Friday, November 14, 2014

High Five for Friday 11.14.2014

Hi guys,

I had all the intention of actually getting this post out there this morning but I didn't write it last night and went out this morning and only got home about a half hour ago! I've been extremely slack this week and I really do apologize for that, I just didn't have anything to say and never felt like sitting down and writing.. so I just didn't. Sometimes I guess I need a little break and so this week I took it. I would like to promise that next week will be better but I promised that last week and I clearly lied! HA! So I wont make the same promise twice, lets just see what happens shall we?

So lets talk about my week shall we, or its highlights rather! I will tell you one thing that will not be making the list.. the damn cold!! I don't know when winter rolled in but it sure as hell did and if you cant find me next week I probably hitch hiked back to the freakin' south! I kept telling myself it would be fine, I was worried about the wind off the river but I seriously thought I could get by.. I mean hello, I am Canadian! NEGATIVE! I froze my rather large tush off today while out and came home cursing up a storm about the flippin' north! GOOD LORD! How many months until spring?

Lets just be clear, this will not be my only rant about the winter... I can pretty much guarantee that!

Anyways, the good stuff!

1. Last Sunday Jason and I headed into the city for the entire day! I'm not kidding you when I say we walked every inch of that city! We had went to check out a few ski shops as Jason was on the hunt for new ski goggles. We eventually made our way down to Central Park and let me tell you it was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was a great day for it, the park was in its prime for fall foliage, it was just beautiful! I took a ton of pictures I should share but here is just one!

The day was truly fantastic, we got home chilly and tired ready to curl up on the couch for some football and Jason made dinner. I know I come here often to brag about the fact that my husband cooks and is actually good at it but I really thought this one deserved a mention as I wasn't really looking forward to it. We are huge fans of turkey pot pie around here and Jason usually makes it with a traditional crust and its fantastic. He decided that he wanted to make a turkey pot pie with biscuits this time and I wasn't too keen.. I am a creature of habit and I know I like it the other way and on top of that I don't like soggy bread and I didn't think there was a way to avoid that with said meal... well, I was wrong. Dinner was absolutely fantastic!!

It was as good as it looks!!

2. While we are on the subject of food I thought I would share my new most exciting find! Salt & Vinegar almonds! Good lord I saw these in the grocery store the other day with Tanya and we both got them. They are absolutely addicting, they tastes EXACTLY like a salt and vinegar chip but obviously better for you. I have already finished the little tin and am anxiously awaiting my next visit to the grocery store. If you can get these I highly recommend them, I also love chipotle peanuts.. nuts these days people! I'm tellin' ya! 

Lets just throw out an honorable mention in the food category...

Birthday cake M&Ms!!!! Yes they are amazing, yes you need to try them!!

3. Because the weather is definitely getting colder and the beautiful fall foliage is inevitably coming to an end I am basking in all its beauty every single day! I feel like its been a little short lived here, the weather was quite wonky all through the fall and now its quite cold and the leaves will soon be gone. Funny how fall is the only season that flies by, literally. 

This is outside out apartment this afternoon, leaves on the ground, beautiful colors in the trees and sun in the sky.. if only it wasn't freezing it would be just PERFECT!

4. Wednesday night Jason and I went to the Bergen Town Center outlets. We wanted to find an REI outside the city in hopes that they would have a larger selection of ski goggles for Jason to try on and we had hoped that there would be an Ulta near by because I really wanted to go and I had a free birthday gift waiting (Calvin Klien mascara I really wanted!!) and it just so happened that they were both at the outlets!! I was so excited to be going and beyond excited when we arrived, we ventured to REI first, dinner and then the mall. I won't lie I was a little disappointed, the only place I seriously cleaned up was the Gap, everything else I didn't really feel like there were much for deals considering it was the outlet! I did however get some great stuff at Gap and got to tour around Ulta.. all in all it was a really good night!

5. Today I got my Birchbox!! I swear I couldn't love the birchbox subscriptions anymore! I love that its the gift that keeps on giving as you get one every month and I am never disappointed in what I receive in my box. I will probably write a post on this months box and its content so stay turned for that!

So there it is guys! Jason is working tomorrow and I might head into the city with Tanya in the morning for a craft fair. Tonight Jason and I are headed to Target for some groceries and touring around. We don't have much planned for Sunday, just some football which is great in my books! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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