Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Driving Miss Daisy!

Well good evening...

I know I was already around here today but I had to stop by and tell ya'll how my day went, and why I officially hate this place and all places like it more!! Truly this is not all because I had to get up early, I thought when going out I was in a good mood! Jeans fitting nicely (for a change), new shirt, red flats that I love, good hair day, sun glasses...GO!!

My first stop, Trunchbulls (property manager) office downstairs. I very kindly tell her that I stopped by to let her know since we've been back I've noticed there is a very large water mark on the ceiling in the living room that was never there before and the ceiling seems to be sagging. She said the neighbors upstairs have a leaking air conditioner so she's not surprised, ok? I told her that because the sliding glass door shattered while we were away there is now a very large gap in the door letting bugs in and air... I'm serious it's a massive gap to the good ol' outdoors!! She said the door frame needed to be taken out and have new glass put in it, she will have it done when we move. Ok? Finally I tell her that Sunday we did a load of laundry and the machine wouldn't drain so we ended up having to ring out all our clothes and run the through three loads in the dryer, she said she would add it to her list. Bitch.

I leave her office off to the truck to head to the bank. I get outside to find the douche bag they now call maintenance parked his truck sooooo close to our truck I had to crawl through the passenger side to get in the drivers seat. Really asshole? Whatever, I'm going to the bank. I told you already I think it's stupid in this day and age to go to the actual bank building for stuff but dealing with Canadian and American money we have no choice but to deal in paper checks and real people. Apparently I forgot where the bank was while coasting there because I drove right past it. Unfortunately I'm TERRIBLE with directions so not knowing for sure where something is then having to turn around and find it from another direction.. Sucks! I found it. I forgot to get change for the broken laundry machines but I found it!! 

Next Walmart for an oil change! So I get to Walmart, park and go in to see what the deal is, because at this point in my day I know there's a deal. BINGO!! The automotive section no longer exists at Walmart as they are making Walmart a super center! I call Jason... Plan B? He tells me to go to the little place by Boston pizza on the other side of town, it's convenient there... Liar! There was so much construction I couldn't get to the road I needed and there was no detour!! Need I remind you of my directional capabilities??? I found it through the mean streets of Estevan that apparently have no stop signs and are an ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN!! Come on people, use your head!!! What kind of oil? I don't know!!! Whatever you found in there!!!! REPLACE IT!! Oil change done and costly.

Now I need to get a few things at the grocery store if I can find it. I have a small list, I've been there before.. It's Tuesday morning, no big deal. WRONG! I get a basket (not bringing in the loonie you need for a cart because I'm getting five things). So I see Jason's favorite lunch snacks are still on sale.. Grab. Veggies...grab. Salad...grab. Chickens on sale? If I've never mentioned it before six pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast can go anywhere from $27-$45 depending on where and when you shop... It's never under $27.00! So I grab two packages... This baskets pretty full and I still need to get milk and paper towel. Naturally the basket isn't holding all my loot and every five feet something falls out!! Mother..... I pay and lug the bags to the truck. I unlock the truck and of course that pesky piece of shit lock we occasionally have problems with at that back door gets stuck!! I drop my shit and walk around to the other side so I can crawl through and open it from the inside all the while cursing Jason for not fixing the damn thing because he's cheap and it only happens to me!!!! I'm going home!!

I coast home and drag the bags of crap into the apartment and put it away. I try and answer the 56 emails I've accumulated while gone then I rhyme off a fowl mouthed one to Jason about my day! 

I cool down, venture back to the truck.. My eyebrows need to be tinted and waxed and I'm sure as SHIT NOT keeping the truck tomorrow!! Go over, go in, lay down... Dye, wax, pay, done! Women know! It was more then I care to pay but I figured that and I don't care!

I had a relaxing afternoon, quiet... Doing my thing! I had to leave at 5:00pm to pick up Jason. It's not like I don't know 5:00pm is traffic time but its a small town and people work longer hours in oil and such. NOT! What are the odds it's bumper to bumper most of the way and I get stuck behind Brakesalot who is actually 104 and there is no way around. White knuckles. Finally a country road where I can fly... Or so I mistakenly think... I'm sorry waiting until I'm closer and closer before you FLY OUT IN FRONT OF ME AND MY TRUCK ALMOST WEARS YOURS AS A RAIN COAT!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!! We got our money's worth on the horn right there! 

I make it to Jason's work, miraculously seeings how everyone clearly shared a big bucket of stupid for a snack today!!! He drives home. We have dinner and WALK to the gym. It's packed and WREAKS of body odor but I'm excited because tonight is the night I start lifting again. Light weight, high reps.. Feels great. So I get on the treadmill to finish up my workout with some cardio.. A older gentlemen jumps on the one beside me, doesn't stretch or anything and turns it up. He runs faster then I think he wanted to and grabs on for dear life... This isn't going to end well. He kind of sort of let's go a little but again for a brief second then grabs on for dear life. He's breathing really heavy. Just stop buddy, you got your whole life ahead of you. This goes on for about 3 and a half minutes, he finally stops, jumps onto the side bars until the belt stops and leans over like he's going to die. I was obviously totally ready to save his life. Obviously, but I didn't want to invade her personal space so I watched...just in case. Luckily he didn't die and I wiped down his machine for him, just in case.

We walked home, showered and so you know I'm safe on the couch. I'm tired and ready for bed. I have high hopes for tomorrow, I just know its going to be a winner.


  1. Oh dear God
    Nicole I just about fell off my chair honestly i am thankful you write on here and not verbally tell everyone in the place how you really feel .

    ha ha i love reading your rants . I think about going to get your hair done when you were home and werent out on Mississauga RD 5 minutes and some guy told you to go F yourself when you blew the horn at him and gave him the finger .
    Thanks for making my day love you

  2. Haha Mom! I am definitely glad I have my blog as an outlet so I don't go to jail! And that douche bag at home was 500lbs in a FIAT.. he should be a little more careful about who he cuts off in trucks! Love you!