Monday, March 16, 2015

Products I'm Crushing On.. MAC

Good Morning!!

Have I ever mentioned that I keep a running list on my phone of all the products I want to try! I come across so many products while perusing Target, watching beauty vloggers and so on but obviously its not realistic to just go out and buy everything.. trust me, the list is LENGTHY! I wish I could try more and more products to share with you all what I think and because obviously that would be amazing, but because that's not possible I thought I would stop in a share a few products that I would LOVE to try! When deciding to write these posts I figured it might be better to break them down by brand because they do very so today I am sharing with you some of the MAC products I am crushing on! There are way more than this but we don't have that kind of time! Maybe I'll do a part two sometime!

Two MAC products that I will rave about and am not sure I could live without are the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy, this stuff is amazing! I use it to prep my face for makeup and to set my makeup after I am finished so it wont move all day. Recently I have been spraying my foundation brush with it before I put my foundation on to sheer it out because I don't need a lot of coverage. This product is universal and as far as I am concerned an absolute MUST! As well a newer addition to my makeup routine the MAC Strobe Cream, its an amazing cream highlight that does wonder for highlighting your face and in the most natural way! If you are looking for a little extra sparkle in your foundation you can also add a bit to your foundation before applying! Check them out guys!

Ok, back to the point of this post.. products I DON'T have but would like to!

MAC Lipstick in Plumful

Everyone raves about MAC's lipsticks and their formulas. They have such a wide array of colors and they are super long lasting. I really don't think that $16.00 for a lipstick is a terrible price but I have drugstore favorites for half priced so I have never been able to convince myself to give in and buy one. That's not to say I don't have a HUGE list of their lipsticks I would like, there are about 20! I heard of Plumful from the fabulous Essie Button and not only do I whole heartedly trust every suggestion she makes, we have a very similar skin tone (ghostly) and this color looks fantastic on her! If you are on the hunt for a new lipstick I would definitely check out MAC's selection and Plumful for that matter!!

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

I love cream eye shadows, I first fell in love with the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Cream shadows and still use them regularly. However they don't have a color in their line that is close to a nude which is exactly what MAC's painterly is. I feel like this would be a great primer for your eyelid, getting rid of the visible viens as well as a base for your shadow. This is another product everyone raves about, most people wear the nudes but there is a wide array of colors to try at a very reasonable price, cream shadows last forever!

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb

For some reason I can't find this one the website, but I assure you its not the price appearing here on the Amazon link. I first came across this when Brianne was here visiting and she was using it and let me tell you, its GORGEOUS! She used it not only as a highlight but an eye shadow. There are a few colors of these extra dimension skinfinishes that I would like to try, but I think this one is on the top of my list. I have been really into highlighting as it can totally change your whole look and the fact that this can double as an eyeshadow makes it a great bang for your buck! For me this would be a summer use, when I have a little more color to my skin.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Empathetically Blonde or Toasted Blonde

I need a brow gel, I get by without one but I think it would be a nice addition to my brow routine to keep things in plan. I have been interested in a clear brow gel as I fill in my brows with a pencil anyways but because I have managed to grow them out and shape them to somewhat where I want I like the idea of trying a tinted brow gel like these so avoid having to use the pencil. Finding a clear brow gel has been a little hard than I expected and with a tinted one you have to match it to your hair pretty close and I think MAC carries the most options. This is something I haven't purchased on account that its not a must, I get by just fine with what I do now but it is something I am interested in purchasing. Do you use a brow gel? If so which one?

MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation in C1 or N1

I think I have mentioned recently that I switched from an actual foundation to a BB cream because I really don't need a lot of coverage and in the winter I was looking for as much moisture as I could get to avoid dry patches in the cold winter weather. I am really lucky that I don't really have problem skin but I like something that will even out my skin tone because I do get a little redness. Studio face and body foundation is super thin and therefore exactly what I am looking for, it gives minimal coverage. People always rave about MAC's foundation and if I were to buy one this would definitely be the one I would go for. MAC does carry a wide range of foundations from full coverage with a thicker formula all the way down to powder foundation! You can get color matched by a MAC professional which is always the best option as well.

MAC Mineralize Powder Highlight in Soft & Gentle or Global Glow

These are very similar to the extra dimension skin finish as listed above, these would be higher on my list as they are more sheen than super pigmented and I could use them all year round. They are multi use and absolutely gorgeous in color. As I said as any time of year a good highlight can really restructure your entire face and I use them all the time. Because of my skin color and hair color for that matter I tend to stick to neutral eye shadows and always give my face a little more warmth and color with a bronzer.. these would double as a bronzer/highlight in one! Great for a minimal makeup day!!

So guys those are just a few things I would love to try, I could seriously go on and on because there isn't much I wouldn't be interested in trying.. I am so into make up right now! What products do you use and love? Any ones from MAC?

Hope you're having a great day!!!

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