Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fantastic Day Off!!!

Good Evening all,

What a great day!! So I found out yesterday that I would actually be having today off because Tom's surgery was moved until the 29th so I got my day off as usual. I thought about it yesterday and after our drive around on Sunday I really wanted to make the most of my day off.. so I decided that I was going to go out and tour around and I asked Tammy if she wanted to join in! Tammy if I haven't mentioned before although I think I have worked at Goreway as well and her husband Glen works for construction on this job with Jason. So due to the stupid 'no spouse' policy she is not working! So she was excited to get out as well, so I planned to pick her up at 11am!

It was great to sleep in this morning, for anyone who knows me they know how much I love sleep but now sleep in is 8:30am... Im lucky to get any sleep for some reason. Anyways when I got up.. it was snowing.. GO FIGURE!! So unfortunately if you know me at all you know that I don't drive in the snow.. So I wrote Tammy and told her the deal and she said that she would still really like to go and was totally willing to drive! So when she picked me up she made sure to point out the irony of the fact that she is from Mississippi and can drive in the snow and I am from Canada and cant.. haha! She made a good point.. I don't know what it is.. but honestly its not just the fact that it was snowing.. the roads are terrible here... they never plow them ever!!

So we had a great day out, we travelled all over had lunch, went to the ULU Factory which had a bunch of native Alaska, which was great.. here's the link if you want to check it out!


We had lunch and toured around the malls, did a drive around downtown so I could see all the souvenir shops and all that jazz! Tammy has been here since July of last year so she really knows her way around at this point. It was really great because with Jason and I both working its hard to get out and do things. Besides it was really nice to have some girl time with someone, I really miss that. Next week we are going to go and see a chick flick.. THE VOW! I am really excited to see it and Jason really didn't seem all too interested so I thought it might be something good for Tammy and I and she was all about it!

So this weekend is the kick off of Fur Rondy, its a huge thing in Anchorage! They will have a big carnival downtown, tons of vendors, fire works, the reindeer run, etc.. it should be great!
Here is a link for it, its really interesting...


I believe one of the major attractions for Fur Rondy is the beginning of the Iron Dog races. They will start here and go all the way to Nome which is a 75 minute flight.. you cant drive there because there are literally no roads that go there, so I'm not exactly sure how it all works I plan to do some research this week but if you are curious here is the link to check it out!


I'm actually really looking forward to going, I would really like to invest in some Native art, not really a carving which seems to be the most popular form of art here, but I'm hoping for a drawing or some paintings.. We have a beautiful picture from New York and although it will probably never happen we might one day have a house to put all of our treasures in! So I think it will be a great day. Alaska really does have a lot to discover and see.

So that's it for here, back to work tomorrow and I will be on my own which is great! I'm kind of hoping this week goes by fast. Tonight is actually the new moon and we should probably make the effort to go to see the Northern Lights because this would usually be one of the best nights to see them but its snowing and has been all day (no I'm not fucking kidding, we have over 110 inches on the ground.. its ridiculous).. so with the clouds I really don't think the show will be all that great which is unfortunate.. but its not like we wont get the chance to see them again anyways.

I will blog more this week, I will do some reading on all the events of this weekend and report back!! Oh and before I go.. a special shout out to the Rolfe house.. Thank you soooooo much for the awesome parcel!!! Everything is GREATLY appreciated.. I wish I wasn't working tomorrow so I could rock my new Bench apparel and sit around and eat Mr. Noodles!! I'm sitting here listening to The Band Perry CD thanks to Jen! Jen thanks for the hearts! We put them up on the shelf with our wedding picture.. from our hearts to yours... we greatly appreciate them! :)

Hope everyone has or has had a great hump day.. depending on when you read this!!


Ps - I went into Sephora today and they gave me Mardi Gras beads for Fat Tuesday.. Jason and I got home around the same time and he was like... umm? where did you get these! Haha lets just say I didn't have to do what you usually have to do to get those beads!


  1. LOL....OMG! My mother-in-law gave me a ulu knife years ago. It was given to her by her sister who lives in Ancorage. She never told me the history about it and I had no idea on how to use it! I actually had no idea it was a ulu knife! (until I looked at the link you provided). I've kept it all these years because I liked the carving of a moose on the handle. It even has a stamp on it made in Alaska! I have used it maybe twice in 10+ years....lol! Thanks for the link!!! Now that I know what it is and have read how to use it properly, I will use it more often!
    Have fun at the fur rondy.
    The real Iron Dog racing is amazing! I have a friend who lives in Yellowknife who breeds dogs used in the race!
    Love your blog!!!!!
    We miss you! xoxo

  2. HAHA! Im so glad that you know what it is now and how to use it! The ULU Factory was pretty amazing! I ordered you a catalog today to come to the house so you can see all they have to offer, let me know if you dont have a bowl that goes with it to chop and I will send you one!
    Im glad you're enjoying the blog.. there are lots of interesting things around here to report.. todays is going to be aces!
    I miss you tons too! Love you!