Thursday, November 27, 2014


Good Morning,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I am hoping by the time I am posting this that we are at home safe and sound with the fire place on watching the Macy's Day Parade! I managed to get some posts written up for the next couple of days, although I am sure most people wont be posting over the holidays I just wanted to make sure I had something out there as I have been quite slack lately!

So today I am stopping in quickly to tell y'all just a few things I am thankful for this year, as this is the time of year we celebrate on the basis of gratefulness! I do however feel that we should be thankful all year round. We all have crap things that we deal with but there is always good, and we really need to focus on that!

This year I am thankful for....

Jason, of course! Jason is my best friend and although we don't always agree (what couple does?) I feel so lucky every single day that we are married and get to spend the rest of our lives together. He makes me lifes better in every single way and when things get tough I can always count on him. We are different in so many ways and where I lack he always picks up the slack. He knows exactly how to make me feel better, he makes me laugh like no one else and even after being married for 4 years I still cant wait to see him every night when he comes home from work! I am more thankful for Jason today than I was the day I married him and I didn't think that would be possible.

Cue the cheese.. feel free to stop reading now! Ha!

Our Home, Although it literally breaks my heart that we don't get to be there and owning our home truly is the biggest of the double edged sword knowing its there makes me happy. We travel so much and when we didn't have the house I never looked forward to having time off because we would just be shuttled around visiting and it was really hard for me. I love that I can look forward to going home and let me tell you I look so forward to going home every single chance we get. Every time we go there I instantly feel at home and could see us there every single day. WE have made amazing memories in the short time we have spent there and I look so forward to the memories that will come!

Friends & Family, we have actually got in a decent amount of visiting time this year with people and although we don't see everyone as often as we would like we are so thankful for everyone in our lives. We really love that people make the effort to keep in touch with us when we know its not easy, that when we come home everyone makes the effort to see us and make our time there special. We are super lucky!

My Mom, My Mom and I fight like cats and dogs but in the end when I'm having a bad day I call my Mom. When I'm sick my Mom text me to see how I am feeling and tell me what to do.. haha in a good way of course. My Mom is the one who makes sure we get awesome Birthday and Christmas gifts, she goes above and beyond for us all the time and I only wish I could do half as much for her, because she truly deserves it.

OK and a few more trivial things...

- Football
- Starbucks
- Target (OF COURSE!)
- Thin mint coffee creamer
- Warm granny sweaters
- Bath & Body Works candles
- Living by the ocean
- The amazing view from our apartment
- Autumn Weather
- The fact that we haven't had snow yet when 70% of the US already has.
- Warms drinks that instantly warm me up!
- Pillow talk with my hubby
- Those moments when we can laugh until we cry
- Nights out with friends
- The Christmas season
- Our fantastic neighbors at home!
- This here blog and all of you who grace it with your presence!

There are so many things that I am thankful for, just my life in general and all the wonderful people and things that I have! I honestly can't say that I love Thanksgiving, I don't particularly care for a big meal and I definitely don't care for the clean up after but mostly I think we should be thankful every single day!

So that's what I am thankful for this year, I hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving Day and all the wonderful things it brings!!

I also cant wait for Black Friday tomorrow!!! Stay safe out there, people trample people the day after saying how thankful they are for their life.. crazy!!

I will be back on Monday at some point, I will make sure to have a post ready as I anticipate getting back late Sunday night and having a ton to do on Monday!

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