

We bought a new sleeping bag because we were not sure if we would be able to find a duvet to go with the duvet cover we bought so we wanted to be prepared! Jason decided to test it out and see if it would work for actual camping... he decided it would work well for me (because I camp?).

So our bed showed up and we put our new sheets on, unfortunately we didn't have a duvet but we survived!

The bed is great, I am so thankful for a king size bed and Jason is so thankful for the cool gel in the bed! I know it seems crazy but it really does make a difference. 

This is the duvet set we bought, we don't have the actual duvet yet so its still in the closet at home! But we got it for 30% off due to labor day sales! WOOHOO! We seriously scored big time with deals from end of the summer!

So we had decided that night that we had nothing in the house and besides the fridge coming the next morning that we would head back to the Seavey's for a night because we really don't know when they are going to move and we are going to miss them so much! 

When we got up in the morning I enjoyed my new bath tub, which is FABULOUS and then we waited for the new fridge to arrive!

Jason, such a good helper! 

The fridge is in and it fits and its absolutely fabulous!! I know its silly, its just a fridge but it really made the kitchen look like a kitchen!

Just after the fridge was delivered the Seavey's came to see the new house, we were so excited! OUR FIRST GUESTS!!! We toured around the house for awhile and then headed down to downtown Raleigh for lunch of a cultural festival! We had lunch at this amazing Irish pub.. the food was absolutely incredible, Amelia loved it too!

We spent that night and the next day in Hope Mills. That night we had a fire and BBQ it was great, I somehow got eaten alive which SUCKED but none the less we had a great time! The next day Brianne headed out to do ton of groceries (I can't imagine having to grocery shop for 5 people!) in the morning and Jason and Amelia napped!

Truthfully I think Jason was napping and Ameila was just hanging out! When Brianne got back her and I headed to the mall for a few things and then for pedicures! It was so amazing to have some girl time, some friend time.. that just never happens here and her situation is really no different down there! It was such a great time! While we were there they had complimentary wine.. could it have gotten any better? 

They have this stuff that they put in the water of the foot bath that turns like jello almost, its amazing and I have only ever had it there! Its the most peculiar thing! After the pedicures we headed back to the house and Jason thought it would be a good idea to head home because we still had a lot to do before we left. We hated to leave but still it is a really exciting feeling to go HOME! The drive home was great until we got just outside of Raleigh, I knew they were calling for a storm but I had absolutely not idea what we were in for... in Raleigh when it rains it POURS!

It just kept getting darker and darker until the rain hit so hard you couldn't see a foot in front of you! There were power lines down everywhere, it was unreal! Thankfully nothing was leaking in the house, the grass was definitely getting watered so that was a good thing. We went to bed and I woke up around midnight and it was still thunder and lightening.. crazy! But none the less you know how I love a good storm! 

So Monday we spent the day trying to get as many other things as we could for the house. I can't believe how many things we couldn't find but I am happy that we made progress! Here are a few other treasures we found!

I know its silly but we found this for the master bathroom and I love it! Its a trash can I know, but I love it! 

We bought this clock for the dining room which we both love! 

We actually found a silverware set that we both love, plain but solid. This was one thing I thought we would never compromise on. Funny isn't it, there were so many things that I thought would be so hard and then so many things that we both just loved the same!

Jason wanted a say on the knives but in the end I wasn't going to budge, it is SO IMPORTANT to have a good knife set in the kitchen and seeings how I am the one that uses them I was very forceful when it came to picking this! 

The food network glasses HALF PRICE! I am super in love with these!

Again I know silly but I found this bath mat for the master bathroom and had to have it! Its the little things really!

Decorative pillows for the bedroom! Ignore the sleeping bag, it will look better with our bedding!

Yankee Candle was having a huge sale and I got this gem for our master bath!! Plus 5 tarts to burn in the scents of fall for them we get back!

We haven't accomplished as much as I would have hoped but we are going to make it our mission over the next couple of weeks to find things online and order them so they will arrive when we get home! I have faith that it will all come together, we have plenty of time to find things! 

It was our last night in the house.. so sad! So we decided to order pizza and just hang out! 

This what I looked forward to, we just sat there (on the floor due to lack of furniture) chatting about the house and all our stuff and the stuff we want to get. It was amazing. I knew leaving the next day would be really hard. 

So Tuesday we got up and had a ton of stuff to do to get the house ready to leave! We got everything done and headed out the door slowly and sadly to return the rental car and get to the airport. On our way to the airport it POURED!!!! Thankfully by the time we got there it stopped so we returned the car and headed to the airport! We didn't have a ton of time before we boarded our flight for Minneapolis but I managed to come across a used book store and found this gem for $3.50!

I was so excited because I never had a chance to get to a bookstore while we were in Raleigh and this is exactly what I was looking for. We enjoyed our time at the Raleigh airport though, it was really nice and clean and then we headed to the midwest!

Our layover in Minneapolis was long, so we had dinner and then walked around the airport as it is one of the biggest in the country! It was a really long wait, and that apparently makes me look like this!

So I managed to find a Pomegranate Vanilla Latte from Caribou coffee and hang out for the remainder of the time! 

We caught our last flight and landed in North Dakota just after 9:00pm. We got in the truck and headed for home getting here just after 11:30pm I think, truth be told I came in and went straight to bed!

So there are the last of our photos from the trip! Today I am just getting things done around here.. getting settled in I suppose! I paid rent this morning and she didn't charge us the late fee, I suppose because somehow our sliding glass door broke while we were away and they had to come in our apartment and never bothered to call and make sure that was OK. Whatever. 

Well this took be a hell of a lot longer then I thought it would and I have a bunch of things to do so I need to run! I will definitely be blogging this week and letting everyone know how things are going and things that we are looking at for the house and all the other good stuff that is going on! I have really missed being around these parts and look forward to getting back in the swing of things! 

I hope everyone is well and now that I am back plan to stop in more frequently because I promise to be here!! 

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  1. Wow that was a huge update. Glad everything went well with the closing. Both of you are so strong willed so I knew you wouldn't let anyone walk all over you. It's great having a place that you can actually call home, and I know for the two of you having that is important. Can't wait to see all the decorative things you do with the place over the next little while. Congrats Nicole.

  2. Thanks Paula, that means a lot!! :) I got your letter when we got home! Cant wait to respond!

  3. Ya, great update. Love the house. You are not an asshole, specially if you join us on Gods team.

  4. Ya, great update. Love the house. You are not an asshole, specially if you join us on Gods team.

  5. Congrats to you both. The house is LOVELY!! You must so love having a place to call home! I was teasing you before - I knew you'd be having too much fun to blog and truthfully, after being stuck in Estevan, you deserved it! :) You have some gorgeous things! Can't wait to see all the final final photos. And your yard is HUGE! Amelia is adorable!! I think you and Jason would make amazing parents!! You both look relaxed and it seems like you're having fun. Where are the Seavey's moving to? Closer to where you'll be?