Sunday, February 19, 2012

Northern Lights Adventures...

Hello all,

I hope you've all had a great weekend, cant say mine was too shabby! I worked yesterday unfortunately.. I tell you Saturday's are sooo slow, I really wish Saturdays were shorter hours, I would give up the money to be able to make the most of the time Jason has off work as well, but whatever. So because Jason went skiing yesterday I took the truck to work because we didn't know what time he would be back. So I got to work and got settled and sat for about 3 hours and watched "Brenda" the moose out.. she was eating the trees and trying to get on people's balcony's.. it was ridiculous! So eventually a guy came out of the apartments and spotted her and they both stopped and she turned around and walked off.. which actually made me feel good, she didn't try and intimidate him or charge at him.. so he went to his car and when he was gone she came back! haha She was out there for a couple of hours!

Charlie and I had a 10:30am date because he had a musical engagement later in the afternoon, apparently Charlie is musically inclined.. he plays the tin whistle! I don't know what was going on with Charlie yesterday but he was a little late and apparently walked right by the office and someone brought him over.. I thought that was really strange, he gets around so well.. not sure what was going on. So Charlie and I had some time together and he was off to meet friends!

Really the rest of the day was slow, Mike was there and when he knows Deanna isn't around I see a lot more of him. I feel so bad for Mike, hes such a nice guy and he seems to be going through a hard time and Tom and Deanna don't see to like him very much and I just don't know why. So he was in yesterday afternoon and I was making a hot chocolate and I offered to make him one too and he seemed so shocked and said he would love it.. I feel like people don't often do nice things for him. I know hes very unhappy with his job and I can really understand why, and he has a brother in Texas who has cancer.. one son is living with him but seems like he doesn't have much ambition.. one son in jail.. he wants to move back to Texas and live there and be around his family but he doesn't want to leave his grand daughter because he is really the only father figure she has ever had.. breaks my heart. So I have offered to help him with his resume and do up a cover letter for him, and I told him I would keep my eye out for seat sales to Texas because he would like to go out in June. I just feel like he deserves to have someone do nice things for him, he really is a very nice guy.. sad.

Anyways I got home from work last night and Jason was already home so we got ready and went to the Moose's Tooth for dinner. The Moose's Tooth is famous for their pizza, they produce the most pizza's in the US every year.. hence the 45 minute wait I suppose! It was worth the wait though the pizza and bread sticks were EXCELLENT! Plus I was drinking the Hard Apple Ale's.. haha they were 5.2 percent alcohol which is a whole percent higher than Budlight.. 2 in and I was feeling it.. haha somehow Ive become a light weight.. I plan to work on that!! After dinner Jason and I took a drive to Earthquake Park to check out the Northern Lights.. I didn't have the camera (SORRY!!) but they weren't at their best anyways! Besides we could stay long because I had to pee SO BAD! I couldn't even make it home.. haha we had to stop!!!

Today Jason made breakfast and then we headed out for a drive. We decided to drive up to Wasilla and check it out.. on the way back we stopped around Fort Richardson which is one of the army bases here and we took a drive up the mountain towards Arctic Valley ski hill! We saw two moose, one laying down and one taking a walk around.. a bald eagle and a bunch of GREAT scenery!! I took a bunch of pictures which you will all see someway or another I promise!! Did all of you see the pictures I sent from Snapfish of our cross country drive?? If not please let me know and I will send them out!

We got home awhile ago and for the most part all the household chores are done and what isn't done I don't feel like doing to be honest, so I'm going to make lunches for tomorrow early and get that over with and then I'm going to go to bed. I didn't sleep well last night and I don't get a day off this week most likely!

Oh before I go.. let me tell you about a little dilemma I'm having... So remember that great couple from Texas that I rented that apartment too? Well I really like them and I was really happy about the sale.. but I found out yesterday they've had a bunch of problems with their apartment already and had a bunch more yesterday, a lot of it is stupid things that should have been caught on their walk through which I didn't do because I had the day off.. and the other part of that Clayton the other maintenance guy is lazy and didn't do his job!! So now I just feel awful, I was absolutely as accommodating at I could be about their issues and said I would have Mike come RIGHT over and fix everything and he said that they had a long day and wanted to relax could they do it on Monday and I said sure.. unfortunately Mike is off on Monday so Clayton will have to go and I know that will be an issue because they don't like to make Clayton do anything that he doesn't want to which is most things.. I feel awful.. I know they made their own decision to live their but I sold them on it.. I told them all these great things and now I'm starting to feel like maybe I didn't know.. I felt so awful all day yesterday about it.. I cant lie to people, I don't want people to sign a one year lease and be miserable! I don't know..

Also.. now I'm on a roll.. here is a question for all of you.. I sure cant figure it out! So if you break your one year lease you have to pay a fee of $695.00.. but then you still have to pay the rent until we rent the apartment she says.. I don't understand. You are paying the fee of $695.00 to absolve you of your responsibilities that were stated in the lease! You no longer have a responsibility to the terms and conditions of your lease because you have paid to get out of it.. so why do you have to continue to pay rent until we rent it out?? I mean its also in your lease that you have to pay rent on the first but we still have people bringing in their rent now and that seems to be fine... so WTF.. what is it?? So the question at hand is.. are they screwing people by charging them rent after they've paid the $695? What do you all think??

Alright we'll I'm going to go make lunches and dinner! Hope you all have had a great weekend!! I will be posting or sending pictures soon!!


  1. I think your screwing people!
    I would try and sub-let the apt!
    That way they save $695.00!!!!!

  2. I know right!! I feel terrible.. I really dont want to be selling people on a home they are going to hate but are stuck in.. I feel like such a rat bastard! but its my job?? Im between a rock and a hard place! Thankfully its not a good time of year for people to be moving, but having said that we have quite a few vacancies because military deployed! Ugh....