Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thoughts on Writing a Blog 3.25.15

Writing a blog is a funny thing, I can be very private and I don't want people knowing my business yet I put my life in a place where everyone and anyone can read about it. Is it weird that I feel perfectly comfortable with absolute strangers reading it then I do people that know me? Is it fear of judgement? I don't know.

Sometimes/ a lot of the time I feel sad and disappointed in the lack of support I get from the people I do know that read. It hurts my feelings that most of them have barely ever commented if at all. But at the same time I guess I should be thankful they stop by at all? I started this blog with absolutely zero expectations, I didn't do it because I wanted to write although I did, but I did it because we had just moved really far away and instead of writing 50 of the same emails a month filling everyone in I thought what better way for all of them to find the information in one place!

It's such a strange thing blogging.. I will admit I've become oddly attached. I might not always feel like writing but then I miss it when I don't. I think part of my writers block comes from my lack of honesty. I use to write a lot more personal/ honest things than I do now. Not that what I put hear is lies but it's more of a superficial aspect of my life, I don't talk a lot about how I feel about most things because I don't want to complain, hurt someones feelings or have the whole "oh she thinks shes got problems" comparison. I appreciate that my blog has evolved from being just about my/our life to  about more things I love because truthfully it probably wouldn't have lasted. I like talking about things I'm interested in, sharing my thoughts on books and recipes I enjoy. My life isn't always exciting enough to just talk about and besides do you really care about half of it? Probably not, and that's ok.

I'm sad to see that a lot of bloggers I have followed for years have trailed off and barely blog at all, but I get it. A lot of them do it for page views, followers and ultimately money and I have always weighed the pros and cons of that heavily. I really don't advertise my blog of any kind of social media because as I said my comfort level of people I know reading it isn't really there. I also don't really have any social media (No facebook, no twitter, no snapchat) and social media is a huge source for promoting your blog! I do have instagram but I won't lie its private, and although I share a lot on here I guess I just doubt a lot of people actually read.

This isn't meant to come off that I don't welcome new readers, I love seeing that new people are following me on bloglovin' or comments from new people it means a lot to me but I don't know what the fine line is between putting it all out there, posting my blogs on Pinterest and opening my Instagram and advertising and still maintaining some sort of privacy. I am already a person that takes everything to heart, mean and hateful things really upset me, sometimes even when they aren't directed at me (haha yes I'm not kidding) so I'm also not sure I could cope with the hate that comes with having a ton of people read your blog. I stop by here and say what I want and although I always welcome comments and critiques there is a big difference from things I have witnessed other bloggers experience.

I will say the blogging community is absolutely amazing, I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs and when someone is going through a hard time how so many rally to do all that they can. Bloggers share their experiences, they share helpful tips and tricks about what works for them and so on. Its really a great thing to be apart of and experience. I am hopeful we will eventually be in a place that has the blogger get togethers and events because I think that would be amazing.

Anyways I started this post the other night in bed and I didn't really finish it, but when something comes to me if I don't write it down then and there I will most definitely forget it. At the time this came to me I was probably exhausted and thought it to be profound. But there you have it. Sometimes blogging is a really funny thing, but let me say this. If you have the slightest inclination to start a blog.. do it! Keep it private if you are not sure and just document your life.. what an amazing thing to be able to look back on. Every blogger is different and offers something different.. whether you have 5 followers or 500 followers, you are doing it!

Have a great days guys!

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  1. I read you FAITHFULLY every time I get your blog. Please don't stop!! Though I'm not into makeup (there is no help for me LOL), I even enjoy reading those blogs.I will try to comment more often :) I'm looking forward to hearing your raves and adventures after you've been HOME! Hope it has warmed up there.

    1. Cathy you comment more than anyone else and I so greatly appreciate it! Your support and time to stop here means more to me than you know!!
      We arrived home last night just before 11pm and today is sooooo hot and humid! I am definitely not complaining though!!!
      Hope all is well with you, and not to worry.. I'm not going anywhere!! XO

  2. you know I read all the time too, but I totally agree! I would love people to be more interactive with me as well.

    1. I know you read, we are all guilty of this to some extent but like you said I wish people were more interactive!