Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Excited...

Good Evening All,

I forgot to post this morning, there is really no excuse for it but none the less I am going to give you one or two to make myself feel better, you're just going to have to deal with it. I stayed up late last night (until after midnight) watching Christmas movies, I cant help myself. When I saw the doctor last week they gave me some pain pills for my arm and those babies knock me out.. so I took one before I went to bed and I slept QUITE soundly, that is until the fire alarm started going off in our building EARLY this morning. I swear the fire department is here at least once a week, but I didn't smell smoke and I was tired and in bed but once it went on for awhile I finally got up and checked the hallway for smoke.. nothing.. so I went back to bed. I figured there wasn't really a fire and if there was someone would eventually come knocking on my door, or so I assumed. Who ever said 'better safe than sorry' anyways.When I got up I threw our bedding in the wash and got ready to head the post office with Tanya.

Let me tell y'all it was absolutely GORGEOUS out today, if not the absolute most perfect weather! They were calling for rain today but I guess it rained so hard all night that it was done with. Tanya and I went to the post office and then headed to Au Bon Pain for an amazing Peppermint Latte (beyond good and half the price of Starbucks, if not less! Go get yourself one!) and sat and chatted awhile before walking the boardwalk home. It was the perfect day for a walk, so nice to be out without freezing your ass off which is what has been going on recently... have I mentioned how much I hate winter?

This afternoon I managed to get a lot stuff done around the apartment as we are leaving to head home early Thursday morning (1:30am) YAY!!!!!!!! I seriously CANNOT WAIT, I have been so home sick lately and although I know leaving is going to be really hard I just cant wait to get there. But when you are going away for a couple of days there are always a few extra things you want to get done before you leave. I managed to get all our Christmas cards filled out and addressed which was a feat, I swear every year I say I will not be sending out Christmas cards and every year I end up buying a pack of cards, but they are done now and I will send them out when we get back.

By the time I was done with the cards I started dinner and all that good stuff and before I knew it I looked at the clock and it was 6:00pm, I'm not going to lie I didn't think about blogging at that point either. However once Jason finished dinner and headed to the gym a light bulb went off. I swear Tanya and I talked about it while out today and it was my intention to come home and blog before anything else, but between talking about it and getting home it just slipped my mind, big surprise!

So I'm here none the less with nothing all that exciting but making an appearance all the same. I called the doctor this afternoon and my x-ray came back clean so there is definitely nothing broken which I expected. While I was on the phone with the doctor I asked where we go from here and although she seemed somewhat unaware the receptionist said they would send my information to the hospital and they would contact the insurance for MRI approval and then they would get back to me with an appointment. I was quite surprised to hear that I would most likely get a phone call today or tomorrow letting me know the situation. Having said that I don't know how long one would wait for a test like that around here, so I am curious to find that out. I'll keep ya posted!

I'm going to try and get some posts written before we head home, at the very least a Friday post. We will be gone until late Sunday night, I'm not going to lie I would fight to stay longer but with the weather getting inevitably more and more questionable as time goes on I would hate to get stuck there (kind of, haha) and we have tickets booked for December 2nd to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

That's whats going on, I know lately not much worth reading has been going on around here and I really do apologize for that. I wish I could find my will to write and have at least a few posts under my belt (in my drafts) for days when I don't feel like writing.

I'm going to do some dishes and get ready to watch some football tonight! I'm in the running still to win our weekly football pool so naturally I am a little more anxious! I have absolutely SUCKED this year so whenever I get this close my hopes sky rocket! I'll stop rambling now.

Hope everyone has a good night!!

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