Thursday, February 23, 2012

My limbs are giving way...

So I fell at work yesterday.. god damn snow.. god damn maintenance for not cleaning it better.. god damn Alaska for giving us over 10 feet of snow.. I've had enough! So I fell and when I got up my leg felt like jello.. I didn't feel stable walking on it.. I felt like it was going to give any minute! Well as time wen't on it started to REALLY hurt.. it usually takes me less than 5 minutes to walk to work.. this morning it took me almost 15 minutes to get there.. I took an abundance of muscle and joint tylenol mom sent.. nothing.. I took some advil.. nothing.. as the days gone on I can barely move without wanting to sob hysterically.. something feels like it's pushing on my knee cap and it hurts like a son of a bitch.. Im ready to cut it off.

As if that isn't bad enough, today was pretty slow at work which honestly I dont prefer because it makes the day go by SO SLOW and I wasn't alone to read or fill my own time so I was pretty much annoyed.. watching the clock.. I was more annoyed because my day with Deanna didn't start off famously to begin with.. yesterday while she was at the other office I spoke with a gentlemen relocating to Alaska and he was looking at a corporate unit for one month until his belongings got there and then he would move into an unfurnished.. so I looked at the sheet with all the information for corporate units on it and it said we did 1-5 month leases.. obviously you pay a premium but still.. So I told him that absolutely we could do it, seeings how we charge $3000.00 a month for a corporate unit I thought it would be worth putting together even if only for a month! Well this morning she came in and said that she had decided she didn't want to do that anymore.. Pardon me?? Well nice of you to tell me.. now I look like an idiot because I've told this guy that we can do it.. WTF?! So she called him back because I wasn't calling him and telling him no.. we're suppose to be a team... when you make these decisions I need to know about it!

As this afternoon was dragging on, all the sudden this little kid comes to the door and as he enters I realize she knows him.. apparently he lived there before and was coming to visit a friend of his after school.. well let me tell you something.. this was the most annoying kid I've ever met in my entire life.. I sat there the whole entire time thanking god I dont have kids! This little bastard says to me "you have red hair"... umm yes?... "You know gingers have no soul"... pardon me?  Then he goes on to say that he calls his teacher by his first name and he bet I was surprised by that.. so I said that I was, because I was under the impression that you called them by their last name as a sign of respect and he replied with "Actually this is more respectful, there is more mutual trust this way.. I wouldnt expect you to know that, you dont have a soul"... I wanted to punch the little fucker square in his block head.. he must have said 6 million times that I had no soul.. it never seemed to get old even though I was clearly not impressed! The kid stuck around there for over an hour because his friend went to Costco and he didnt want to go. So he whips out his Iphone 4S before leaving and I was like "I wish I had the Iphone 4S" and he said.. "What are you poor or something, cant afford it?"... I swear if I was there alone I would have made him eat the thing.. who raised this child? Satan?

So I am going to have a shower and then sit on the couch with my heating pad! My WONDERFUL SISTER sent me a FABULOUS parcel full of AMAZING new teas, a cover for my Nook that she made herself.. a couple of cross stitches, some hand made Valentines from Miss Bella and a lovely card! I absolutely LOVE parcels!! So thank you so much Tasha!!

Alright Im going for a shower and make some tea and lay on the couch! Hope those of you who are at home dont get too much snow tonight.. NOT!!! We have over 10 feet on the ground and it has snowed everyday this week!!!

Oh before I forget a moose got into Alaska Regional Hospital the other day.. haha I don't know all the details but here is the video on youtube.. he used the automatic doors.. haha bet they dont have a sign that says "No Moose" and he doesnt really count as a pet! Haha!

Check it out...


  1. I love you. And I HAVE to meet that kid when I get there.

    1. Haha sorry its Tanya, not sure why I'm unknown.

    2. Oh!!! I thought if you posted your name would have come up! haha, but yes you have to meet the demon child.. although I cant promise you he'll still be around when you get here if I have another visit with him like I had!

  2. Haha Caite?? It took me a minute to figure out who it was! The kid was a moron of great proportions.. his name was Igor.. enough said!

  3. I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did while reading about the little bastard! LOL! I also love you! You are very welcome for the parcel! Talk soon :)