Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Whats in my Bag?

Good Morning,

I have been wanting to do a post like this for such a long time and I wish I could tell you there was a good reason why I haven't but I just haven't. In all my recent Youtube watching I realized that this post is popular in general, people are just dying to know what you carry around in your purse!

I will say my purse is not all that interesting right now because I haven't actually been carrying it, because of my shoulder its just really impossible to carry a purse around so I have a wristlet with me generally. My purse also tends to hold a lot more when I am traveling.. so tomorrow my purse will have about 10 other things in it as I will be throwing it in the truck with me.

So lets get started shall we?

So this is the purse I am using right now. I got it as Ross last October for $20 I believe. I have a lot of purses I wont lie and my preference generally is a big purse! I like the brown leather, although this is my first brown leather purse so I didn't know how I would feel about it at first, part of why I decided to try it out with a $20 purse. Having said that you would never know it was a $20 purse, I absolutely LOVE it.  

(Does anyone else using blogger have issues rotating pictures, I mean that heck?) I love the paisley print inside this purse, the lining it seriously amazing! As you can see there is plenty of room in this baby which is what I like! As I mentioned in a few days it will have a heck of a lot more stuff in it so the room is needed. When I fly generally this thing is over flowing, and by the time I arrive at my destination my arm is ready to fall off (you wonder why I have shoulder issues) so recently I bought a backpack for travel!

So lets dive in to what exactly I carry in this thing!

I believe I have mentioned this before, it is the AromasArtesanales de Antigua Grapefriut Tangerine Hand cream. I bought this at World Market for $4.99 and its extremely hydrating but can take awhile to actually sink into your skin. I like it in my purse because generally if I am flying or walking around I am not on my phone so the time it takes to soak in isn't super annoying. I always like to have hand lotion, especially in the winter as I have eczema on my hands and just get really dry in the colder weather.  

My ride or die! I live for these things, I have them absolutely everywhere! I am a super freak about germs and therefore if we are shopping or whatever I like to be able to wipe my hands after being to a few stores and touching a bunch of stuff. I have a pack in the truck as well for the same reason, or if we are out shopping and decide to stop and eat I want to sanitize my hands before I touch food. Call me crazy but I should own stock in these things!

This is a really old make up bag I believe, it may have come with travel size stuff in it I don't exactly remember! I know that I have had it for years and it works for me! I like to have a little bag like this in my purse for makeup items, tampons (TMI?), and whatever else I can think of that I might need but I don't want to make a mess in my purse. I generally have 50 hair ties in the there, etc but naturally somehow those always end up swimming in the bottom of my purse as well. In general it does hold things that I need but don't want to have to dig for. I need a hair tie or bobby pin I grab this thing and can grab what I need. 

My sunglasses! I swear this case is the reason I cannot carry a small purse! A friends mother once asked why I had a small loaf of bread in my purse, haha! These are Oakleys and I got them quite a few years ago, sadly the frames are discontinued. I absolutely love these glasses though, and they are necessary all year round!

My wallet, this is from Coach and Jason bought it for my for Christmas a couple of years ago and since then its the only wallet I have used. Its really convenient, I like the setup of it and the quality is amazing. I like that its grey because it may not exactly match my purse but it pretty much goes with everything. I am not the person that believes my wallet absolutely needs to match my purse perfectly and this baby was expensive so I figure I should make it worth it. 

Again with my germ worries! I always have hand sanitizer somewhere as well, living here we tend to use the subway a lot and I feel like its just necessary. I know I probably worry more than most people but with Ebola and stuff like that existing I feel it more and more necessary to be cautious. This is from Bath and Body Works and I believe they are $2.00 or less. They come in all different scents if you aren't a fan of the alcohol smelling ones. 

Do I really need to say anything about this? Strawberry and cream tic tacs.. just necessary!

Again with the rotating issues. I don't know what the deal is BLOGGER, BUT I'M OVER IT!. 
Sorry. So this is just a Nine West wristlet, my Mom bought it for me last year at Burlington Coat Factory for $7.00 I believe. I have a Coach one that I love as well but my phone doesn't fit in it. Since my shoulder has been a mess and I cant carry my purse I take this little guy with me wherever I go. I just throw the cards in there that I need, my phone, keys and a lipstick. All I really need right? Not really but its all I can carry so what choice do I have?

Hair ties and bobby pins! They are suppose to be in that little makeup bag but what can I say. I always have 100 of these laying around because, well.. have you seen my hair? I need all the help I can get! I like these thin hair ties with no metal strip thing because they hold my hair best, but I wont lie I maybe get 10 uses out of these and they are stretched and ruined. Good thing they are cheap!

I generally wear lipstick but what I am wearing depends on the day so whatever I choose I will throw it in that morning. These are just always in there just in case. I have a Blistex because its just a regular chapstick and I have to have something Jason can use and this is amazing stuff. I have a Smoochies (I cant remember the shade but the packages are all different so you can find it by the fuchsia color packaging) because its the perfect tinted lip balm, good for anytime anywhere and I absolutely love it. I also have an Essence Stay with me in a gorgeous pink, this is the only lip gloss I have ever used the entire thing and got another one. Its a great color, great coverage and not sticky at all.. everything I look for in a lip gloss. Not to mention extremely affordable!  

You know, just in case! I always have one of these in my purse because if I don't need it someone else will!

A random receipt.. it says Clifton Springs on it and I don't even know where that is. I think the last time I used my purse was when we went home in October so who knows where this is actually from. 

I'm sorry.. blogger and I are at war apparently. Gum.. I don't like fruity gum at all.. honestly I don't really love gum in general. I will chew it for a few minutes and then spit it out.. I just don't like it but Jason is a gum freak and so I always make sure to have some. 

Random cards, business cards, points cards from stores, I see a Light Rail ticket in there. I generally keep all my points cards info on the Key Ring App on my phone. If you have a lot of points cards, I highly recommend this app for you!

Lens wipes! I wear glasses and sunglasses and lets be honest by this point you know how I feel about dirt and germs. These are from Walmart I believe, its $4.00 for a box of 100 I think and they are well worth it. I will say the smell of alcohol that comes off of these is absolutely crazy and I don't like that but I know that its super cleaning my glasses and I love that. 

Empty! Check out all the pockets and stuff.. I couldn't love it anymore! This purse really works for me, its everything that I would want in a purse.. but I'm not going to lie even though I'm not even carrying this I am getting the itch for a new one. Black Friday sales?

So there you have it, not a ton of junk compared to what some people carry but none the less enough! Again if I am traveling I will most often have my passport, even if I'm not traveling out of the country I don't like just leaving it unattended. I will also have my iPod because I am all about a good dance party, my camera.. just in case. There is a good chance you may also find a book (or my Nook), a magazine, lipsticks, water, etc. I like stuff and options.. in most aspects of life!

So that's whats in my bag! I am running late now and need to get moving ASAP to meet Tanya! I got a call this morning for my MRI, I am going on the morning of December 10th which is a lot faster than I had expected and thankfully its a lot closer than I had expected which is even better!

I really need to run, I lost the football pool last night if anyone was wondering.. Thanks Drew Brees!! THANKS!!!

Have a great day!!!

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