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High Five for Friday 3.20.15

Good Morning & Happy Friday!!

Its Friday and we are going to get snow... how miserable is that? Kind of puts a damper on the whole Friday thing now doesn't it! Just when you think Winter is over and Spring is going to grace us with its presence that is just not the case. I wont lie the weather here has not been great all week, rain and a TON of wind! There is always a lot of wind here but in the cooler weather it really makes a huge difference in the temperature. Its going to be a fight to get me to come back here once we get home.. I hope Jason's ready for it!

Anyways onto the top five things of my week!

1. St. Patrick's Day in NYC

If you are a regular around here than you saw THIS post about my St. Patrick's Day in the city! Tanya and I went to the parade, toured around the city and got ourselves Shamrock shakes from McDonald's. I honestly cant tell you the last time I set foot in a McDonald's let alone ordered something but this was a special occasion and my only indulgence of the day was said shake and let me tell you it was worth it. I didn't have the whipped cream that was on top so I don't feel all that bad.

2. AMAZING deals!

This week I got really lucky, just like many of you who love clothes I am always on the hunt for a good deal! This week while in the city Tanya and I popped into a few stores on our way back to the Subway just to look. One thing that I do love about the city is you can and will find any store you could ever want, ones that you may not find around you. We went into Joe Fresh first off, this is actually I brand that I believe (I could be wrong) started in Canada, I remember it being at all the real Canadian Superstores but not having an actual store of its own. The brand exploded and is now many places and honestly their clothes are really great. We popped in and were immediately told that everything in the store that had a orange sticker on it was an additional 70% off! I managed to get a pair of jeans for $3.88!!! Can you believe that? Sadly I cant find the jeans on their website but if you have a store close to you I would definitely check it out, if not the sale is still going online! 

Another good deal that I managed to find was at Target! Lets just take a moment an appreciate Target and all its greatness shall we? Ok. Tanya and I went to Target yesterday and while we were wondering around I came across a pair of flats for $2.08!!! There were 2 pairs and one of them were in my size! WINNING! I actually don't have a lot of flats coming into the warmer weather (or so we are meant to believe is coming) so I was really excited to find such a steal, not to mention I have never owned a pair in this pattern! I not sure if THESE are the same pair exactly but the ones I got look almost exactly like these and were on clearance! You never know what you will find at Target!!

3. Hair Appointment

The great debate of whether or not to cut my hair has been going for quite some time now! This is always a really big struggle for me because it is very rare that I get a haircut and actually like it, generally I regret it or don't feel that it was a big enough change. Convincing Jason I needed to go back to Peru to see the only guy who has given me a haircut that I loved went no where and honestly I just outright refuse to pay the prices here. I am at the point that my hair has become a nuisance, its so long and so heavy that I feel like its more work than I am willing to put into it, not to mention it falls out like crazy and when its not falling out on its own I am catching on something and ripping it out. Fun. I have wanted to find someone at home that I like and can keep so I don't have to stress about going to someone new every time we move and I think I may have finally accomplished that.. hopefully I'm not jinxing it. I called Wednesday and made an appointment for the Friday morning we are home, I explained what I was looking for and actually sent pictures of what my hair looks like now and what I am hoping to leave with and I feel really confident. I need a change and planning to be at home for the summer the humidity will do horrific things to my hair and with the heat its just too much! I will let y'all know how it turns out but this is the pictures I am looking at for inspiration.. HERE, HERE and HERE.

4. My Hubby

I will admit to the cheese factor right now, if you're not into it just move onto number 5. Jason is at a really crucial point in the job and that means working a lot of hours, this is something that we are obviously use to but none the less 7 days a week 12 hours a day leaves him exhausted at the end of the day and in bed early. I don't blame him, I know his days are busy and he's out in the cold all day but I definitely miss our time together. This week I really feel like he has gone above and beyond to make the most of the little time we have together at night, he even curled up on the couch with me to watch a chick flick.. A CHICK FLICK, obviously not at the top of his list of things to do but he knew I would appreciate it. I really appreciate the little things and I am sure that by the time he gets home, has dinner and showers he would love to just go to bed but he really makes the effort and for that I am so grateful, I love our time together and when it cant be a lot I like when we can make the most of it. 

5. Packing to go HOME!

I won't like I have been packed to go home for almost a month! I went through all my winter clothes and packed my suitcase with a bunch to take home. We have a ton of other stuff that needs to go and I have been working away at that all week and let me tell you it hasn't been the least bit bothersome because I am so excited about going home! As I have mentioned we are taking a bunch of stuff as we will be out of our apartment for good in May and are going to spend 4 glorious days enjoying our house and the South, nothing makes me happier than that! Besides I am so tired of looking at piles of stuff laying around the apartment that needs to go home, I hate clutter! 

So that is my scoop for the week! Sadly as I mentioned today is suppose to be a snowy mess so there is not much on the agenda! I am going to try and get some blog posts written over the weekend so I have posts for while we are home, otherwise I am not anticipating being here Thursday - Monday! Lets see how productive I can be! 

I hope you guys had a fantastic week, Thank you as always for taking the time out of your day to stop in here to my little corner of the world and follow along! Have a great weekend!!

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