Sunday, September 22, 2013

No Sleep... No Blog!


I'm sorry I have been MIA lately but it has been a rough week around these parts and I really just didn't have it in me to get here and write something that was worth reading.

As I mentioned last week Jason has been extended here in Estevan which means I will be staying home by myself. Our whole trip home that we planned is officially cancelled as we now have to make the trip in half the time, needless to say I am beyond disappointed. I don't generally deal well with stress and on top of that my insomnia has been awful here to begin with therefore the end of last week had absolutely no sleep for 3 days, an unhealthy amount of tears and not much eating. Its funny what stress can do to your body if you let it, not to mention no sleep! I felt absolutely AWFUL and finally gave in and took a sleeping pill and got a good 12 hours sleep.. thankfully.

I started packing which was obviously necessary as we are leaving on Friday morning. Trunchbull is coming at 9:30am on Friday and then we are hitting the road. It REALLY sucks but we have to take our cable and internet stuff back to the provider on Thursday night because they wont open until 10:00am on Friday and we really want to get on the road as early as possible so I am going to miss the Grey's Anatomy season premier! I'm so upset! But you have to do what you have to do.

We have spent a ton of time this week trying to get things arranged, things that we hadn't really given much thought to thinking that we were going home to stay, both of us.... now we will arrive home late Sunday afternoon and Jason will have to be back on a plane Wednesday morning. We booked to have cable installed, trying to get other furniture delivered, and so on and so on!

We FINALLY found a dining room table that we both really love and of course it hasn't turned out that it is as easy as ordering it and hoping it will be delivered. I have called a ton of places that show having it around North Carolina and basically they are all saying that its not showing as available from the manufacturer which potentially means it hasn't shipped from China yet, which would mean we wont be getting it until January! FRIG! I have tried everywhere but at this point one person isn't going to get it any sooner then the other, having said this all this digging trying to find someone who has it has lead me to finding it cheaper then we had originally found.. bonus! I am waiting to hear back from a bunch of people, int he mean time here is the creature causing all the trouble...

Tomorrow we plan to order plates and bar stools, we figure if we might not have a table for a couple of months (I know right, crazy!) we should at least have bar stools until we go to Maine and get our set we usually travel with. Jason mentioned maybe using our travel table there until we get it which isn't a bad idea because its a nice set and dark wood, its smaller but its something which is the point. 

We picked some bar stools from Target, I actually really like them and it will give us something to sit on which is the important thing... I suppose if we find something we like a lot better later its not like we spent a fortune on these! Besides if Jason's theory is true that I get sick of everything after 6 months he wont mind so much if we find something else. This is what we have decided on for the next 6 months, maybe more! ;)

Believe it or not we have also chosen the furniture for the spare bedroom as well and although I'm not sure its really a priority in the short time he will be there but Jason would really like to get it. So we are thinking about making a trip up to Ikea to pick it up and maybe Jason will have a chance to put it together before he leaves, it not.. well I'm not going to attempt it, because I did that once and it was a big huge effing mess! I'm not handy with that stuff... I am going to paint a couple of rooms while he is away but I don't put stuff together. Its best for everyone that way. Anyways here is the spare bedroom furniture we've picked. 

I am really happy with the choice, we don't need anything super fancy for a spare bedroom, just something solid and comfortable. We generally like dark wood but we thought we would change it up in the spare bedroom which I really like. 

So that is really our scoop, we went out to dinner last night for the last time with Jason's co-workers as many of them will be gone for good when he gets back. Today Jason is working, hopefully just until 1:00pm and then someone is coming to look at our couches. Truthfully I hope they just take them and then we can pack up that TV and get that room cleaned out which will be one less thing to do on Thursday night. We have a TV in the bedroom and although its not ideal not to have couches for a few days I would rather sell them now than not at all. 

I plan to enjoy football Sunday, when Jason gets home I might run to the store and pick up a few last minute things we may need this week for dinners. Thursday night we will have everything packed and therefore we will just order something. I will keep you all up to date on packing this week and look forward to post about our QUICK trip home! 

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  1. All your furnishings are so beautiful! Your house will look amazing. Can't wait to see finalized photos!!