Monday, December 1, 2014

My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Good Morning,

I know, I you probably expected to be hearing about my weekend at home but that was just never going to happen today. I knew that we would be getting in late last night and when I got up this morning I would walk into a disaster zone in the living room of crap we threw everywhere when we walked in the door last night and is now my responsibility to put away.. or rather find a spot where they belong and will actually fit. So while I am working away on that mess you can read about my nightly skin care routine if you would like!

I promise this week I will recap our time at home, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and so on but for now I have a few preplanned posts until I can sit down and write.

Wednesday I posted about my Daytime Skincare Routine and I thought because my Skincare routine takes place twice a day and is actually different I would share what I do at night so you get the whole picture. For me I think the combination of what I do in the morning and the night is what is working for my skin right now and maybe, just maybe it would work for you too!!

Most often my nightly skin care routine starts in the shower because I am already in there so I figure why not just wash my face right? I will say that I HATE getting water on my face so I will only wash my face in the shower when I have my little face wipes otherwise I will do so at the sink after my shower.

While my shower is warming up I take a regular cotton pad that you can buy at Target or Walmart and dampen it with Caudalie Cleansing Water Makeup Remover, I use this to take off my eye makeup rather than scrubbing at my mascara and taking off most of my eye lashes! I dampen the cotton pad and rest it on my eye for a few moments before rubbing off my eye makeup. Honestly this is the fastest I have ever been able to get my eye makeup off, without any scrubbing.. its amazing! I know there are a variety of brands and I will definitely be exploring those as I find this particular product to be out of my price range at $38.00. The reason I am using this is because I received a sample in my Birch Box! If you are interested in trying an eye makeup remover I suggest THIS ONE from The Body Shop.

After I have removed my eye make up I move on to my Burts Bee's Sensitive Skin Facial Towelettes. These things are my holy grail make up removers, the towelettes themselves are soft and strong, they do a fantastic job removing my makeup and then stay strong for when I use my exfoliator. 

I know that these makeup removing towelettes are extremely controversial among beauty bloggers and professionals but that is generally because people use these all alone to wash their face at night and are done with it. I follow up with an exfoliator which is really important. 

When I am done with my towelette I rinse it off and keep it to use with my exfoliator. I grab my beloved Olay Fresh Effects Out of this Swirled Deep Pore Clean Plus Exfoliating Scrub, Essence of White Grapefruit and Green Tea, I am on my second bottle of this stuff and I absolutely love it. I have really sensitive skin and don't love a harsh exfoliator no matter how good it is suppose to be for your skin, but this really works for me. I take two pumps for the bottle in my hand, distribute it amongst both hands and go straight to my face. I really massage this into my face for as long as I can stand to do it and then wash it off using my Burts Bee's towelette because I absolutely hate getting my face wet in the shower and running my face under the running water just isn't going to happen. The towelette completely holds up which is great, I use it to make sure I have gotten all the product off my face before getting out of the shower. 

Once I am out of the shower I lather myself in the Bath and Body works Stress Relief Body Cream in the scent Eucalyptus Spearmint. I am addicted to this stuff, I got through bottles of it and every single time I find it on sale I buy it in bulk! Excessive I know but let me tell you I have never found a product I love as much as I absolutely LOVE this! If you are looking for the best body CREAM (do not mistake it for the lotion) I suggest you buy this one, its the most hydrating and luxurious thing ever! Go get it.. right now!!

I on occasion at this point will use a toner, I go back and forth about what I think of them but when my skin is acting up I definitely use one and do notice a difference. I wont say that I use this all the time but I will include it because like I said it will make an appearance depending on how my skin feels. Currently I am using the Clean and Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Toner for Sensitive Skin

After using my lotion I again grab my MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy Spray and give a few spritz. Again this time of year I am looking for the most moisture I can get into my skin so I use this both morning and night, during the summer I probably don't use it as much for moisture but I will spray my face after I am done my makeup to set it because when the weather is hot and you tend to get a little sweaty it makes your makeup last longer without flaws. You can also try MAC Cosmetics Prep and Prime Fix Plus if you are looking for something to set your makeup, its a GREAT product and extremely affordable, it also comes in a travel size for your purse.  

At this point I have my pajamas on and am ready to get into my moisturizer. I am looking for a thicker night cream at this point but I have yet to find one that I really like so for now I am using the same one I use in the morning at night. The Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, I use it in the same way I do in the morning, I dab my finger in and dab it all over my face making sure I have a good amount and then I massage it into my face and neck. This moisturizer soaks in super fast! 

Now at this point if I am getting into bed I will go for my new love, The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream. I actually got this on sale and wish I would have bought more because I didn't realize at the time it was 50% off! I paid $10.00 and it is usually $22.00 which is a lot for the size of the product. Having said that I am more than in love with the smell of this stuff, When I cover my hands and arms with it at night I love laying in bed and smelling it.. its INCREDIBLE! This stuff is SILKY smooth, its BEYOND fragrant and my hands feel so moisturized and satin like all night and the following morning. I only use this at night, I am savoring it now that I know the price but I definitely notice a positive difference since using it... my hands are not nearly as dry and my eczema has definitely improved. 

Now before I close my eyes I have one last step and naturally this one is my lips! I hate nothing more than dry chapped lips and so I always have some kind of lip balm around. This one I keep on my nightstand for nights only and let me tell you it is amazing!!! Before I go to sleep I put on my Bath and Body Works C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Vanillamint. This stuff is thick and moisturizing and I go to sleep with it on my lips and wake up with it still on! I don't know how it doesn't get all over my pillow at night or on the blankets for that matter but it absolutely doesn't! My lips have never felt better, this is a holy grail product of mine, I wear it every single night!!

At this point girlfriend is TIRED! This is my nighttime routine right now, I will say things may change here and there depending on what I have received for samples in my Birch Box or when I run out of things here and there I may try different things but these are pretty much what I keep in my routine. 

Let me know what you use in your skin routine and if you have any recommendations! I love hearing what other people do and ways that I can potentially improve my own skin routine! 

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