Monday, February 13, 2012

Sit down.. and be prepared to be offended!!!


Today was a good day.. I rented my first apartment all on my own to a great couple from Texas! They came today and got their keys and I felt so great about the whole thing! When the couple was there the woman asked if this was my first rental and I said yes and she seemed just as excited as I was! She was high fiving me and loving it! Her husband proceeded to say that he would have never have known that I was new at this, he thought I had been doing this for years.. SCORE.. he said it in front of my boss!!!

My day went by fast and before Deanna left she told me that from now on she would be spending Wednesday's at Town Square, the office across town.. PERFECT, I would so much rather be on my own! How could my day get any better? Not to mention I have tomorrow off and the detox is over and Jason made pasta for dinner!

So Jason picked me up and we came home! I ran in the bedroom to change quickly like I always do before dinner and I noticed again that the light in the bedroom was yellow! I told Jason I noticed it last night and he said it was probably a blown bulb or something! Well tonight I told him to check it because it was unusual and bugging me and as I was getting changed Jason stood on the bed to take the fixture of and said "this thing is fucking heavy".... NO WONDER IT WAS FULL OF WATER!!!! The fucking roof is leaking INTO OUR BEDROOM!!!!! So I called Tom who is the landlord and my boss and he said there is nothing they can do, they have called people to come and shovel the roofs but there was nothing they can do. Naturally I questioned this but he was persistent! What was I suppose to say? From working in the office I know that this has happened to another couple only I suppose their fixture started to over flow at 4am and they called the on call number and Tom basically told them the same thing.. nothing they could do!

Needless to say Jason is LIVID! He is calling the health department, etc.. he has tape over the light switch because although Tom said otherwise it really is a fire hazard. So tomorrow we have to call and get renters insurance.. I KNOW I KNOW.. its irresponsible that we don't have it.. haha or never have but we will rectify that tomorrow! Jason said he is not using the light until they have an electrician come in and go through the whole apartment! So from now on Jason will deal with Tom because really he is better at it and I think with me doing it, its kind of a conflict of interest.

I don't know what we are going to do in the mean time.. we had to move the bed and everything.. the whole thing is dripping, we have a towel on the floor but lets be honest its going to soak it up and get on the carpet and then that's going to get moldy.. UGH! Honestly how long are we suppose to just deal with it? And when will they get out here to take the snow off the roofs? and still there is obviously a problem that will need to be fixed.

WHAT A FUCKING MESS!! I'm so super pissed.. I didn't realize they were slum lords.. CHRIST!! Haha speaking of which.. so this morning I go into work and Tom calls and says that they are having a meeting there this morning with one of the owners and someone from the city.. they were on their way but if the city guy showed up don't answer any questions, don't talk to him.. he said and I quote "we aren't doing anything illegal.. but I would prefer you not be involved"... why would he even say anything about doing something illegal.. and why would I talk to someone from the city about stuff that I obviously know nothing about.. sketchy.. I think so? Who the fuck am I working for!

Alright I'm going to work off my pasta dinner and have a hot bath.. haha I might not need one I might get a surprise shower tonight.. who knows! Fucking Alaska.. did I mention its snowing again and were suppose to get 1-4 inches? We have an inch already..

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