Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ok so maybe I don't actually hate my job...

WHAT A DAY!! (No offense mom, its your birthday and all.. no correlation.. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wish we could be there to celebrate! WE LOVE YOU!!!)

So I wake up feeling super crappy and this is in part because I didn't sleep all god damn night, and I think in part because of this stupid detox. When I took the PM pills last night I broke out in a terrible rash and had to take a bunch of allergy medicine! So I get up and feel crappy and definitely don't want to go to work.. but good new Jason is riding to work in the morning with Kris so I'm taking the truck! :D I get to work and I'm still feeling crappy but whatever there is nothing to do but suck it up and get on with the day.. WELL.. then I find out that I have to go DOOR TO DOOR and deliver flyer's to let people know to move their cars tomorrow because the parking lots are being cleaned! First of all.. what happened to going green?? I'm already at a loss for words that we are killing all these trees because if we post signs on the garage doors and stairways that these morons still wont get it.. you've got to be kidding me.. All these units are outdoors so its not like I got to walk through the hallways of a building.. oh no.. you go up 6 stairs and there are two units.. then you go up 6 more stairs and there are 2 more units.. then you come down all 12 stairs and go all the way around to the other side of the building and start again.. for 210 units.. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't barely keep my fucking tea down and this woman wants me to run a marathon.. has she totally lost her marbles? Apparently not, but I was about to lose mine! Keep in mind all these stairs, walk ways and parking lots are piled 5 feet high with snow! Really none of the snow was touched since the last storm and it just added to the snow that was already there and packed down and covered in ice.

Now I would like to think that I am in relatively good shape, I eat super healthy, usually only drink on Sundays, and we work out pretty religiously and very rarely sit at home doing nothing... I thought I was going to croak right in the parking lot today.. my chest was burning (keep in mind its still super cold here) my nose was running, I was sweating.. my knees and hips were killing me from slipping and sliding all over in the snow.. bullshit! THEN.. I'm almost done.. 3 more buildings to do.. so in my head I am coaching myself "come on Nicole, 3 more buildings and you're done! You can do it, you've got through this many... lets go!" So as I walking up the stairs I'm holding the railing so not to fall on my ass when all the sudden I see something more and here is this damn squirrel!!! I scream and I swear to god the thing stood up on its back legs, screamed too and took off like a bat out of hell.. well let me tell you it didn't do much for my already fragile racing heart.. god damn wild creatures.. they've got balls the ones that live here.. none of them are scared of anything.. the moose I get it, I mean they've got stature.. their much bigger then us humans.. but the squirrels? UGH!

So I get back to the office and nothing much is going on, so Deanna says she has something for me to work on.. GREAT! I would much rather be busy than sitting watching the clock, obviously! Well she whips out what looks like a binder.. I'm not so lucky! Its a cassette.. yes I said CASSETTE.. as in TAPE.. as in almost before my time!!!! She has 12 of them that are called "Winning Apartment Management" by Gene Chamberlain... from 1982!!!!! Each tape is 25 minutes long and super helpful in helping me become the best apartment sales lady I can be! This is a bad fucking joke right? I'm suddenly not at work but in self-help 101.. this day cannot get any worse! So she sets me up in the next room with my trusty tape player and I figure when she goes back to the office I will just play on my phone.. I mean come on this isn't rocket science for Christ sake I have already sold a corporate unit and those go for like $3000.00 a month.. give me a little credit! But no.. not only does she set me up and encourage me to take notes.. SHE SAT BEHIND ME AND LISTENED ALONG! Unbelievable!

Finally she said that she was going to lunch and had a 1:00pm dentist appointment and would be back afterwards, GREAT! Turns out afterwards mean almost 5:00pm! I'm not complaining in that time I got 3 phone calls and no visitors and didn't have to listen to the stupid tapes.. although naturally I said I did. I got a phone call from the girl who went to court this morning and was evicted .. she would like an extension on her Friday move out date.. its just not going to work for her.. Haha OK! Then I got a call from a woman complaining that she got a notice that she owes $25 for her rent being in late.. she proceeded to tell me that there was so much snow on Friday and with the roads being so bad and not being able to get out of the parking lot there wasn't much she can do. She said that shes already given her notice and living here for the last year has been a bad experience, they need to improve on a lot of things and definitely get better contractors in with snow clean up! Well what can I say.. its in your lease that you have to pay, she was right about the snow and I couldn't agree more that the people who are suppose to clean the snow are lazy bastards who do a half ass job and don't deserve a cent.. but naturally I cant say this. But really lady.. lets be honest.. Rent is due on the first of the month, giving you until the fourth is a grace period you are not entitled to.. this is fucking Alaska, snow is inevitable.. should have got your rent in on the first before it snowed and there wouldn't be a problem.. have a good night!

I was so glad to come home tonight, my wonderful husband met me in the driveway so he could park the truck in the garage as I don't see myself back that baby into its tiny little space and when we came upstairs he had made a wonderful healthy dinner of baked cod, brown rice and fresh green beans! So we had dinner and while Jason relaxed I cut up all the fresh vegetables we've bought, washed and bagged them so Jason would have less work to do when making dinner, I washed all the fruit and bagged that and then we worked out for 45 minutes! Pretty successful night I would say!

So I will part with you fine folks to have a hot shower, watch the new criminal minds and hopefully sleep soundly until morning! High hopes for tomorrow.. hahahaha...

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