Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blog Vacation!

Hey All,

I apologize for being MIA for so long, I have thought a lot about blogging over our trip and our time here but truthfully I don't know that I could have fit it in anywhere until last night rolled around and I just didn't feel like it. But tonight I am still not sleeping, go figure so I thought what better time to sit down and give you an update!

I last updated on the first leg of our trip and unfortunately after that there just wasn't a window to do so! The second day of driving was long.. too long! We road trip all the time, super long trips that include consecutive 12 hour days of driving and usually I don't hate it as much as most people would but this time although I was so looking forward to our destination I really just wasn't feeling the road trip!The day was long, we made it to Pickton, Ohio I believe.. somewhere right outside of Waverly. We were driving late and eventually hit a wall and just wanted to stop.. we found a hotel in the middle of no where, however extremely nice and new and didn't even bother to turn on the computer. We got up that morning and it was BEAUTIFUL, the weather was amazing and the sunrise was INCREDIBLE!

Overkill on pictures? Probably! Really though it was just sooo beautiful! We ended up taking a drive through Gallapolis, Ohio which was not really planned, the GPS decided to take us her own LONG way through this small town which just happened to be EXTREMELY beautiful! It was along the Ohio River, so peaceful first thing in the morning... definitely a place you would want to wake up to! We just drove through, slowly...but I would go back for a weekend trip to check out the town and walk along the river! 

Here are a few kind of crappy pictures of the Ohio River. 

I was excited to get back to Raleigh and our house, which made the drive seem longer! West Virginia was also part of our drive that day and it was fabulous! Charleston is beautiful and the leaves were changing a little in higher elevations, that drive it just beautiful! We made it back to Raleigh around 3:00pm and the house was still standing.. good sign! We got everything turned back on and started unpacking the truck! Really things didn't take long at all but I hated to see this beautiful new house be filled with shit! Our shit none the less but the clutter and stuff gets to me. We did a bunch of running around and planned for a late dinner so we could watch the Patriots game! We headed to Chili's for dinner and the game and got home just after 10:00pm. It was when we got home that all hell broke loose....

I came upstairs to get ready for bed and I was in the master bedroom and something caught my eye in the master bath.. a HUGE fucking cockroach.. I'm sorry but there is no nice way to put that! I flipped my shit, screamed and RAN FOR MY LIFE! Jason came flying up the stairs probably thinking someone was in here chasing me with a knife.. which honestly might have been better! Jason naturally went in and killed in and I SOBBED! I cant live somewhere that bugs the size of my shoe exist... not only that I was tired and the fact that Jason's impending departure was on my mind, well.. things came crashing down. I pretty much sobbed all night... great first night back. I know you probably think I'm ridiculous but at least I will admit to being a total bawl ass! Besides I don't deal well with changes to my plans and abrupt changes at that, and although it seems to happen often with Jason's job, it doesn't get easier. 

Truthfully I was PISSED OFF! We made a plan, we planned our whole drive, home, we planned our first week at home, we planned our time off and a week before we were suppose to come back they tell Jason they need him to come back because the job isn't finished.. NO FUCKING KIDDING!!! Jason knew that, I knew that, the guys Jason works with knew that, so why did management just figure it out? Well I will keep my opinions to myself on that. I was angry that I feel like sometimes they don't take into consideration that we have a life outside of Jason's job and truthfully I know they don't care, I get this is how it goes and I cant truthfully say it has ever really been different but that doesn't make it easy, its frustrating as hell... ask Tanya... her husband Josh works for the same company as Jason... check out what happened to them here.

Anyways Jason said he would see if maybe he could change his flight to a few days later so we wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. Thankfully that worked out and instead of leaving on Wednesday he was able to get a Friday afternoon flight. I honestly don't know how Jason could have left on Wednesday, as per usual nothing went right and everything took forever and literally the ENTIRE time he was home we didn't stop! Everyday flew by and we never went to bed before midnight, it was in no way restful and now unfortunately Jason is back to work!

The bar stools I showed you before came, one of them didn't have all the right pieces so it wouldn't go together regardless of the fact that Jason tried forever, he then moved onto the other one, got it together and it was too big! Ugh! We returned them and eventually found new ones that I don't have a picture of yet, but I am working on it. Remember the plate set we ordered? We picked it online, saw it in Bed, Bath an Beyond and HATED IT.. had to get news one.. guess what, they are all white! :| We bought light fixtures for the spare bedroom, Jason had a TERRIBLE time getting them up and when the last one was up and ready to go I handed him the light bulb and when he was putting it in it somehow broke in his hand, cut him pretty good and he bled EVERYWHERE! We got a mattress and box spring for the spare room, CRAZY comfortable, we get home and the box spring is ripped on the bottom (not a huge deal) we call, they wont do anything because we bought it on sale... assholes. Then we put the awesome bed frame together that we got at IKEA which was a cluster screw in itself, put the mattress on.. when I stand next to the bed it goes up to my chest.. I'm not even kidding. The dresser didn't come with the proper plug to cover the screws and the closest IKEA is over 2 hours away. The night table screws were the wrong size. FML. Poor Jason was so frustrated and because he is so cheap and wouldn't buy a drill because we have one in Maine he was doing everything with a screw driver, he was a trooper! 

The security system is set up and working, I know this because last night I set it off and scared the shit out of myself! Seriously this place is like Fort Knox now, you cant move inside or out with all the high tech security shit we've got going on.. I love it! We finally got cable and internet and although I hate Time Warner and their technicians its in good working order and that's all that matters. 

Jason got ready Friday morning while I avoided him and sat with the laptop catching up on the shows I had missed. I'm not a total bitch but if I walked around watching him pack I would have cried and therefore I just avoided the situation. I know you all probably think I am ridiculous and its not that I cant be away from him, but I miss him.. I wanted to do stuff around the house together, he's my best friend.. things just aren't the same if I cant share them with him. We are managing though. He was pretty excited for his layover in Toronto and dinner with my dad and brother. I'm not going to lie I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised if he skipped his connecting flight to Estevan and headed up north with them for the weekend, and really he should have because his flight ended up being delayed and he didn't get to his hotel until almost 4:00am.

After Jason left I got my ass in gear to paint! We had done all the taping so I just had to start, painting really isn't hard its just a huge pain in the ass and it turns out I am terrified on standing on the ladder so it took me quite awhile. We went with Tiki Hut for the living room and truthfully looking at the finished product I couldn't be happier with it! Its super rich and really makes the room feel cozy, when I touch up tomorrow and take the tape down I will post pictures (maybe, because I don't want Jason to see before he gets home and although he doesn't generally read my blog I am afraid he might be sneaky!). In the meantime this is a swatch of the color...

I finished painting late last night and came and got in bed, I knew I wouldn't sleep. Part of my issue with Jason being away is that this really doesn't feel like home yet. Right now its a big empty shell for the most part, the couches (which I don't have a picture of yet either) are sitting in the office space because I am painting and the goobers that brought it for some reason didn't have covers on it, we don't have a table, there is paint stuff everywhere and its big and empty and I'm all by myself.. I know it sounds stupid but I am not comfortable here yet, it doesn't feel like home. So I was up until almost 6:00am, woke up around 6:35am and then made sure my alarm was set for 9:00am and went to sleep until the alarm went off. I got up and felt like crap so I set it for 9:45am and closed my eyes again. When the alarm went off at 9:45am I had to get up. 

Brianne, Josie and Amelia came for a visit, which I was so excited for! I was really looking forward to the company and having Brianne see the progress on the house! We went to lunch, toured around the mall, went to Target and came home and made dinner. It was a great visit and I was super sad to see them leave, I mean lets be honest.. how could you not miss this face?

After the crew left I face timed with my mom to go through totes of books I have at my parents to purge and so she could bring me the ones that I wanted. I actually did really well, after many many totes I only ended up keeping two full which if I am being honest is better than I could have ever imagined.... I absolutely HATE getting rid of my things, I think I might be a hoarder! I did really well though and feel good about my choices. 

I talked to Jason for awhile when we got settled in the hotel and now here I sit. Sadly I am not anticipating much sleep tonight either so once I wrap things up here I am thinking about looking for a movie on demand. Tomorrow I plan to touch up the spots I need to in the living room and then get rid of all the tape and what not down there, put the electrical covers back on and then think about moving the couches in, it will be nice for one room to look put together. I am going to start taping the loft space to paint their next and naturally watch football. 

Monday morning I am meeting with our contractor to go over some deficiencies in the home... I have nerves about this because I know he is going to try and brush stuff off and I'm not good at being a stern bitch about things.. hard to believe isn't it? Tuesday morning the cabinet guy is coming to do some repairs and Wednesday our bedroom set and coffee table and end table is being delivered. I am still waiting to find out when my mom and Fiona will be here! 

Things are coming together, its taking time which is hard for me to take because of my hate for chaos and clutter but its all working out. I am counting down the days until my mom and Fiona get here and until Jason comes home. I can't wait to go to the mountains at the end of the month! 

So there is my update, I apologize it took me so long to get around here it wasn't my intention but it just worked out that way. Tomorrow I will try and go around the house and take some pictures of things so you can see the progress that is being made and give your opinions! 

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