Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Unplanned Rant

Good Morning, or is it?

I had a blog post planned for today and because I haven't had the time to write in advance knowing I would be p early with people coming to work on the house I thought I would just knock it out this morning. That's just not going to happen.

Yesterday I talked about our issues with the first year of home ownership, mostly it being our builders issues that have been a headache to us rather than actually owning this home. Obviously our circumstances are different and we don't live here all the time so it is possible that my view is a little different than some.

In yesterdays post I didn't really mention much about the difference in buying an existing home rather than building your own, obviously the price would be one. When you choose an existing home for purchase you focus on one price, the cost of the home. When building your own home you focus on MANY prices, the price of the lot, the price of the home, the price of the flooring, cabinets, etc. Its multiple prices that all culminate into one. That can be a headache and make it really easy to have a final price larger than you had expected.

Nothing really compares to the headache of warranty. Our warranty issues have been nothing but a struggle as I mentioned yesterday and while we are here dealing with it once more, for the last time in regards to aesthetics the headache is continuing.

Yesterday they came in and started the work, there was one guy from each crew who spoke English which is a really nice change because usually we cant communicate with anyone and therefore its hard to make sure all the work gets done. Jason and I always go through before the trades people come in and tape throughout the house the areas that need attention. This particular warranty claim is to address nail pops, paint issues, drywall issues, basically anything aesthetic. The guys came in yesterday and began work, they seemed to accomplish quite a bit yesterday being the most competent people we have worked with thus far, it was almost too good to be true.. and well, it was.

Yesterday after putting holes in the walls, patching them with putty, sanding, etc they realized they didn't have any paint to fix it and when they decided to look into it they realized no one knew the paint color. Fantastic. The warranty guy we deal with from the actual builder dropped the ball, big surprise!! So they supposedly looked in their records, found the paint color we selected and went and had it made. WELL.. its the wrong color!! We realized this basically immediately after we put it on the wall. They also don't seem to have the correct matte white for the ceilings or glossy white for the trim! FABULOUS!

So the guy overseeing warranty came in this morning and said, well some walls are just going to have to be a different color. Pardon me? Like hell. He walked around and looked and said he was only willing to have them paint corner to corner on the walls that had repairs done. I honestly could have died. Pajama clad and all I was like.. what? So for example the room that I was sitting in had 3 of the 4 walls with paint needed, so you're telling me that one wall in this room would be a different color? ABSOLUTELY NOT! If this guy thinks for one second that is going to fly reality is about to smack him, or I am if he's not careful.

These assholes have no regard for the fact that this is our home!! Even the painters (who were suppose to be here an hour and a half ago) said yesterday this was nuts and they didn't know what they were going to do. It has been mentioned that they will cut a hole in the wall and take a piece of it to the paint place to see if they can match it.. WHAT?

I don't want them to paint the whole house as then we get into them doing a crappy job, I say this from past experience although there is a whole new group of painters that I actually like. If things are a mess then when will we have time to deal with that? A year in we are still having them work on things from the very beginning, do we really want to be dealing with these guys for the next year? Not to mention the only color that they can seem to get is darker than we already have and I really don't want to have something darker as we are quite happy with the paint that we had originally chosen.


Just last week we got a survey from the builder and we gave them a TERRIBLE score, sadly Jason filled out the whole thing and it took him two hours.. before he could send it the thing timed out and erased it all.. oh was he mad. So he basically did it again but put less detailed written responses. Well when they reviewed our scores they were sure to inquire why it is that we would have given them such a low score. Well let me tell you, this is a PRIME EXAMPLE!! They know we are out of town and come here to have this work done. We give them as much notice as we possibly can, we accommodate them in every way we can knowing that us being away is our issue to contend with.. but they never fail to make everything a huge cluster screw.

I honestly don't know how today is going to play out.. at this rate we have patched EVERYWHERE and they don't have any paint the right color to fix it. There are holes that they have missed and I swear we really thought they would be done today but I don't know what we were thinking.

I will keep you all posted, if I have any hair left by the end of the day it will be a feat. I seriously have absolutely no patience for any of this crap and the fact that they show up here and act flip about everything is a huge piss off.


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