Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hi guys,

I seriously don't know what is wrong with me, I have a list of blog post ideas and everyday I sit down to write and I just cant seem to bust out a post worthy of posting (not that I feel like this one is going to be much better!).

So instead of trying to write about something in particular I figured I could at the very least come and chat about whats been going on lately and it wouldn't sound half as lame.. or hopefully not.

As I have mentioned I feel soooo good about our Christmas shopping! We have basically finished shopping for all of our family but my Dad and we know what we want to get him we just haven't actually ordered it yet so I feel so great about that. Usually my Mom is the hardest to buy for and this year I found a million things for her, I feel like not only have we finished our shopping early this year but we have bought really great things that I think people will love. I already feel that I am enjoying the holiday season way more because the stress will not arise.

Having said that the holiday season has made my home sickness about a thousand times worse, buying a crappy tree and not decorating the house. There are so many things I would love to buy to decorate the outside of the house and the inside for that matter and none of it seems worth it in this crappy little apartment. I need to go home, I need to be in my house but I wont lie I don't know how I will come back. I don't hate it here, but I feel like I am wishing life away just wanting to go home. After a visit before Christmas Jason will get really busy at work and I don't know when we will get back and that thought just kills me, I refuse to go anywhere else but home when we have the time because I miss it so much.. I don't care how unreasonable that makes me. Seriously.

So I guess the good comes with the bad.

Speaking of good and bad, I was pretty excited when Starbucks holiday drinks appeared again as I don't really care for the fall drinks. So a couple of weeks ago Jason and I made our way to Starbucks in New York and I asked for my all time favorite eggnog latte and the guy told me they didn't have it and they would be bringing it back this year. I stood there silent reminding myself not to shoot the messenger! What in the mother effing hell is going on??? WHY WOULD YOU NOT BRING THAT BACK??? Ya, so much for the whole messenger thing. He didn't really have a good reason for why it was gone, actually he didn't have a reason at all. I'm not going to lie I avoided Starbucks for awhile after that. I know, I could just have a white hot chocolate or something and I like that but it doesn't have any caffeine and if you know me at all.. I need caffeine! Earlier this week Tanya informed me that Starbucks released a new holiday drink, the drink that stole the place of my beloved eggnog latte. Asshole. Either way I tried it today, the Chestnut Praline Latter. It was good, different.. not as good as the eggnog latte but whatever. I'm not bitter at all, I swear.  

Also its really cold here today, but because 70% of the US has snow or has seen snow and we haven't I am extremely thankful. I am also extremely thankful for my basically brand new winter jacket that I am learning is so warm. I got it for Christmas when we lived in Alaska but I barely used it because I worked all the time and had a different jacket for work, then we went to a warm climate and last year I definitely didn't need it.

That's really it around here, we bought our Christmas tree last night and I am stocked up on Christmas candles from Bath & Body works.. all good things in my book. I have been trying to convince Jason to set up the tree this weekend but he isn't going for it. Last Saturday really turned me into holiday mood.. Christmas movies, hot chocolate, the whole bit and now I just want to put the tree up, wrap present and be merry! What can I say, Christmas just doesn't last very long so why not live it up! I'm about ready to bust out my iPod with my Christmas music play list!

Besides Christmas I got nothing! Jason's phone is all messed up for some reason so we are going to take that in tonight to Verizon and see what can be done about it because he's close to panic mode on said subject. Its cold out and suppose to be all week so I think we might make our way over to the grocery store tonight and get the stuff for me to make soup tomorrow.

I will try again tomorrow to post something of substance, my apologies for the last two weeks!

Stay warm friends!!

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