Monday, August 26, 2013

I Will Never Cheat on Fashion With Furniture!

Well we had more success today then yesterday and I feel a lot better at the end of today then I did yesterday!! We got up this morning, got ready and headed to Target for well Starbucks off course and towels and a sheet set!! We figured being there to get coffee we might as well get the things we were set on! Well Starbucks espresso machine was down (as if that isn't the biggest bunch of bullshit EVER!! Who goes to Starbucks for hot chocolate!!!) so I now have a headache and want to spit at the barista who thought my utter shock was comical- moron!

Anyways we got towels!! Master bathroom white with a dark grey and spare bathroom turquoise! I didn't take pictures of the shower curtain to match in the spare bath, I had no coffee- enough said! I also didn't take pictures if the silverware set we bought, but I will I promise! I did however take pictures if the towels! It wasn't an epic fail, have a peek!

We visited a ton of stores today and truthfully it was getting a little frustrating! We decided to take a break this afternoon and get another Starbucks (each day is requiring multiple trips and if you haven't had their new peach green tea lemonade your missing out on life!) then we toured around Dick's sporting goods before heading to meet our home inspector!

I have to say the inspection wasn't as I had hoped. The house was full of cleaners which was fine because it was much needed but we found so many things cosmetic and other that will need to be rectified! So much so that we decided to make a trip to Walmart tonight and got some green painters tape to mark all the things we expect to be fixed before we sign papers! I'm sure our inspection with the builder tomorrow (today was with a private outside inspector we hired) will be grand! We were at the house over 4 hours and then we headed back out on the furniture hunt again!

We got a couch!! It's from Ashley Furniture and were happy with it! I'm going to share a crappy picture but it will be delivered on Saturday so I'll post better ones!!

The color is called "stone" and we live it! We think it will really balance out our super dark floors! I'll dress it up with some colorful accent pillows! Keep in mind this is also a floor model so it looks more warn then a new one will!!

Believe it or not we bought a bedroom set too! I'm on my phone again or I would post a link, but we bought it at Haverty's and it's called the Ashebrook bedroom set I believe, again I have ok pictures and unfortunately this won't be delivered until we get back in October but I will post an actual link as soon as I get a chance! In the meantime here is the  set in the showroom! We bought the bed, dresser and two nightstands!

This we are VERY HAPPY with! Everyone needs a good bedroom set and its birch wood, so beautiful!! 

So feeling accomplished we headed to dinner! The last time we were down here for a couple if days we tried the Macaroni Grill and LOVED it!! We knew while down here it would be on our dinner list! So we got there and Jason decided to get Mama's Trio - I almost freakin' died when I saw his plate...

It was more food then any one person she ever eat in one sitting! Chicken parmigiana, lasagna and mushroom cannelloni! The lasagna alone was ridiculous!!

I created my own pasta bowl and after 15 minutes of eating I still had two full meals left!!

So good!! 

After dinner we went to Walmart and then drove around our soon to be neighborhood just to check things out.. It was so nice to see the house in a different light, more and more done!

There has been a ton of hiccups along the way and I'm not going to lie I have some concerns about how tomorrow is going to go, but getting closer and closer to having our first custom home and buying furniture and planning what it's going to look like it a pretty amazing feeling!!

Tomorrow were up early and checking out if the hotel! We're meeting Tony at 10:00am for the inspection and although there is a lot to go over I'm sure he won't have a ton if time. After we are done there we are heading to Hope Mills to spend a much needed few restful days with the Seavey's! We are ready for beers, barbecues and some corn hole! 

I hope you all had a great Monday, if those even exist! Scratch that I hope ya'll had a tolerable Monday!! We made progress today and feel good! Off to bed now and anxious for tomorrow!


  1. Wow, that food you showed looked delicious but the sizes , way out of this world. Bet it was inexpensive too. Great choices in furniture and good prices . Hope all goes well on Tuesday.

  2. Nice choice of bedroom furniture but if I might be so bold, is one dresser enough ? The dresser you got seems to be for you and Jason should have one of those tall ones that we men need. :) Just saying....