Thursday, November 6, 2014

Confessions 11.06.14

Good Afternoon,

Its nasty here today let me tell you, it is pouring rain, foggy and miserable.. not good! But knowing it was coming Tanya and I made a point of getting out for most of the day yesterday and really enjoying it!

I don't have a lot to say today to be honest, I have been on a roll with blog posts lately and always have a backlog in my drafts but right now I am out and don't feel much like writing. Who knows maybe that will turn around later on today or something!

In the meantime.. here are some of my thoughts...

// My hair is driving me bananas, I need to trimmed and thinned BAD but everywhere wants an arm and a leg to do it (not literally) and I refuse. I'm sick of it all round, it's falling out like crazy, it won't grow, I want to change the color.. I need a change! I go through this with my hair at least twice a year.. so that's where I am right now. 

// Jason and I have accomplished a lot of our Christmas shopping for family and I feel sooo incredibly good about that. Usually we wait until last minute and buy things for the sake of buying them and I get extremely stressed! Hoping to avoid that this year.

// I'm really home sick! I'm hoping we'll get there for a visit soon.. It's so hard being away sometimes and worse knowing there's nothing you can do about it. We are aiming to go for 4 days over the 
upcoming Thanksgiving holidays but who knows if that will be possible. 

// I'm sucking at the football pool this year, it's my own fault.. I was overly confident in my head before it started!

//  My sleep patterns are all wonky for some reason and therefore I've gotten very little sleep this      week. #notahappycamper

// I need to lose weight, a lot of it. I'm not happy with myself but going to the gym has been hard with my arm being out of sorts. 

// I want to be reading and haven't picked up my book in two weeks or more, I don't know what my   problem is.

// Our apartment is always freezing, tea keeps me warm.

// I have a shopping for clothes problem, I like it way too much! I find something I like everywhere, most often don't buy it and then can't get dressed the next day because I feel like I have nothing good to wear! #giftcardsforchristmasplease

// I have no winter boots, on purpose hoping it will deter the mother effing white stuff from showing  itself. 

// We order from an amazing Chinese place here and this week I decided to try Lo mein for the first   time... I'm addicted, I want it for every meal which is hard because it's gone! #cantstopwontstop

// Apparently I'm loving hashtags today.

// Country music makes me want to live in the south forever, maybe even on a farm (or a house with land) and have a white picket fence. Yes I just watched the CMAs.

// I've been wanting to bake banana bread for weeks but haven't bought bananas. I'm good like that.

// I hate our grocery store by the apartment, its ghetto as all hell and truthfully probably not all that    safe. 

// I love a good 'to do' list.. it keeps me motivated.

Ok I'm done.

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  1. Funny post. Made me laugh. I didn't see the CMA's but I heard about the song The Band Perry performed of an old Glan Campbell song so I downloaded it. Fantastic rendition.

    Thanks for the good laughs.

  2. The CMA's were fantastic! I downloaded quite a few songs as well. Glad you enjoyed the post, I always look forward to your comments!!

  3. Apparently something went wrong with the formatting of this post.. what a damn mess!