Sunday, February 12, 2012

Slack.. Ive been so slack...

My apologies to all of you who follow my gems of literary achievement.. I know that I have been extremely slack in updating you all but I swear I feel like I can never find the time to do anything lately.. I honestly don't know what I would do if Jason wasn't being so wonderful and helping to much!! I am getting in a routine though with my work hours and I promise to be better.. cut me some slack!

So let the updates begin!!! Its 40 freaking degrees here.. do you believe it.. Alaska isn't looking so bad!! In the last week it really hasn't been all that cold anyways, we were suppose to get a lot of snow which seems to have passed us and I'm not complaining but its actually been really nice out! The snow is starting to melt though and honestly I'm getting worried for spring, there is just so much snow here that I don't know what is going to happen when the real warm temperatures come, there is already water everywhere! We went to Walmart today and when Jason parked I had to direct so that I wouldn't have to get out into knee deep water!

Not much has gone on since my last blog to be honest, detox is done tomorrow.. thank god!! I swear I'm ordering a pizza for breakfast tomorrow and have a bloody Mary with it.. a double!! I'm so sick of not being able to eat something that I really want.. I know that's its just because I cant but I want to eat everything.. literally! Today we went for lunch with Zach and Josh at the Firetap Alehouse which has the great pizza I told you about and I had a flipping wrap.. poor Jason had a bowl of Chili while the guys enjoyed spicy brisket sandwiches or something.. haha! Zach ordered a warm pretzel at a appetizer and it took everything I had not to go over the table and take it.. but this is all for a good cause.. I think I might have actually lost some weight and I really do feel good. I don't entirely plan to ruin it when its over.. I generally eat really healthy I just want to know that I can eat crap if I want to..

Yesterday was my first full day alone at work.. I was a little nervous to be honest because the parking lots are a pretty big mess, they were plowed this week but with the snow melting now and so much so they are bad again. Jason dropped me off just before 10am and I had a few things to do before Zach was suppose to come to check out the model home. I finished everything and Zach showed up, I haven't seen Zach since New York so it was great to visit! When Zach left I had lunch and did some EBay searching because there was absolutely nothing else on the go.. then Charlie called.. I was hoping he would, I really like my chats with Charlie and was looking forward to some company! Charlie came down and I read him all his mail, wrote out his checks and we discussed braille.. I'm going to have to do some online research so I don't sound like such a dummy when asking him questions. It was hard for Charlie to explain to me how it works.. its not exactly like you would think, so I'm going to check it out online and report back.. I will fill you all in when I know more. Anyways as Charlie and I were sitting there 'Martha' walked by.. haha Martha is one of our neighbourhood moose.. it was about the third time I had seen her Saturday and I jumped up and obviously startled Charlie.. I explained that I had thought it was 'Bruce' but it went by so fast I couldn't tell. Charlie questioned my naming of our wildlife friends and I explained that I thought it was wise to get on good terms with them from afar in case I encounter them up close! Charlie responded with "I don't really like the name Martha".. HAHA! So I said "Well I haven't called her that to her face yet so if you have another suggestion I am definitely open to it" he said that he really liked the name Janet but he didn't feel it was an appropriate name for a moose so he said he really liked the name Brenda. So Martha is now Brenda.. haha which I am more than fine with. When Charlie was getting ready to leave I said that I was going to walk out with him to make sure that Martha was gone and he said "AKA Brenda" LOL.. My apologies Charlie.. Brenda!

After Charlie left the rest of the afternoon was pretty staggering, last week I had searched on EBay for a tote bag I liked because I don't really like taking my purse and leaving in the closet at work while I'm out and about.. its a really nice purse, with a really nice wallet.. and all the stuff in it is probably worth something too.. so I don't want to risk it. Ive been using one of those reusable Bench bags but its really over sized.. so I found one on EBay and I actually won it and couldn't be more excited!! When Jason and I were in North Carolina we were in Belk one day (Belk is like The Bay at home, Nordstrom here, like a Macy's or something) and they had Ugg bags... I almost died! I love my Ugg boots.. and I don't even care that all you haters judge me because they are made with real fur.. I DON'T EAT COWS.. that's my contribution!! Anyways these bags were BEAUTIFUL! SO BEAUTIFUL.. $600 beautiful to be exact.. man I wanted one.. I have 2 pairs of Ugg boots that would match so perfectly.. haha Jason was like.. "No fucking way.. that's a car payment"... in all fairness we don't even have a car payment.. but needless to say I didn't get the bag! But I found it on EBay and won it brand new for $30!!!!! YAY EBAY!!! That's the bag below... beautiful!

Before my day ended a couple showed up from Texas to view the model home.. and guess what.. I SOLD THEM ON THE APARTMENT AND THEY FILLED OUT AN APPLICATION AND SHOULD GET THEIR KEYS ON TUESDAY!!! I was so impressed with myself, this was the first sale all on my own.. see I don't need to stupid friggin tapes I am a GREAT sales person!!! They are a wonderful couple, he is a drafter and is here for a year on business (naturally I can relate) and they really liked the place! It was a great way to end my day!

Last night Jason and I were lazy and laid around and watch the movie Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon.. first of all.. Reese Witherspoon is gorgeous.. naturally beautiful! Now I read the book and really enjoyed it which made me skeptical of the movie because lets be honest the movie is never as good as the book! I was move convinced of that after reading the book 'The Help' and absolutely LOVING it and then watching the movie and they left out half the book.. I couldn't believe it! Anyways Water for Elephants was a really great movie, I really enjoyed it! So for all of you that haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! The next movie on my list is 'The Vow' its a total chick flick but Jason will give into those on occasion!!! I really have to see that movie!

Today we haven't done much, we went and had lunch with the guys, went to Lowe's so Jason could get some good gloves for work. Jason is doing turnover on this job and by no means do I think he wont do an amazing job at it but its not his thing.. usually he spends a lot more time in the field and has certain systems that he is responsible for but with the lack of jobs and the guys being more dispersed, not to mention Jason is one of the youngest guys he kind of got screwed! None the less he loves his job and is a good sport about pretty much everything so he will be doing a lot of walk downs of systems and needed some good gloves to keep his hands warm! After that we ventured to Walmart which is naturally a cluster fuck on any given Sunday and then home!

I am going to go and make dinner now, baked cod, salad and fresh zucchini and then get ready for the Grammy's! I cant wait to watch.. the whole show better not be a tribute to Whitney Houston.. I mean yes its a great loss in the music world.. which one of you hasn't gotten drunk and belted out "I'M EVERY WOMAN" or is that just me? haha.. but lets be honest she was a drug addict who has produced anything in years besides media headlines for her substances abuse.. Its sad yes but lets get on with the show! I'm excited for Adele.. I love her!

Anyways I here by PROMISE to be more faithful about blogging!! I hope you all have had a great weekend, and have a happy Monday!!

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  1. You Go Girl!!! Sell those units! Glad to hear you are liking your new job!
    I love your new bag!
    Keep the blogs coming!!!
    You will have to post a pic of Brenda!