Thursday, March 12, 2015

Articles Worth Reading!

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Doesn't it finally feel like Spring is in the air? There is something about this time of year that just makes you feel fantastic, re-energized if you will! The sun is shining, the air is warmer and feels so good on your skin, and most importantly the snow is melting!

Today I decided to stay in and Spring clean the apartment, we are getting ready to go home at the end of the month and we want to be able to take home as much stuff as we can that we don't need here so its less to take when we actually move out. We have accumulated things for the house naturally and then there are just things that we don't need here and are just taking up room. We do try and not mix our travel stuff with our stuff for me. We have totes for our travel stuff because we do not use it at the house and we have house stuff we do not use for travel. So this is going to be a major haul of taking things home but lets just say the truck is going to be on the heavier side as we head South!

Obviously I cant wait to go home, I am counting down the days... my heart is in the South and at this point in any job I am ready to be done. But I will settle for a couple of days and getting rid of the piles of stuff that are around the apartment because we have no where to tuck them away. I am hoping its super warm there.. although its already going to be a feat to get me to come back!

Anyways I super cleaned the apartment today, did a good sweep through of everything I cant think of that we could possibly take home, did laundry and all that good stuff and honestly I don't quite feel like typing out a massive blog post, I just want to dance around the apartment to my playlist on bust! However I hate not blogging and therefore I decided to take a break from dancing and share a few articles and stuff I came across recently that you might be interested in!

  • THIS article struck me as interesting as To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of my favorite books and I had no idea another book had been released, I am definitely going to look into that. 
  • THIS article warmed my heart, with all the bad that happens in our world it is so nice to rejoice in the fact that their are still good. We are all different, instill that in your children, if we were all the same what would make us special?
  • Ummm.. What? Read THIS.
  • THIS article totally cracked me up.. why are fat pets so darn cute? 
  • I hate that there is still so much civil unrest in St. Louis, THIS article makes me so sad, will it ever end?
  • THIS article is pretty hilarious and true! I got a kick out of it! 
  • Belichek better have something up his sleeve because a lot of people are leaving the Patriots and I haven't seen a lot of great acquisitions! Check out THIS to see where Shane Vereen will spend the next 3 years. I am not happy about this. 
  • Revis heads back to the Jets... now what for the Patriots! See HERE.
  • You can read some Patriot news HERE... good and bad as far as I am concerned.. you decide what is what.  
I'm outta here for the day! I have a few things left to do before Jason gets home and then we are heading out to dinner. I will be back tomorrow with High Five for Friday! I hope you guys are enjoying the nice weather as much as I am and have a fantastic night!! Tonight is Thursday night shows!! YAY! Just me? Ok! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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