Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who doesn't LOVE a good shopping spree!

Beyond my control I got a job that requires me to wear only dressy clothes, which if you know me at all you know that I would just as soon live in my yoga pants and lulu sweaters and therefore dont own many if any dressy clothes! This however is not an option at this job and my boss was quite spiffy when I met her before therefore I don't see her being at all lenient about the dress code. So tonight I got to go out and buy all new clothes for my new job!! :D

We decided that we wouldn't go to the big mall downtown we would go to the Diamond Center Mall close to us which was fine because I scoped out The Gap online today and I found a lot of stuff I was interested in! For those of you who are skeptical about The Gap, its completely different in the States, weird I know but much better! Anyways thankfully Jason was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut, his caucasion fro was getting old and when I went on my way to shop he went his own way! So I hit a few stores before I arrived at The Gap and JACKPOT! They were having a sale up to 70% off!! I scored big time here in regards to granny cardigans which is what I live in here because its so damn cold! I'm super happy with all my purchases! I absolutely cannot wait until I can wear my new duds with real shoes instead of Uggs!

Jason is trying to convince me to get some "creepers", before understanding what he was talking about I was like "Look Ive got enough fucking creepers on facebook...." haha apparently that's not what he was talking about. He wants me to get these stupid little rubber traction things that would go over my boots and make me look like a mountain climber.. no thank you! I will probably regret that when I fall on my ass which is bound to happen, but I just cant wear those things!

My lovely husband took me out for dinner tonight to celebrate my new job, we went to the Firetap Alehouse in Anchorage and it was AWESOME! I had brick oven pizza and Jason had a burger! We have blue corn chips and guacamole to start that was great! Jason also got Glacier Brew house Blond Ale beer that was super good! I however stayed away from the beer on account that when I bought new pants tonight I am officially a size two and quite happy about it!

Speaking of sizes, did I mention that Jason and I started dieting and working out yesterday? Obviously today was an exception (Yes this early on, don't judge we had something to celebrate!) we are preparing for our after Superbowl detox and trying to get back into some kind of work our regime after having not been to the gym since we left North Carolina! So we worked out last night for 90 minutes and I'm not going to lie by the end of it I could barely lift my arms! I was so scared to go to sleep last night in fear of what I would wake up feeling like today! Surprisingly I was great! Makes me feel good about tomorrows work out!

So I work until 6pm tomorrow, I will be interested to see what my hubby makes for dinner! Haha!! I think he feels like that's is the worst part of this job.. the household responsibilities are going to be shared now! I think I might kind of like that, Jason is a really good cook and I don't get to enjoy it often!!

Alright I am going to hit the sheets, I haven't slept good in the last couple of nights and I need to be fresh to make a good first impression tomorrow! Hope you are all having a great week!!


  1. So glad to hear things have turned around for the better. Congrats on the new job, and good luck on your first day. :)

  2. Thanks lovely! Where is your news from yesterday??