Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

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Well I am here with another recipe! It wasn't my intention to post two recipes side by side but it just happened to work out that way! I don't have a ton going on, I haven't been sleeping which has left me not feeling so hot and I haven't finished my book so a recipe is what is going on!

I saw this recipe last week on a blog and knew I wanted to make it right away, but then yesterday when I went to find the recipe to make sure I had it down before I started and I couldn't find it anywhere! I don't know if I don't remember whose blog it was on, or if they took it off.. lord knows. Anyways I decided to do it to the best of my memory and see what happened.

I will say there are TONS of recipes on Pinterest for this and I am sure they are all very similar so I am just letting you know what I did, how it turned out and how I think you could play with it.

What you will need:
4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
1 Cup of Franks Hot Sauce (or whatever hot sauce you prefer)

I put a little bit of hot sauce on the bottom of the crockpot so the chicken wouldn't stick. I sprinkled the package of hidden valley ranch powdered salad dressing over the top of the chicken and then poured a cup of Franks Hot Sauce over the chicken. 

I set the crockpot to medium heat and cooked it for three and a half hours! Honestly the apartment smelled AMAZING while it was cooking. 

After the three and a half hours I opened up the crockpot and the chicken shredded apart super easily. I mixed it around and let it sit on low until Jason got home. 

We had ours on a sandwich which a side salad. If I was thinking I would have made some type of slaw to go on top but I didn't. The sandwiches were fantastic!

If you are thinking you wouldn't like this because its hot, it really wasn't. The ranch dressing mix really takes away from the heat. But you can always add some barbecue sauce or honey to it if its too much for you! Or if you don't like the tang of the hot sauce you could put chicken in the crockpot and just add a whole jar of your favorite salsa and cook it the same way!

Obviously Jason and I didn't eat all of that last night so I froze the rest. In the future I was thinking we could use it for:

- Nachos
- Burritos 
- Quesadillas
- A salad topping
- In chili
- Tacos

And whatever else you can think of! Shredded chicken isn't something we eat a lot of and I cant really give you a reason why because we definitely eat a lot of chicken but I think I will definitely add it into our mix now. If you aren't around to throw this in three and a half hours before dinner then I would recommend putting it in 6-7 hours before on low! There is enough liquid in there that you really aren't going to overcook it! 

Sorry I didn't take pictures, it was so super easy that I wasn't sure I was going to make a whole blog post out of it but it turned out to be so super good that I really wanted to share it with you guys! 

There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for this, just type "shredded buffalo chicken" in the search bar! 

If you like a little spice in your life give this a whirl, I would say it would easily feed 4 people! 

Hope you guys are having a great week!! Thank you as always for stopping by! 

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