Thursday, March 19, 2015

Birch Box Product Reviews

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On occasion I try to get back here and tell y'all what I think about the products I have received in my Birchbox or rather multiple probably because it can take me awhile to try things. I like to share with you what I receive but at that time generally I don't know what I will think of it and I like to report back once I have formed an opinion! This is a collection a reviews from a couple different boxes, and I will try and link all the products back to if you would like to purchase any of them.

Lets jump in!!

1. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

You can purchase this in a travel size, medium size for $9.00 and the large bottle for $21.00! You know I have raved about this line before and let me tell you the dry shampoo doesn't disappoint! I try new dry shampoos all the time and honestly cost doesn't mean anything for the most part, the formula for each is different and there are so many things I am looking for. Obviously you want it to soak up the excess oil in your hair, smell good, leave no residue and if you're lucky gives volume. This baby does all of that!! You really cannot go wrong with any of the Amika products, I couldn't recommend them anymore. If you are in need of a dry shampoo then I highly recommend checking this out! 

Obviously I only received a little sample size of this perfume but it can be purchased on the Birchbox website in 3 different sizes, starting with a roller ball for $22.00 all the way up to a 100mL bottle for $92.00. This fragrance is fruity with top notes of cassis, grapefruit and mandarin! It is followed by a floral heart note of freesia, sheer jasmine and rose noir! It also contains touches of tonka, musk, amber and woods! This is such a gorgeous fragrance, it the perfect balance of musk and citrus, I love a feminine fragrance and this is it. I highly recommend checking this out at a perfume counter or keeping an eye out in magazines for a sample. Fragrances are very personal and this may not be for anyone but I really do love it. 

On a side note fragrances are a really great thing to get in our boxes because it really gives you a chance to actually try out a scent and see if you really like it and would consider spending the money on the full size. 

This is a brand I had never heard of, apparently its Italian. I like getting mini lotions in my Birchbox, especially in the winter because I will throw them in my handbag or on my night stand and definitely fly through them.. as far as I am concerned you can never have enough lotion! When I just signed on to I saw there is a shea almond lotion that I think I would have liked better because I have to say I didn't get on with this one all too well. For me the biggest thing with lotion is that it absorbs and doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy! I did not like the smell and it is VERY stong, it left my hands greasy for a long period of time. I am thankful for the sample but I would not buy this. If you are interested in trying this the pot pictured above will cost you $28.45. 

Ok. Let me just say that I am pretty picky when it comes to mascara, I try a lot of different ones although very rarely high end. I stick to drugstore mascara because honestly I find mascara as a whole to be expensive. I am really fortunate to have pretty long and full lashes so I don't need a lot from a mascara, I look for none flaking, long lasting and no clumping.. pretty simple. I really enjoy trying new high end mascaras but stand firm that I can find a drugstore mascara that will do the same thing for a lot cheaper. That is until now... this mascara is really fabulous and I can honestly say that I would probably pay $24.00 to buy the full size. This mascara holds a curl in your lashes, lengthens and volumizes, it doesn't flake or dull throughout the day, its just a dream! If you need a good mascara this is the one for you!! 

How gorgeous is that bottle? I mean come on! You can purchase the above bottle full size for $72.00. This perfume is floral scent with notes of candied apple, white petals and cashmere wood, again totally feminine and totally me. This is another perfume that I really love, I don't really have anything bad to say about any of the Juicy Couture fragrances that I have received. Before I started getting them in Birchbox I would have assumed Juicy Couture fragrances were for the younger crowd but that is absolutely not the case. They run the same price as most fragrances and I would definitely consider purchasing one in the future. If you like something fresh but warm I highly recommend checking this out! 

I was very excited to receive this in my February Birchbox I only wished that it was a bigger size! First of all it is scented with Lemongrass and grapefruit and if I haven't said it enough then let me tell you again how much I love fresh, citrus scents! This lotion is so thick and fragrant, it dried so quickly and really made my hands feel so soft! This is on my list to repurchase next time I visit the Birchbox store, I would say it is more than worth the $20.00, a great scent as well for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

Ahhh... how excited was I to receive this in my March Birchbox! I will say this was one of the best boxes I have received to date. I have been really looking into Cargo cosmetics for quite some time after I saw a British Beauty vlogger do a haul after being in New York! This blush is absolutely GORGEOUS, its so pigmented, its the most beautiful light tangerine color with the slightest sheen. Its amazing that its water resistant in case you are swimming or sweating in the summer months! I have fair skin and its such a beautiful compliment but I really do believe it would be great on all skin tones! After giving this one a try and knowing it lives up to all its hype I will definitely be trying their eye shadows as well. FYI Cargo products are on sale at Kohl's as we speak! 

So there are just a few products I have tried from Birchbox and what I think of them. Overall I would say that I definitely like more of what I get than dislike and often the things that I dislike I still use or appreciate the sample to give it a try. It breaks my heart that after next month my subscription to Birchbox will be canceled because we will be moving, I absolutely LOVE LOVE my subscription and hope to get another once we settle again. Truth be told though my Mom has recently started receiving an Ipsy bag and sent me a picture of the contents of her first months bag and I was so impressed. I am really into makeup and brushes more than skincare and Ipsy is more of that, I think I would absolutely consider trying that subscription for a change! 

I hope you guys are having a great week, come May when I am going through Birchbox withdrawals I will expect you will all share what you are getting so I can live vicariously! 

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