Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fill In

Good Morning,

I know generally you would come here on a Friday expecting the High Five for Friday linkup but I'm sorry its just not happening today. As you know we got home on Wednesday night and I just haven't had time to type up my usual Friday post!

I have to tell you my heart is so full being home! We managed to get here about an hour earlier than we had anticipated on Wednesday night which was fantastic! We were pretty much over tired so while Jason got everything opened up and turned on I unloaded all our stuff out of the truck, we figured we would come in and go straight to bed but we knew pretty much right away that we weren't going to sleep so we decided to just unpack. We weren't in bed long when a massive thunderstorm started and so we got very little sleep. That sounds like I'm complaining but honestly I love a good thunderstorm and thoroughly enjoyed laying there listening to it and watching the lightening.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day! It got up to 78 degrees and we wanted to enjoy every minute of it because we have definitely not seen that type of weather yet this year. Jason had shorts on, we did some yard work and running around. We went and had BBQ for dinner and sat outside, got an ice cream and walked around, it was absolutely fantastic! I got in bed last night feeling so happy and fulfilled, I already don't want to leave!

This morning we have the gutters being cleaned, I am getting ready to head out and chop off all my hair! We have really managed to get so much done here already so hoping to just enjoy the rest of our time. The weather is actually quite nasty today, cold, wind and rain (yesterday was just too good to be true) so I think we will have a cozy afternoon, which sounds perfect to me!

Again I'm sorry if you came here looking for a different post, but at the same time I am not sorry because the times when I cant find the time to write those posts its most likely because things are so busy and wonderful! My weeks has been great though, if you really want the 411 Tanya and I found summer shoes at Sears on Wednesday for $6!!! Also Jason is in love with Buddy Holly right now and he keeps watching the movie on repeat so I found the CD for him, which actually contained 2 CDs for $4!!! It was a good deal but I had to listen to it the whole way home! You win some, you lose some! HA!

Anyways I must run, I am feeling quite tired this morning and have to get ready to leave! I hope you guys had a great week, enjoy the weekend and I will be back on Monday!!

Thank you for stopping by!!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your time at home...I can almost see you staying there if and when Jason heads out next time!

    1. Oh Cathy I wont lie I think about it but honestly, as much as I miss the house I would just miss Jason way more! The next job is also actually really close to home and we are hoping that if that's the case we will get here A LOT more! Like every other weekend or more! We are definitely enjoying our time at home this time but sadly it has just flown by! Counting down the days until our next trip that's for sure!