Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its a sad day in football...

Well as I'm sure you all know unless you live under a rock the Patriots lost the Superbowl tonight.. I'm not going to lie I am actually really surprised, I honestly expected a way better game with a much higher score! They just didn't play well, if we are being perfectly honest! I mean the last time Brady stepped on the field.. Branch MISSES, Hernandez MISSES, Brady SACKED.. WTF?!?! So they didn't win.. maybe next year? Hopefully Jason will grasp that thought because as of right now he changed the channel before the coaches even shook hands, ripped his jersey off and isn't speaking at all.. apparently he is a sore loser!

Anyways, onto other things! Yesterday was my first day of work all on my own. I really thought that she was going to be spending at least half the day there because there was a few things going on that I really wasn't sure if I was ready to handle all on my own. Turns out she was there for all of 20 minutes and bailed! So I got a few things done that were on my desk and then I sat.. and sat.. and sat some more! I couldn't help but think.. this is going to be the longest day ever if this continues. So finally Mike the handy man came in and we had a nice ol' chat! Mike is originally from Texas, divorced and has two sons. He is a super nice guy but doesn't seem overly happy in his job and unfortunately because of the things that he mentioned in regards to his misery I'm a little worried about how long I will be happy in my job if the things that are a problem for him will eventually become a problem for me!! I'm not going to put a lot of thought into it though.. we'll see how it goes, maybe he is the problem.. I don't know anyone enough to judge the situation!

Having said that one thing has been mentioned to me since Ive started that I am going to have to set straight. In my interview it was said that I would have Thursdays off and be on call Sundays.. well that was changed to having Tuesdays off and being on call Sundays which is fine with me. But the other day when chatting with Deanna she mentioned that for the first month I wont have to worry about being on call on Sundays and at night.. and I was like.. WHOA! Hold the phone lady what are you talking about being on call at night? I said that it was never mentioned to me and she said that maybe she had it wrong then, well let me tell you something.. SHE BETTER HAVE! I'm not being on call at night.. I know that it is very unlikely that a lot of calls would come in but I am not dealing with it. This is their life, they have been doing this job for 26 years and I respect that, but this is not my life. Besides Mike is on call and even if he gets a call that takes up 7 hours of his time.. HE DOESN'T GET PAID FOR IT!!! Can you believe that? He doesn't get reimbursed for using his personal car, gas, cell phone.. anything! No wonder he isn't loving the job.. I'm not getting sucked into that.. this is a job, not my life.

I'll keep you posted how that plays out, but moving on! After Mike left I literally sat and played games on the computer waiting for the last half hour of the day so I could enter the late charges to the accounts of at least 30 people who haven't paid rent and then I could go home. Well the guy who was suppose to move in shows up at 5pm! Awesome.. so I go with him and do his walk through and come back, enter his rent check and print his receipt! Now Jason is waiting for me and I still have all the late charges to enter.. ugh! I was so glad to get out of there though, I felt like it had been a really long week and I think because I had grasped things so quickly I felt really bored when things weren't busy!

I enjoyed my day off today and tomorrow will be fine because I have Tuesday off. Tomorrow Jason and I are starting our detox which I'm looking forward to because I am hoping to lose weight but not looking forward to because the last time we did this I felt like I was starving all the time. So my intake will consist of water, green tea and fish.. ugh! The next few blogs may very well reveal my cranky bitch side.. fair warning.

Oh also.. Girdwood which is 40 minutes from us.. they for 48" of snow in 36 hours! Not to mention up in the slopes its -85F.. who has ever even heard of that!! Honestly?

Well I'm going to enjoy a Sex and the City marathon!! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week!!!

Although before I sign off.. check out Jason's attire for the game.. Patriots socks, CHECK... Patriots pants, CHECK... Patriots jersey, CHECK!

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