Friday, February 3, 2012

Work Day Two...

So I have now completed two full days at the new job and I have no complaints! I'm not at all crazy about my walk to work in the morning on account that I am still terrified of moose! Speaking of moose, Jason is more than aware of my fear of these ridiculous sized animals and last night when we get in bed he turns on "MOOSE ATTACK" the show! It was all about moose attacks in North America and you guessed it, most of them were in Alaska! I was terrified walking to work this morning! Thankfully when I going to work I haven't actually seen one (knock on wood!) but every afternoon right outside the office there is a moose, today's moose (although the pictures weren't good) had a horn.. that's right just one horn.. weird!

So my job... so far so good! I really like the lady that I'm working with, Deanna! I have definitely learned a lot in the last two days and have nearly filled a notebook with information and procedures, things I need to know. In a way going into this job I think I had the misconception that things wouldn't be really busy, and maybe because its the beginning of the month that's not the case but things have been really busy! Yesterday was a long day mostly because it was just sitting and watching and taking notes but today was a whole new story. First thing this morning we did a walk through with new tenants moving in, and apparently they had a bad experience with a previous rental and their walk through was extremely long and tedious! No big deal though, its all in the learning process! Afterwards a girl came to look at an apartment, she was young and her husband is military (There are a lot of military out here, because of Elmendorf Air force base and I believe they have a training academy out here as well) so she wanted to see a furnished unit and although I have never done this before and have no idea where I'm going Deanna sent me off on my own with this poor girl.. who soon learned just how directionally uninclined I am.. I got lost! Eventually we found our destination and I showed her the apartment and she was convinced to take an apartment! SCORE! But this is where my day gets exciting! So I went back to the office and it was time to work on.. you guessed it.. EVICTION NOTICES!! I couldn't flipping believe it! This actually happens??? Well apparently it happens every month.. TO THE SAME 4 PEOPLE! Apparently every month the same 4 people don't pay their rent until they get an eviction notice.. actually 3, one of them actually has to be taken to COURT EVERY MONTH which in turn means that she has to pay rent, plus the $25 late fee, and all the court cost! What the fuck is wrong with this woman? She could just live in a way nicer place and pay rent on time and spend the same money! I don't understand it! So we don't actually go and knock on the door and give it to them, thankfully! (can you imagine) we just tape it on the doors! So that too was my job today and when doing so I sliced my hand on something on someones door and was bleeding profusely.. literally.. dripping blood. So I didn't take my purse today so I didn't have a band aid.. and she didn't have a band aid and they didn't have a first aid kit in the office (isn't there rules about that? labor laws? something?) Anyways I didn't bleed to death or anything, I'm fine. When we got back from taking eviction notices theres a guy in front of our office standing in the middle of the road in his military outfit and I was like.. what is he doing?! Well apparently he was taking pictures of the HUGE freaking moose standing in the middle of the road! It was really huge.

For the last two days Jason has been cooking dinner and making his own breakfast and lunch, which I greatly appreciate. I would make his breakfast and lunch still but because he works until 3:30pm and I work until 5:30pm now unless he wanted to wait until later to eat (which anyone who knows Jason knows that wouldn't be an option) cooking dinner has been his job. Jason is a really great cook though and its been so nice that I have been able to come home and not have to worry about rushing to get everything done! He's definitely a keeper!

Last night we actually went out after we ate and made our first appearance at the outdoors store! Jason was in his glory.. the whole place was full of stuffed animals, guns and camo.. he is going to go back Saturday while I'm working so he can spend hours! haha!

This weekend is Superbowl, naturally Jason is super excited. Im not sure what we are going to do yet, we are going to do all our running around tomorrow night so Jason is free to do whatever he wants to do on Saturday and then we'll see what Sunday brings.

So that's our scoop.. sorry this was pretty boring, I didn't sleep much last night after the damn moose attack show and I was up super early this morning to do laundry and stuff before I went to work. I will send you all my business card when I get them! LOL - I'm actually getting business cards because I am Management!! :P

Hope everyone is having a great week! By the time you all read this a Happy Friday will be in order, because none of you assholes have to work Saturday like I do!


Nicole Marston
Property Manager
Foxwood Condominiums

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