Friday, November 7, 2014

High Five for Friday 11.7.14

Good Afternoon Y'all!

Oh guys the weather here today is NASTY!!! I just ran out to pick up my rings at the jewelers and I nearly blew into the Hudson. The wind here is often out of control but last Sunday and today really take the cake! They aren't calling for rain today but the clouds are awful and it would appear that something is blowing in.

Anyways its been a really quiet week, the weather hasn't been fantastic but I did manage to get together five things to share with you all today. I'm sorry the content this week has been lacking around here, I have a ton of things I want to write about around here but I just cant seem to get it together this week and actually do the writing! Its on my 'to do' list tomorrow and if its on my list I tend to get it done.. keep your fingers crossed for me!

So what were the highlights of my week?

1. Steve and Christina were soooo unbelievably kind and ordered me an awesome Patriots shirt for my birthday and I wore it for the first time this week.. LOVE! I really wanted to link it here for you because I think you all should have one too but apparently its sold out. I checked and and neither seem to have it anymore! I guess I got mine just in time! I didn't get a picture of me wearing the shirt, and now they don't have it online.. go figure! Sorry! Check my Instagram and I will make sure to have one up there soon!

2. Tuesday was Jason's birthday and we went to dinner at Fire & Oak in the Westin Hotel here in Jersey City. Honestly most often fancy restaurants don't appeal to me because I am such a fussy eater that nothing really appeals to me. The place was absolutely amazing though, the atmosphere was really nice, the food was phenomenal and the service was fantastic! If you are ever in the area and have the change to stop for a meal, I couldn't recommend that place more! 

3. Last weekend (obviously these are not in order) Jason and I went into the city and toured around and then made our way to Dalys, the bar that we basically lived at when we lived in New York a couple of years ago. We absolutely loved it there, we spent more time there then I care to actually admit.. we'll just say we were on first name basis with pretty much everyone there haha! Anyways we haven't been back since we moved here and let me tell you it is as good as I remembered!! The new bartender is great, the beers were good and cheap, the atmosphere was great and they still order Dino's pizza every Sunday for football.. GOOD TIMES! I definitely want to go back, it made me miss living there! #Memories.

4. Tanya and I knew that Thursday was going to be super nasty weather so we decided to get out on Wednesday and make the most of the day. We toured down to Hoboken, grabbed coffee and went down along the river to Castle Point which has the most amazing view! We spent some time there and then toured back through the city. It was a lot chillier that day than it was suppose to be but I was so glad to get out and go for a walk. We hadn't been down there since the summer and although it wasn't the best day the spot is just gorgeous!

 Finally some picture.. right?

5. I put my wedding rings in to be cleaned last week because being white gold they need to be replated every once in awhile. I don't like to send them in because I had a bad experience once where I got them back extremely damaged and it ended up being a whole ordeal, but I got them back today and let me tell you I forget how amazing they look when they have just been redone. I love my rings so much, I felt naked all week not having them on and I couldn't be happier to have them back!!

So that was my week! Jason is working tomorrow and I am not sure what Sunday holds for us, we had intentions of going into the city to see if we could get Jason some new ski goggles but the place we were intending to look only carries on brand and it isn't the brand he would like so we might take a drive somewhere out of the city and see what we can find. The Patriots have the week off so we don't need to be home for a certain time for the game!

I am off to wash my make up brushes and have a tea, this cold and gloomy weather makes me want to live in my sweats and drink tea, haha not completely productive!

I hope you all had a great week and enjoy the weekend ahead!

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  1. Hi Nicole, the view from Castle point is amazing. I get a feel for it looking at your pictures but I can only imagine being there to see it is so much better. Glad you and Jason had a good birthday dinner. xx

  2. Steve, Castle Point is amazing! Tanya and I stumbled upon it one day and we were amazed! Its actually a college campus, what a great place to go to school right? Jason and I had a great dinner, its nice to try somewhere different every once in awhile and even more so when you leave thoroughly impressed with everything about it! Hope all is well with you, good luck tomorrow! :)