Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Products I Didn't Care For.

Happy First day of Fall!!!

I'm sad to see summer go, especially because fall weather came yesterday and I froze my tush off on the way to and from the eye doctor! But today I will be prepared!

Anyways I am off to order new glasses so I will leave you today with a few products I have tried recently and don't really care for.

Of all the products you try there are bound to be ones that don't really live up to all the hype, don't particularly work for you or just plain aren't what you thought. I like to think that more often then not I actually like the new products I buy but that isn't always the case and lately I have noticed a few that aren't for me and I thought they were just as important to mention. As much as I love sharing things I love so you may buy them and love them just as much when I find something I don't like I think its just as important to potentially save you a few bucks if they aren't worth it!

Lets get started shall we?

I'm sorry I can't find a picture of this so I decided to just not include one. I got this on sale at Ulta a couple months ago and from what I can tell they don't even have this scent left but it really wasn't the scent I didn't like. I bought 2 bottles because they were regular $9.50 on sale for $1.99, I should have thought something then as that's quite a price difference but I love a good deal so I bought it. What I don't care for in this product is the consistency of it, I am pretty fussy about the shower gel that I use and this is too jelly like for me. Its thick and the consistency is really strange, I can't say when I am finished in the shower I feel really clean from it. I've been trying to use it mostly as bubble bath to just get rid of it because that's how much I don't like it. Not that I would have ever paid $9.50 for it but I'm certainly glad I only paid $1.99 for it. Lesson learned.

2. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream

I purchased this one a whim at Target, I don't usually use shaving cream to be honest because conditioner works just as good and you always use more shampoo then conditioner so why not, right? I occasionally will splurge though and I liked the bottle so I figured why not! I think what I don't like about this is that its a cream, literally. Its very thick and when you put it on your legs I don't feel like it actually soaks in and then comes off with the razor. With that said it also gets stuck in the razor which is a pain and doesn't come off with a simple dip in the water. It really seems that it would be more suited as something you put on your legs after you shave them rather than before. Its took thick, it gets stuck in the razor and ends up all over the bottom of the tub and therefore has to be rinsed off or it makes an even bigger mess. I can't say this product is for me or that I will buy it again. I generally love EOS products but sadly this just wasn't one of the good ones, for me at least.

Honestly I am disappointed to even be talking about this product on account that as I have previously said I have found the best mascara ever and decided then and there I would never bother trying another one ever. But everyone has been raving about this and I am a sucker and naively believed that this could potentially be better, its not. I think what everyone was selling was not only the mascara itself but the applicator brush which is precisely what I do not like. The mascara itself is fine, I like the way it applies, its long lasting and doesn't seem to flake. The brush however isn't overly conducive to applying the mascara, at least for me. The brush is a little big and awkward and I tend to get just as much on my skin around my eyes as I do on my actual lashes. That's the thing about mascara, the brush can make or break it and this one breaks it for me. If you are a professional make up artist or a wizard with mascara and never get it on your face than this might just be the product for you, but I am not and therefore I don't think I would purchase it again.

Oh let me tell you... I bought these shoes because I don't have any like them, I like the look a lot and they were on sale at Target for $15.00. I saw them when they came out and they were $35.00 I believe and considered it, then I forgot. When I remembered again I was at home and they were so cheap I figured why not! Well let me tell you my reflection is not that of shoes at Target but these shoes in general. I wore them out to dinner last Friday night for the first time, Jason and I were walking to a place near by so I figured it was a good time to try them out in case they gave me blisters and the weather was fitting. What a mistake, what an awful terrible mistake it was to wear these! I know you generally have to break in shoes and I am no stranger to blisters because it tends to happen at least once with most shoes but good lord I have never had a pair of shoes wreck my feet like these. I came home barely walking and my feet were bleeding! EVERY. SINGLE. TOE on both of my feet had TERRIBLE blisters!! That night in bed I could barely move my feet because the blisters stung soooooo bad! The next morning I woke up and 4 of my toes were horrifically bruised and the rest of my toes still had terrible blisters. Taking a shower.. I couldn't have cried. Seriously I can't tell you the pain these shoes have caused me, I want to burn them. I actually want to break them in because I like them but I am terrified and not sure it will be worth it. I don't know what the deal is, but I honestly don't think its me.

First let me say I feel ridiculous even complaining about this because I paid $1.00 for it!! I really love e.l.f products, some of their makeup brushes are my favorite and because they are so cheap to buy I tend to try a lot of their products! This product is not something I would generally wear but I thought I would give it a try as an alternative to my regular blush. I don't love it, I don't hate it but I definitely don't love it either. Its thick on my face and when I brush my face with my hand it comes off, its not something I would generally wear anyways so this was a trial for me in general and I really don't think it would make a difference if it was high end or not. I highly recommend e.l.f products but this one just wasn't for me.

So there you have it folks, five products I don't really care for isn't bad at all, for as many products as I try I feel pretty good being able to say these are the only ones that I don't care for.

Is there products you have recently tried and didn't like, want to save us all a buck or two and tell us all about them? I for one would love to hear! 

Hope you all have a great day!!!

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