Monday, March 30, 2015

Disappointing Products 3.30.15

Good Morning,

Well we are back in New Jersey and let me tell you I am none to happy about it so lets not even go there. I figured today might be a good day to talk about some disappointing products I have recently discovered. I really love sharing products I love and why I love them but I find it equally important to share the products that totally sucked or didn't work for me and why so you don't waste your money.

As I always say this is just my opinion, hair, makeup, skin care and so on works differently for everyone so what didn't work for me might work for you if we have different skin types, hair types and so on!

So lets get started, these are just a few things that I wouldn't bother to pick up again!

1. Febreeze Sleep Serenity Moonlit Lavender Scent

We all know how I have sleep issues and I am always looking for something that may help me catch some Zzz's at night. I knew Febreeze had come out with this awhile ago and I use Febreeze every single day around the house so I thought why not give this a try in the bedroom. Logical right? It would have been if this smelled at all like lavender, or anything good really. I don't know what this stuff smelled like, something burnt maybe? I don't honestly know but I think it was disgusting. Maybe I got a bad bottle and should try spraying some in the store from a different one or something but I won't lie I have zero intention of purchasing this again. Not only did it smell awful, but it didn't help me sleep either. 

This was actually a free gift from Ulta for my birthday which I thought was very nice of them. I was really excited to try it because generally I don't spend the money on high end mascara! It also had the option to twist the wand as seen above and have the brush itself become fuller. I have never tried any Calvin Klein makeup so I was going in blind but honestly had pretty high expectation. I was so disappointed. I thought the mascara itself made a mess when I was trying to put it on, it seemed really liquidy and clumped up really quickly. It wouldn't hold a curl on my lashes and by the end of the day was flaking majorly (biggest annoyance). On top of all that whatever managed to stay on your lashes was a bitch to get off at the end of the day. I decided that I definitely did not like this mascara so much so that I didn't plan to use the rest of it and so I gave it to Tanya thinking maybe she would have a different opinion and she did not. This mascara retails for $18.00, but I wouldn't waste your money. 

I received this candle for Christmas and I love candles so I was excited to burn it, I stuck it with the rest of my candle stash and only recently did I come to it. I will admit I am a little bit of a candle snob, I only buy Bath & Body Works candles but its not like I wasn't going to burn this one. It has no smell at all, in the jar is smells fresh like coconuts maybe.. but when you burn it you get absolutely nothing. I can burn this thing all day not smell it, leave the apartment and come back and still not smell it.. nothing! Yankee Candles aren't cheap, not by any means so if I am going to spend the money (I didn't on this particular one) than I want to make sure its worth it, and I cant say that it is. I have had trouble with Yankee Candles before and MAYBE just MAYBE I might still by them if they were on sale but for the ambiance not the scent. 

I wanted to try this stuff SO BAD and I was super excited to get it for Christmas. I did pretty good at Christmas didn't I? Ha! Anyways. I was specifically interested in this eye remover because it said it was gentle and my skin and eyes are super sensitive. This stung the crap out of my eyes, and before you say I shouldn't put it in my eyes.. I didn't! It irritated around my eyes, made my eyes water and I found that when I was using it my eyes would sting and water for quite awhile afterwards. I'm glad I got to try this so I know it doesn't work for me but I definitely won't be purchasing it. If you don't have sensitive skin or eyes this may be a great option for you but sadly it did not work for me at all. 

I did not hate this mascara. I especially did not hate the fact that I got it on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2.50 which if you buy makeup you know is SUPER CHEAP! I don't love this stuff, I definitely don't get 3 times the volume and I find the bristles on the brush to be super dense and therefore I have a hard time getting it to separate my lashes, I find more clumping than anything. Besides that its not terrible, it doesn't flake or anything but putting it on is messy therefore extending my morning routine and trying to quickly separate my lashes before they dry is annoying and also extends my morning routine. I'm already not a morning person. If you find this on clearance, buy it.. but I don't know if I would recommend paying full price. 

So those are just a few things that didn't tickle my fancy the last little while, I had one more but I cant seem to find it anywhere online and I don't have a picture of it so I will just add it in next time. I love trying new things and you are bound to find duds in and amongst it all, I'm not complaining. Like I said what works for some may not work for others!!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. I should do a list like this! Some of these really disappoint me because they should be so good. The only one I have tried is your CK mascara and I have to agree. I really think it's the formula because generally I really like the brush.I would recommend the Marcelle instant volume mascara with the Twist up brush with 2 different settings. I love it! Also I recommend the Kiko Milano eye make up remover and the Marcelle eye Makeup remover. Both great!

    1. You really should do a post like this, I love reading them because there is always a million things I would like to try but love to know what other people think before making the purchase. We are lucky to try so many things because of Birchbox and so on, so I think there is a lot to offer there. I cant wait to try the Kiko eye makeup remover as well! Thanks for your thoughts!! Xx