Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Day = Epic Fail

I'm still limping around.. in case any of you were wondering.. my leg is swollen, I don't know what Ive done but I'm not overly impressed.. I don't really have time to deal with this and the fact that nothing is working to take the pain away isn't really thrilling me either! I sat last night with the heating pad for hours, Ive taken almost everything in my medicine cabinet.. nothing! Anyways I woke up this morning feeling the same so I figured I wouldn't bother doing my hair I would just throw some gel in it and call it even.. turns out I woke up looking like Diana Ross so that really wasn't an option!! So I got ready and figured I better leave early again because its taking me longer to get around.

I get my stuff together and head down the stairs, we are in a top until which I usually prefer but its not really in my best interest at the moment. So I get to the bottom of the stairs and who is standing in my drive way (that I have to walk through to get to work) this MASSIVE moose! I'm really no longer impressed by the moose all that much seeings how I see them all the time, but this mother trucker was HUGE!!! I just stood there staring at him, not even thinking to take a picture.. I just stared! So I tried calling Mike from work because he is sometimes over on this side of the street and said if I ever needed a ride to give him a call.. well his phone went to voicemail.. so I had to head back up the stairs to get my purse along with the keys to the truck because buddy wasn't moving and I sure as hell wasn't going to try and pass him. So I go into the garage and get in the truck open the garage door and who is still standing there.. big foot. So I pull the truck out of the garage and stop in front of him.. we stare.. neither of us moving. Finally he got bored and moved on.. prick! So I drive to work.

I get to work to find out the court appearance this morning to evict one of our residences who owes $2,500.00 went our way and she has to be out by noon on Sunday. Well she frequented our office today.. at least 7 times, getting on her hands and knees crying and pleading for us to let her stay, then she would come back in a different outfit and she would say she wanted to pay her rent 3 months in advance.. Just a question.. if you cant pay your rent on time any other month where the hell are you getting the money to pay 3 months in advance??? Keep in mind all this time shes coming and going shes also having other people call and offer to pay her rent, do anything they can if we will only let her stay.. I'm sorry its out of our hands, the judge has ruled!

I did however rent another apartment, so a guy who works with Jason and his wife.. they just came in from the UAE where she is from and were looking for a place. She really liked them and they decided to fill out an application. They left and I processed their application and called them to let them know everything checked out and if they brought me a $500.00 money order the place would be theirs and they could move in tomorrow. So when they came back to fill out their lease the phone is ringing PROFUSELY as this crazy bitch and her oh so rich posse are pleading their case, and we have a resident come in and Deanna decides then to give him his rent increase for the month of April and he goes ballistic! AWESOME! Great impression on these people signing their lease.

After they left Dennis showed to move in.. Dennis works with Jason and was in earlier in the week and decided to take a furnished unit. I didn't deal with Dennis and although I found him to be a little strange I really knew nothing about what transpired and had lead him to rent. I know the guy who lived in his unit before him and the place was left super clean, the carpets were cleaned and the furniture that went in was a lot nicer than a lot of the furnished units Ive seen. So although I can barely walk of course I did his walk through today and oh my god he was Captain Cranky Pants the whole time.. I would have rather pulled out my arm hair one by one than spend one more minute with this douche bag!! Jason said he was weird, but hes SO NEGATIVE! He hated everything, said he was duped into renting (whatever.. he read the lease and signed it without anyone twisting his arm) he complained and complained and complained and when he had to give me his deposit he didn't know how to spell "condo".. this is the guy who is going to be sitting in the control room when they start up this new plant? Jason is never going to work again!

Tonight however I talked to a lovely couple from North Carolina, they are soon to relocate to Anchorage as he will be entering the State Trooper Academy! I had a lovely conversation with the gentleman and hope to meet with them when they arrive, I have a bunch of information to send him tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a good day, hopefully it goes by quickly. I have a walk through tomorrow morning with the new couple to give them their keys and then I have to gather all the information for the guy from North Carolina as promised, I have another walk through tomorrow night at 5:30pm and then I need to quickly come home and change because we are heading downtown for fireworks at 6:45pm. Funny how I have been talking with Deanna all week about the fireworks and her and Tom are going and she kept telling me needed to get there as early as possible (they start at 6:45pm all the way downtown and I work until 6:00pm) and then she books me for a 5:30pm walk through tomorrow night for a move out... so considerate she is!!

Never fails though, I come home to my wonderful husband who has made an awesome dinner and did all the clean up because standing hurts. He did all the laundry and has his day planned to pick up a few things we need tomorrow while hes off before we head downtown tomorrow night! It has snowed EVERYDAY this week and tomorrow were suppose to really get it.. stellar! Im really looking forward to tomorrow night though, fireworks, fair, vendors, dinners, northern lights.. sounds like a good night to me. We were thinking about making the drive to Girdwood on Sunday, Alyeska Mountain the whole drive is along the coast but its suppose to snow all day and they get WAY more than we do usually. Last time we had a major snow storm they got 42 inches in 36 hours!

Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. those of you at home didn't get snow.. I'm not going to lie I'm disappointed! haha!

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