Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deep Freeze?

Well its fucking cold here.. period! My fingers literally freeze on the 5 minute walk to work every morning.. its absolutely ridiculous! I don't know what I dislike more.. the mountains of snow that just keep coming or the absolute freezing cold! It seems like every morning I wake up and there is either more snow or the door is frozen shut! I'm not complaining too much though.. on the north slope its -85F and in Valdez they have like 50 feet of snow.. so I suppose to can always be worse!

So this week I have been on my own at work and its going really well basically. I'm not overly impressed that I went into a note yesterday that said that I would have to be on call at night and of course when I'm on call at night Ive been getting calls! Jason is furious about it and I don't blame him.. I knew that there was a chance I would have to be on call on Sundays and what could I really say about it but I cant be on call all night every night... I don't get paid enough for that and I really don't think its fair. I was really left with a lot of things this week to take care of that she could have very easily taken care of before she left, or to be honest she could have been here to help with. I was told that I could contact her anytime to ask questions and when Ive tried he answers the phone and wont let me talk to her! He's super ignorant too.. if he can answer the phone that I'm sure he can do ok on his own and she could come back to work. She called yesterday just to ask me to put on the ice maker at the model and she would pick up some ice today for this ice machine Tom is using on his arm and so Ive been making ice and putting it in a bag for her and she never showed. Whatever.

So that's really it for us.. I'm tired this week, Ive been sleeping like shit. Today was crazy busy and I don't suspect tomorrow will be much better on account that its the beginning of the month and rent is due. Hopefully this weekend we will get a chance to go for a drive or something but we are suppose to get a bunch of snow again and going outside of Anchorage it just gets worse.

I promise to have something more interesting next blog.. this one sucks but I felt bad for not writing for a couple nights.

I hope everyone is having a great week! You know you can all feel free to email me and let me know how things are going with you too!!

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