Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is it possible to drown in the snow?

Evening all....

So today wasn't so bad.. not as bad as I was expecting at least! I woke up to is snowing.. honestly is it possible to drown in the snow because I'm getting worried.. It snows everyday and there is snow in the forecast for everyday this week.. there is so much on the ground and it just keeps coming.. can you honestly imagine what things are going to be like when it freaking melts.. I'm really worried!

I went to work this morning and I was nervous.. I gave it a lot of thought yesterday and I decided that I had to tell her how I felt today at work because if I didn't than I was as much to blame for what was going on.. I really don't want to lose this job, I think that if things were done the right way it could be a really positive thing, but something has to change. Anyways she got there early which made me a little nervous on account that she is always late, I kind of thought maybe she wanted to talk to me about something.. not so the case. Anyways eventually it came up and I told her exactly how I felt, that it was embarrassing to show a unit like that, I feel like its absolutely ridiculous that we tell people they have to pay for cleaning when they move out and we charge them but we don't give them the same standards of cleaning when moving them into an apartment. I told her that Tom seemed to think I was making something out of nothing when he didn't even see what I was talking about. I feel like when you work with people and are all working towards a common goal than you should be able to trust each other and be able to turn to each other when you have concerns and I was made to feel the complete opposite. I have worked with men before and have never been made to feel beneath them and I wont start now.. honestly she didn't say much, I have a feeling he talks to her like that too and that's been her life and now she doesn't know better or has just learned to accept it.. it kind of makes me sad for her.

Anyways the cleaners cleaned another unit on the weekend and before we put it on the market I thought it might be a good idea to go and check it out for myself to prevent what happened on the weekend. So I went over today and there was a list of things that didn't get done.. so she called them and told them they needed to come back! She also told them that we would pay them for the additional hours.. YA RIGHT! So she was gone all afternoon.. or a lot of it and Sam the cleaner came and got the keys to go and re clean.. when he brought me the keys back he said "Oh I must have been half asleep when I cleaned that place".. ya well what was your excuse for all the other places you lazy bastard?? I'm still not impressed.

So I said my piece and now I'm off tomorrow and Tom has surgery on Wednesday so she will be off for the rest of the week! I'm not at all sad about that, I do things a different way and it seems to work so when shes not around I much prefer how things go. When she got back this afternoon we listened to some more tapes.. I don't know where she finds these fucking tapes.. Gene Chamberlain is the biggest moron ever! I sit there and bite all my nails off because I'm so bored and I cant even play on my phone because she actually believes that these things are soo super educational that she wants to listen too.. its ridiculous!

When the tapes were finally finished I was walking around the model and I look outside and here is this huge moose! haha.. they are so hungry that they are looking for food anyway and anywhere they can! I didn't think they could do stairs so I don't know how the heck he got up to where he did but he did.

So I watched him walk around forever.. and then a resident called and asked could he use the fax machine at the office.. so he came down the stairs right in front of the moose.. and he stopped dead in his tracks like two feet from it and turned around and ran and the moose went up over the stairs after him!! Ive never seen anything like it! He didn't chase him far on account that with all this snow they cant find any food and so they are super slow because they are trying to conserve energy! Funny to watch though.. he wandered around there for a good couple of hours.

We got a good bunch of snow tonight.. its suppose to snow all week so that should be interesting. I don't have to work tomorrow so Tammy and I might go to the movies.. I haven't heard back from her yet. Tomorrow night I'm trying out this new healthy living recipe for dinner.. I'm pretty excited for that. Ive been eating SUPER healthy and have been feeling really great! I try really hard to lose weight and it seems to get me no where so I just changed how I eat everyday and it really seems to be working. My clothes are fitting great, if anything a little too big.. I'm buying clothes in smaller sizes which is always a plus and in general it feels great to get dressed everyday and not feel bad about how I look! Have I conquered my demon? doubtful.. but I will take it for now!

Jason wants to go to Walmart tomorrow night.. he likes Walmart, he usually goes 3 times a week at least! haha! I'm hoping this weekend we will be able to get out and go for a drive or something. I enjoyed doing nothing yesterday because we always seem busy but I like to do as much as we can too .

This weekend there is a bunch of stuff going on downtown for the Iditarod..I think that might be worth checking out. Honestly Alaska always has something interesting going on which is great!! Check out the link!

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