Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'll Never Ever Learn!

As though I don't have enough trouble sleeping as is but it is officially that time of year again where I retreat to self torture! 

If I've never said it before I am a total wuss! I HATE anything scary!! I don't watch scary movies, anything ghost related, hell Teresa the Long Island medium creeps me out!! I only like it pitch dark to sleep when Jason is beside me and when he's not I keep the TV on and most likely won't sleep at all. Yet tonight as much as I knew it was a bad idea I watched Criminal Minds. 

Criminal Minds and I have a long and bad history!! I remember watching it in Saskatoon in 2009 and everyday when Jason would get up to go to work at 5:00am I would get up too, turn on all the lights in the apartment and watch TV... And my surroundings... It's always scared the crap out of me, I can't tell you the countless nights sleep I've lost over this stupid show. How many times I've crept into the bathroom and swung the shower curtain open like a ninja as though I was expecting to find someone! Yet I continue to torture myself.

I know what you're all thinking, I do it for Shemar Moore... Negative! Don't get me wrong, I'm human and he's absolutely GORGEOUS! Having said that I made the mistake of following him on Instagram and I've never seen someone so into themselves (well Caite, that may not be true if we reference tonight's conversation). I hate nothing more than someone who is so super self centered and arrogant, yes he's hot and we all know it, he doesn't need to tell us, literally! Naturally I unfollowed him.

Seriously though I won't read scary books or anything, I've always been this way, when Shelia was after Lauren on The Young and the Restless I didn't sleep until her inevitable demise! Pathetic I know. I don't know why I'm so convinced something terrible such as torture or murder is bound to happen to me but I am. Ugh.

Anyways I've been a terribly bad blogger lately let's be honest! Crap content, not making the effort to be around but I've been a little busy. We move Friday morning and as much as I am excited the whole thing really is bittersweet! Jason coming backs is the pits to say the least, and with not sleeping everything seems worse!! Plus as much as I'm obviously use to moving its a big fat pain in the ass!! Packing, cleaning, trying to fit everything because inevitably old stuff is gone and now the new stuff needs to somehow fit that of the now gone missing puzzle piece in each box. 

Tonight I made a big dinner because we will be eating out for the next little while, tonight we had decided to pack the kitchen stuff, or rather I decided. I've been packing odds and ends for days, clothes have been packed and so I feel like things are half done and I hate that! The more we got done tonight the more time we had to pack the truck tomorrow and then on the road Friday morning. My plan tomorrow is to clean and do laundry!

So tonight Jason comes home and we eat dinner, on the floor as we sold our couches last night. Jason really took to the new owners as the guy played hockey in Charlotte, NC for a couple years and likes hockey so much he named his son Boston! Jason was beaming about the name! At first he thought the guy was calling him Boston because of his accent but then he got the scoop and thought the whole thing was fantastic! Anyways as I'm waiting for Jason to make his plate thinking he was washing up I realized he's laying in bed on the laptop... Umm dinner? After dinner I did all the dishes and started packing them...Jason? Back in bed on the laptop. You know before he got home I was making dinner trying not to cry (because I'm a bawl ass) about how much I will miss him when he's gone but I have to admit I was quite irritated he wasn't helping pack. So I very nicely asked what the frig he was doing? He said he was working on his fantasy football team... PRIORITIES!!! I was calm, I asked him to please come help as he knew we were planning to pack tonight and he NEEDS certain things a certain way, I didn't want to be up all night. Two hours later he had not moved and I had officially slammed everything in the apartment at least twice. When he finally came to help I somehow "accidentally" forgot things and boxes had to be opened and retaped.. I felt "bad". 

We got a lot done, more to go tomorrow but we have definitely made progress. I am looking forward to it all being done and getting on the road on Friday! I'm off to not sleep as I told you I watched Criminal Minds and well I never sleep anymore. 

I'm going to miss Greys Anatomy tomorrow and football! We're going to miss football Sunday which BLOWS, no cable until Thursday morning next week.. 

Stay tuned for travel updates and pictures!! 


  1. All the best on your travels. Good post. Funny.

  2. I am the same way that you are! Criminal minds scares me to death and makes me not sleep too!