Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sometimes its the little things that matter...

Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on the big things, the things that cause us stress, the negative things that people say and do to us.. and in doing this we are doing ourselves the biggest injustice, we're letting the little things that are so special and so significant pass us by without giving them the recognition they deserve!

My day yesterday was crazy and things went on that I didn't agree with and things were said that if I was handling I probably would have done differently, but regardless of all that I got to meet someone so special and because of that I let go of all the rest of it..  Yesterday I met Charlie. As I previously mentioned Charlie is blind and I knew that this week he would be coming in so we could read him his mail. Charlie is so special, he is such a kind and generous person! He graciously answered all my questions about his condition and gladly explained a day in his life so I would have a better understanding of who he was. Charlie was born with optic nerve damage from birth and therefore has never seen anything, no colors, shapes, no sunsets, not the leaves changing in fall.. nothing but darkness. Yet still regardless of this tremendous loss Charlie is upbeat, happy and overall extremely ambitious. Charlie walked over from his apartment, all on his own, came up the stairs and into the office and took a seat. He joked and laughed while we got all his mail opened and as we took them out of the envelope. One by one I opened the envelope and told him what the contents were and if Charlie chose to keep that piece of mail I would hand it back to him and he would use his little braille imprint machine to braille what it was on the top so he would know later! I was really amazed and felt so grateful to be able to help in any way I could. Deanna (my boss) asked Charlie if he would consider coming on Saturday's from now on because Monday's were busy for us and he said sure. Deanna however doesn't work on Saturdays so I will be responsible for helping Charlie and he seemed as delighted as I am. I told him that he could let me know what time he would be in and I would be happy to help, I told him that I would be off on Tuesday and he said that was fine as he was helping move furniture at the church and he would call me closer to the end of the week!

So you see, sometimes no matter what happens in your day, good or bad.. its important to see the greatness in the little things, meeting a new person, extending a helping hand, being a good friend.. small things that in the grand scheme of things aren't so small afterall.

In the last week I have learned that you cant make someone a better person, you cant tell them how to be a good friend, how to be respectful, how not to be selfish.. because people are who they are and in order for that to change they have to want to, they have to want to be a good friend, more respectful and less selfish, you wanting it for them isn't going to change it. So instead of dwelling on what might never be, make the most of each day for yourself, focus on the things that are important and less on the things you cant change.

OK.. on a less serious note its day two of our detox and I'm fucking miserable! I just want to eat a friggin' big mac! I hate having to eat at certain times and certain things.. and although I'm eating WAY more than I ever would if we weren't doing this I still feel like I'm starving all the damn time!! Poor Jason is way worse off as he naturally consumes quite a bit of food and is down to about half if not less of his usual intake! We went to the grocery store last night to pick up a few extra fruits and vegetables and Jason wandered over to the bakery section and I found him staring at the cakes in the display.. poor guy! So I better lose some weight and feel fabulous because we have to do this shit until next Monday! Thankfully Tuesday is Valentines day and we will be going out to dinner.. and I plan to get one of everything on the menu!

Besides all that I'm enjoying my day off, I slept in the morning, had a hot bath and have been doing some cleaning and laundry. This afternoon I plan to do some reading under a blanket on the couch on account that its FREEZING in Anchorage today which makes this drafty apartment quite cold! You don't know how much I wish I was on a hot sunny beach somewhere.. I'm extremely Jealous of Bob and Joyce at the moment! I cant wait to head back to the south!!

Well I hope you are all enjoying your much warmer Tuesday!

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