Wednesday, November 19, 2014

If We Were Out for Coffee...

Good Morning,

Apparently no sleep puts me in the writing mood? I haven't been sleeping well lately which isn't necessarily unusual it usually goes in spells and lately it just hasn't been good. I wish I could tell you there was no reason for it but truth be told I am the worst stress ball ever and although I wish so bad I could change and not let things get to me as bad as they do I have resigned myself to that absolutely never happening. I feel like if you asked me what was bothering me the list would be endless right now, but honestly if you asked me I would probably just tell you everything is fine because I just don't want to talk about it because it makes it worse. There's no real winning here, if I don't talk about it I stress internally and don't sleep and constantly feel in a state of inner turmoil, but if I talk about it than it gets worse and brings up points that I probably wasn't worrying about at that moment and then I have new things/points to go over and over again in my head. Fabulous right?

I've cut out my afternoon coffee which I'm not going to lie I enjoy so much especially now that its cold and I have a bunch of fancy new coffee creamers I'm in love with. Still I find myself sitting up at midnight watching beauty vloggers on Youtube. If you can't sleep at night and are the least bit interested in beauty vlogs than I highly recommend:

  • Essie Button - My absolute favorite, shes hilarious and informative!
  • Jaclyn Hill - This girl has amazing tutorials that will simply every look for you! She is a professional makeup artist, recommends products, etc. 
  • Nicole Guerriero - Extremely popular beauty vlogger, great tutorials and product reviews. 
  • Kathleen Lights - I have just recently started watching her channel and I really like her a lot, she provides a variety of content and uses a lot of drugstore products versus high end which is more affordable for the everyday gal!
Anyways this morning I was laying in bed reading blogs that I follow and I came across Geez, Louise and she posted a blog that I have seen floating around the blogsphere for quite some time and I have never participated but I figured why not?

The concept of this post is to talk about the things I would say to you if we were out for coffee, I like it because naturally I drink coffee, I like going for coffee with friends.. I feel like its a relaxing environment to sit and chit chat and catch up. In fact Tanya and I see each other all the time, generally walking about and naturally we chat about things but yesterday we went and sat at Starbucks and had coffee, I don't remember the last time we did this and I really enjoyed it. Its completely different to sit across from someone and have a conversation versus running errands and chatting away.. am I crazy? Don't you agree?

So getting on with it...

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that I am almost done my Christmas shopping which is a huge accomplishment for me and I couldn't feel better about it. With that said because I feel so good about my purchases and know that I have eliminated the stress that usually comes with the holiday season I am really into the holiday spirit! I am listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, peppermint M&Ms and hot chocolate are officially staples in my diet until the new year! 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that it is officially winter weather here and as much as I told myself that I could deal with it and it might even be a nice change, I was obviously temporarily insane. I absolutely hate winter, I hate the cold and I can't even go home because somehow the South is in some sort of record setting deep freeze and its actually colder there than here. 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that although I am really despising the winter weather I have to be thankful that 70% of the United States has seen snow or currently has it and we are not one of them, and we are definitely in the North. #winning. 

If we were out for coffee... I would ask if I could try yours, providing we got something different. 

If we were out for coffee... I would ask how things are going with you, life, Christmas shopping, work, school, whatever you may having going on because I honestly care and want to know. 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that I am pretty sure we are going to go home next weekend for Thanksgiving and the thought thrills me to know end. I have been extremely homesick in the last few weeks and just want to sleep in my bed, use my Keurig, sit on the couch in front of the fire and watch Christmas movies. I want to decorate the house for Christmas and have friends over for drinks. #travelproblems. 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that I forgot about the whole winter finale for my Thursday night shows and it totally sucks! I thought the Thursday night shows started off a little bland but they have gotten so good and now they are going to go away for two months! Bah!

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you to go to Bath & Body Works, run actually and buy as many of their holiday candles as you can carry. I would even offer you a coupon because I have a ton of them. 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you how impressed I am that stores are having amazing sales which I didn't expect with Black Friday around the corner but I believe its to try and avoid the trampling of other humans that generally takes place on Black Friday. 

If we were out for coffee... I would rave about the beautiful wool sweater I got at H&M last week because it was their weekly deal and it cost me $4.95. Ya you read that right, beyond an amazing deal, an amazing sweater and no sales tax. Happy shopper right here. 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that I ordered the book Love Anthony by Lisa Genova weeks ago, got about 15 pages in and haven't picked it up since. I love all the other books I have read by Lisa Genova but I just cant get into reading mode. Sadly I know if I would just pick it up and start reading I would get into it and not be able to put it down. I would probably also ask you what you have been reading lately and if you have any recommendations. 

If we out for coffee... I would ask you when you thought it was too early to put up the Christmas tree? I have been trying to convince Jason to let me do it this weekend but he refuses as Thanksgiving is a huge thing in the States. Generally I agree that before Thanksgiving is too early but I am just really into the Christmas spirit and I want to enjoy the tree as long as possible. 

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that Jason and I booked tickets to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall for our anniversary and I couldn't be more excited!! We went the year we lived in New York and it was absolutely amazing, last year we saw Elf in theater while we were at home and I cannot wait to go! If you are in New York over the holidays this really is a must see!

If we were out for coffee... I would tell you that my shoulder was starting to feel a lot better and now its really painful again, I would probably take your advice to see a doctor. 

If we were out for coffee... I would probably get another coffee, if not to enjoy with your company but to go.. like I said I'm not getting much sleep these days. 

If we were out for coffee... I swear it wouldn't be all about me! You can talk to. 

Alright I think its time to start the rest of my day, I am going to make another coffee and try and do something with my hair because its a mess. I am heading to Target and then getting stuff to make homemade chicken soup for dinner because its cold out and soup is fabulous in the cold weather. 

I hope you all have a fantastic day, get yourself a coffee!!

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  1. Keep reading the book - just finished and loved it. Was a bit slow to start, but it gets better. AND SEE A DOCTOR!! :)

  2. I am definitely going to keep reading Cathy, Hopefully this weekend! Also I am planning to go to the doctors today.