Thursday, November 20, 2014


Good Afternoon,

I should have came here earlier but let me tell you this day just got away from me, I cant even believe its already 4:30pm! I woke up this morning and my shoulder was absolutely killing me so I said screw it and walked down to the walk in clinic! I know I should have gone a long time ago yada yada yada but I didn't and now I am still no better so I finally went today and I do believe that's what we should be focusing on.

I'm not going to lie part of my resistance all this time has been that I am not a huge fan of American healthcare and all the insurance crap! Its all confusing to me personally and although we have good insurance it all still cost money, a lot of it too! Living in Canada I use to think it was crap that they charged so much for parking at a hospital, I mean how dare they prevent people from seeing their loved ones or getting treatment and so on by charging an arm and a leg for them to park their car! That now seems extremely trivial living in a country where they charge you for care!! I will never ever understand the fact that people die strictly on account that they can afford treatment, it seems a little pathetic to me. BUT that is just my personal opinion and I know a lot of American's are all about their system.

Anyways I went to the doctor this morning and although I basically filled out nothing (no medical history or anything) I saw the doctor basically immediately which was extremely surprising, I explained my symptoms and what has been going on. She did a mild exam and said that I will need to go for an X-ray, it seems stupid because we both know its not a bone issue but she said basically we don't have a choice because the insurance isn't going to approve the MRI needed unless we rule everything else out.. money grab? So I got an appointment for an x-ray tomorrow morning and then I will have to go back to the doctors on Tuesday (and pay!!) to have them tell me nothing came back on the x-ray and hopefully tell me if the MRI was approved.

You know another funny thing about American healthcare that you PAY FOR, I had to call and make my own appointment for an x-ray, partly I assume because I had to find an in network doctor but mostly because she basically said they have too many patients to do all the leg work. Ok then?

So that's where I stand, I got a prescription for pain killers.. the same ones I had last time so I will also fill that tomorrow so I can get some sleep at night maybe. I am not at all excited about having to deal with all this but I obviously need to do something about it because its not getting better on its own and I'm also tired of dealing with that.

After the doctors I came home and ordered a few more Christmas gifts, made a list of Christmas cards to send out even though every year I say I'm not going to send Christmas cards! I have been getting stuff ready for dinner, doing laundry, all of that good stuff! I definitely feel like although the day flew by I got a lot accomplished which is a great feeling. All I suppose but a decent blog post sadly, like I have said I have a huge list of post ideas and I don't know why I cant just sit down and write. I will get there, I'm sure of it.

In the mean time I have my blog post for tomorrow ready so I can guarantee its coming! I will keep you all posted on this medical journey of mine, at the very least I assume it will be entertaining and costly! This whole have a test so we can prove you need another one really kills me, but whatever. Can you also believe that there is a chance the insurance will decline the request for an MRI?? They can demand I go for physical therapy, etc before they approve it! Its just unreal. Oh how I miss Canada some days!

Have I mentioned how cold it is here? because it is and I am not loving it. Its even freezing in my apartment all the time, when I am home I am clothed in layers of over sized apparel, Jason thinks I'm ridiculous but whatever, he wont let me turn the heat on!

Alright I am going to make dinner!

Hope y'all had a great day!!!

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  1. I am glad you went to see a Doctor. Obviously something is wrong and it will be good to find out. We are spoiled in Canada with our healthcare. I see my GP every two weeks and pay nothing. It's a wonderful thing. Let us know as soon as you hear anything. XX

  2. Steve I don't think we realize just how lucky we are in Canada with healthcare until we don't have it. I really hate dealing with American healthcare I wont lie, we are lucky to have great insurance but none the less it remains a huge hassle. I will keep you posted when I hear something, hopefully by Tuesday I will have some more information. :)