Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Current Morning Skincare Routine

Good Morning,

I really thought about taking pictures during my morning skin routine and I truly encourage all women to feel gorgeous in their skin.. meaning without makeup! Having said that I don't know how comfortable I feel about posting pictures of myself sans makeup at this point. As well I would have to get Jason to take pictures for me and honestly we just don't have that kind of time. I don't mean that he couldn't take pictures but I would have to deal with his peanut gallery antics and we would laugh and in the end I don't see us succeeding with what I would be looking for. A good time would be had, no doubt but that's not really the point. None the less I really wanted to share my current morning skin care routine because right now its really working for me.

I am feeling really good about my skin right now and therefore I think I will be sharing my night time skin care routine as well, I'm not saying this is necessarily what will work for you as everyone has different skin types, but I am really liking these products right now.

Lets get started shall we?

I am absolutely NOT a morning person, I wake up extremely slowly and don't like to be talked to or rushed.. rushed especially. I have always been this way, since I was a kid my Mom says! When I wake up I tend to spend some time exploring my Instagram and reading blogs before getting out of bed. The first thing I go for is coffee, because I take so long to wake up and get moving I shower at night so I have more time to wake up in the morning. Sad, I know.

After my coffee I head to the bathroom to start my morning routine.

I start off my morning with Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser I have used this stuff forever and I really like it. I rinse my face with warm water, put some cleanser in my hand (a portion about the size of a quarter at most), I rub it around in my hands to evenly distribute and then massage it into my face. I do this until I feel like I have evenly distributed the product all over my face and feel like I have gotten a good clean. Approximately 2-3 minutes.

Once I feel like I have really cleansed my face I rinse my hands off in warm water and then rinse off my face. I pat dry with a towel and then move on to my next step! I have mostly dry skin, especially in the winter months so at this time of the year I really try and do as much as I can to keep as much moisture in my skin as I possibly can. 

At this point I spritz my face with MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy, you can use whatever facial spray you want to. I have used a bunch of different once, I really like the ones that are also infused with chamomile as its really calming to the skin but this is the one I have on the go right now. I really like this stuff, I think its really affordable and I do notice a difference when using it. If you are interested in trying a facial spray I do recommend this one but you can also peruse Ulta for something a little cheaper if you are interested.

While this is soaking in/ drying on my face I tend to brush my teeth or get my makeup out.. basically putter! This doesn't take but a few minutes to dry so its not like you are wandering around for 10 minutes killing time.. however if you want to, feel free!

After I feel like my facial mist has set in I move on to moisturizer! This is probably the most important part of my skin routine. I good moisturizer is always important but for me especially in the winter as I feel I am constantly fighting dry skin. I really like the moisturizer I am using now but I do need a new one and haven't decided if I will repurchase this one again or not. I don't know why I feel like that about it as I really do love it and its really affordable, I suppose I am always just looking for the PERFECT product, but I must say I have no complaints at all about this one. 

So I jump into my moisturizer, Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. I really do love this whole line of products and have nothing bad to say about this product. I take a few dabs of this and place it all around my face and neck. Guys seriously, when moisturizing your face don't forget your neck, its important too! After I have a few dabs of moisturizer around my face I massage it in all over! Another great thing I will say about this moisturizer is that it allows me to apply my foundation seamlessly, it really works as a great base! 

If you haven't tried any of these products I really do recommend all of them, they have been working wonders for me! 

Before moving on to my makeup I do have one more step that I have recently added to my skincare routine that is generally much needed. I usually choose between two products that are used for the same thing, under eye brightening! 

My usual go to is the Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule Eye Awakening Cream, this is in the roller ball form which I love, it evenly distributes the products and I never have to go back and smooth it out with my finger or anything. I really do see a difference in my dark under eye circles when I use this. 

Like I said I do use this product all the time but recently because I received a sample I have been loving Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Morning Eye Cream. I absolutely LOVE Caudalie products and honestly I wish they were more affordable because I would probably use them all. This product in full size retails for $34.00 and although a little does go a long way I am not sure I would purchase it, even though I love it because I see the same results from the Olay Fresh Effects version which is $12.99.

This is the point where I would jump into my makeup routine which is generally the same most days. It is my intention to follow this post at some point with my night time skin routine as well as what my makeup routine looks like as well. 

I really enjoy these videos and posts from other bloggers and vloggers, I feel like its great to know what people are using and why it works for them. I feel like my morning routine is extremely simple compared to what a lot of people do but this is what works for me. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will make sure to answer them the best that I can! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their day, I am going to be packing and getting ready to leave. We are planning on getting up at 1:30am and get on the road, I wont lie I am extremely worried about the kind of weather we are going to encounter on our trip but I am sure we will make it safe and sound. 

I plan to post something tomorrow but I know that people will be busy with their Thanksgiving visiting and of course football so for those of you who will not be around the blogsphere tomorrow I wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your lives!

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  1. Safe travels! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and being home again for a few days :)