Saturday, February 4, 2012


Oh man what a day!!! There has been a consistent blizzard happening all day!! Girdwood which is at the foot of Alyeska Mountain about 40 minutes from Anchorage got 42 inches of snow in 36 hours!! We got definitely over a foot to go with the 10 feet that we already had and its still coming down!

I leave the apartment this morning to go to work and I couldn't even see the stairs to go down there was just so much snow! I wasn't too worried about moose this morning as Jason assured me they would be hiding from this bullshit like I would like to be. The snow was ridiculous.. the roads and sidewalks are even worse! Just as I cross the street here comes Charlie! Charlie is blind.. completely blind and he is walking towards the major road in this blizzard, with his reflective vest on. Apparently regardless of the weather and his seeing abilities Charlie makes this walk everyday! When I got to work things were already buzzing, people everyday.. crazy! Once things slowed down we had a couple come in who obviously didn't speak much English.. they were French! Well my boss couldn't understand them to save her soul, I didn't think their accents were THAT bad but she was having a hard time, and there were words that they didn't know in English so I got the pleasure of translating! Apparently my french isn't as rusty as I thought! WHO KNEW! (Caite I hope you are laughing right now remembering the shenanigans that was Madame Grupps dictatorship). My translating won be brownie points.. she was super impressed.. haha little did she know so was I.

I had to show an apartment this afternoon to a gentlemen and although it was ridiculous trying to get to the unit I didn't get lost like I did yesterday! haha! Anyways I actually sold him the unit!!!!!! even better I sold it to him as a corporate unit.. meant the rent is exceptionally more ($2895.00 per month) SCORE! I was so excited until he brought his deposit check and I was going through his lease with him and I noticed his wife's name was on the check as well and when I asked him to put her name under the residents he said that she wouldn't be living there. Apparently he was leaving her and she didn't know it yet, hence him needing an apartment in one day with everything in it he would need to leave.. I felt so terrible! So when I came back from showing him the unit and doing paperwork I couldn't find the keys from the unit. I was sure that I put it on the shelf with my hat when I came in but I felt around and couldn't feel them, so in the mess of weather I ran (walked carefully) back to the unit to make sure I hadn't dropped them or left them in the door or something and couldn't find them.. FUCK! I couldn't help but get upset because she has been so impressed with how quickly I'm getting everything and how well I'm doing that I really didn't want to disappoint her. Turns out the keys were on the shelf where I thought I had left them but I couldn't see them and I guess when feeling around I just missed them. So I put them back in the key box.. not an hour late I went to get the keys to take 2 off to give to the new resident and the keys weren't there.. FUCK! Where the hell did they go? I must have put them back in the wrong stop.. I looked and looked and finally had to tell her that I must have put them back in the wrong place.. so she started to look and couldn't find them and she was starting to get upset on account that on that key ring was all the keys including the master.. I felt terrible, I really screwed up this time... or NOT! The maintenance guy came in and took them to put the rest of the stuff required for the unit before move in.. THANK GOD!

Did I mention its still snowing?

Due to this abundance of snow we had a lot of problems today.. if you can even believe it regardless of the fact that the whole complex is basically an accident waiting to happen they don't plow or shovel until the storm ends.. excuse me? They actually wont shovel stairs, clear parking lots, do the bare minimum to make sure that people don't fall and break their necks.. NOTHING! Well people didn't take to lightly to that and to be honest I cant blame them.. I was shocked! If your maintenance guy cant handle their work load, hire another one.. simple! Not to mention we have MANY complaints about the fact that there was so much snow build up that trucks couldn't get into the garages because their was no clearance!! I mean at least the maintenance guys could go and make sure that trucks are scraping their tops on the garage doors.. negative ghost rider.. not happening. Craziness!

So the day has been crazy and for some reason Deanna makes an appointment with the king of chatterboxes, a former architect who is now a professor at the University of Alaska in Anchorage! Well let me tell you this guy could have cared less that there was 10 other people in the office wanting our attention, he was asking the same questions over and over and asking questions when he had already just read the answer in our information packages.. honestly I think he needed a friend. So things are absolutely crazy and all the sudden I turn around and Deanna has her jacket on throws her hands up in the air and says "I have to go, I'm going to pass out my blood sugar is low!!!" and she left!!! First of all crazy lady don't book appointments at lunch time if you suffer from Hypoglycemia and know you need to eat! Second of all don't let your symptoms get bad enough where you are panicking when no one around you has any idea that this is even an issue.. and most important don't leave me with someone who can out talk me which ensured that I didn't get a lunch today.. honestly!

Did I mention its still snow?

Deanna came back over an hour later (clearly she had a good lunch) and apologized for running out on me, informed me that I would be working by myself tomorrow and that they do not do direct deposit! Full of great news she is! First of all no direct deposit screws me.. we have a Maine bank that we are never around and obviously cant just go to the local branch and input my check and we have Bank of America.. they don't have that either! So now we either have to open yet another account of cash my check at the National Credit union every payday and just keep the cash.. FUCK! Second of all am I ready to take on everything myself? Really? I mean I have only been there 3 days and although I think I have a good grasp on things its the beginning of the month and although she doesn't seem to care at least 30 people haven't paid their rent, snow removal has not been done. I have two move ins tomorrow which require walk throughs which I have never done before.. really? Apparently she wasn't asking me.. haha I'm working alone tomorrow! So I left 50 million sticky notes all over the computer screen to make sure I don't forget anything, I'm sure I will be fine but I really don't want to screw up!

Its definitely still snow!

I have Sunday off which is great because its SUPERBOWL! But to be honest I'm looking forward to work on Monday because I will get to formally meet Charlie who I mentioned earlier on. I spoke with him on the phone this morning and he sounds like a super nice man, and he will come in on Monday because once a week Deanna usually sits with him and reads him all his mail! I'm really looking forward to getting to do this, it really warms my heart that she takes the time to do this for him and I think I will really enjoy it!

Before leaving today we had quite a few residents come in and bring rent checks, ask about different things, bring written notice, etc.. although one conversation really struck me! The girl from upstairs came in and we chatted for a few minutes and I could tell that she was upset about something, so I asked was there anything I could help her with.. she proceeded to tell me that they live above the apartment that is located beside the office and the other night they heard a domestic disturbance, apparently it was evident that it was physical, the girl was screaming "don't hit me" and there was an abundance of screaming.. awful!

Tonight Jason picked me up and we had dinner and then went and did grocery shopping for next week because Monday we start our detox! The roads were TERRIBLE, the parking lots were a mess.. but it was all worth it!! We went into Fred Myers and they all have Starbucks so naturally that was our first stop.. well the "woman" serving us.. well... she hasn't always been a "she".. well poor Jason's eyes were bugging out of his head.. LOL! She was very nice!

So tomorrow I am on my own.. should be interesting but I am up for the challenge! Maybe the day will go faster when I am on my own and super busy all day! Jason has a list of stuff that he has to do tomorrow which will keep him busy while I'm at work. I have Sunday off.. work Monday and then have Tuesday off instead of Thursdays now! In fact today it was mentioned that for the first month I wont be on call "nights and Sundays".. HOLD THE PHONE! Nights? I didn't sign up to be on call on nights!! I'm NOT being on call on nights.. Sunday is bad enough.. but come on.. this is a job.. not my life.. I wont do it!

Alright I'm going to bed.. Its still snowing in case you were wondering! haha!

I hope you all have a great weekend.. GO PATRIOTS!!!

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