Friday, November 28, 2014

High Five for Friday 11.28.14

Good Morning,

I am going to make this short and sweet because I have a couch, coffee and fireplace calling my name! Jason headed out super early this morning to do some Black Friday shopping and when he comes home I will be doing the same, in the meantime I am soaking up being at home and seriously loving every single second of it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Lets jump into things!!

1. Monday in Jersey City was absolutely GORGEOUS! Tanya and I had to go to the Post Office and it was WAY warmer than I had expected it to be. After the post office we stopped at Au Bon Pain for an amazing (an cheap!) peppermint latte and than walked all along the boardwalk. It was an absolutely amazing day to be out walking about, it was almost like Spring and Tanya and I kind of hoped we just woke up and had missed winter? Wishful thinking.

2. WE ARE HOME!!!!!! Honestly I cant tell you how much I looked forward to coming here and how happy I am to be here! We got up super early in the morning (before 2am) and got on the road. Believe it or not the drive did not seem nearly as bad as it usually does. Generally when we get here I lay on the couch for awhile because I am just exhausted but that was just not the case yesterday. We did some running around and came home and relaxed all day! It was amazing!! This was my view all day...

3. We have a favorite grocery store right by our house and as silly as it may sound I look so forward to going there when we come home because its sooo clean, sooo cheap compared to the North and the people are absolutely amazing! It is actually one of the things I miss most about being home.. shopping there. Anyways we went over there yesterday to get a few things we needed for dinner and a few things we needed for our stay and when we got in line the cashier said.. "Wow, welcome back guys! When did you get into town??" Let me just say we DO NOT live in a small town, we just live around amazing people! This is why I want to be here all the time, the people are just amazing!

4. My hubby cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner yesterday! I'm sorry I was so busy watching football in front of the fire place I didn't take a single picture! He literally cooked the entire meal himself which naturally I am extremely grateful for and it was absolutely delicious! We enjoyed an amazing dinner together in our home and I honestly cant tell you how Thankful I am for that. 

5. Finally I must say, after having dinner last night, doing all the clean up and being up since before 2am we decided to head out and check out the pre Black Friday sales! Jason was determined to go to Walmart and let me tell you I hate that place on a good day!! We had to park illegally like literally everyone else on a sidewalk and the place was a complete madhouse! Jason and I went our seperate ways and somehow I managed to get through the entire store and through the line before Jason got through a quarter of the store, he ended up meeting me just as I was paying and giving me the stuff he managed to pick up! As if Walmart wasn't bad enough we braved Target which obviously was amazing and we managed to get more things and never had to wait in line! Now after that I INSISTED we head to Ulta which was probably a mistake! There was a line up outside before the store opened, people brought friends and were instructing who was to go for what (straight out of the movies!!) and when the doors opened people went nuts! I managed to get a bunch of stuff.. I ended up buying less than I wanted to (my mistake, shopping with Jason) but we waited in line to pay for almost 40 minutes! Naturally that was our last stop, we came home and went to bed!

Sorry for the crappy quality, I was being pushed.. it was a mad house!!! I have never seen anything like the mess that was Walmart last night! 

The line outside of Ulta! People we mostly friendly there, it was kind of fun I wont lie. 

Well that is pretty much it here, I'm sorry its mostly about our time home but get use to that because next week will probably be the same. I cant even think about leaving yet, I just sob.. I hate that we cant be here all the time... but that's no secret. Jason has been gone for hours so I am going to go and get ready so when he gets home I can head out! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I didn't know if I would get here today for sure but I am glad I did. I have a post ready for Monday so look out for that! In the meantime enjoy your leftover turkey sandwiches!!!

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  1. Glad you both got home safely. Jason is amazing, cooking the whole dinner. What a guy. Have a great stay at home !

  2. Thanks Steve! Dinner was fantastic, he did a great job!!! Hope you had a great weekend, we'll be listening to the games today on the way back to Jersey.