Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day to all! I hope you are all enjoying my day off as much as I am! :)

So it snowed like a bastard last night.. absolutely helping the leaking roof situation I'm sure! To be honest though as much as I hate the snow, it really is absolutely beautiful here! When it snows the trees look so beautiful all covered and because theres already so much snow there is no complaining about what the roads are going to be like because they are always bad.. haha!! We took some pictures though, Check them out!!

Regardless as you can tell the roof didn't cave in on us last night, although no one has called about anything, to check on anything or to fix the problem.. unbelievable! So we got rental insurance today and Jason was suppose to be calling the department of health and all that jazz, I don't know what any of that will change but at least we've covered our asses!

So as you all know today is Valentines Day, Jason and I are going out to dinner tonight after I get my hair cut. But we had decided that this year we would just do cards because neither of us need any chocolate and we really don't need anything at all. With both of our birthdays at the end of the year, our anniversary and Christmas in December when Valentines Day rolls around we really don't need anything! But this morning I woke up and was very surprised to find that my husband is even more super wonderful than I had originally thought... he left this on the table for me....

He's such a sweetheart.. I'm so lucky!!

So anyways that's been my day! Dad is on the phone so I'm going to go.. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Love you all!! <3

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