Monday, September 22, 2014

All About Downtown Street Fair, Jersey City

Good Morning,

Did everyone have a fantastic weekend?? I hope so!

Saturday Jason had to work sadly and I honestly didn't really have any plans, but I thought at the very least Lindsey, the girls and I would get together for coffee and a walk. Saturday morning I got up and met them outside to head to Starbucks and then Target, perfect morning right? Starbucks was a great addition to our semi chilly walk to Target and turns out Saturday morning means Target is nice and quiet, win win!

On the way back Lindsey mentioned Jersey City was having some kind of street festival or something so we decided to drop off our Target goods and walk over! We weren't sure what it was called but Lindsey said there was activities for the girls as well as tons of food trucks and vendors, sounded like something worth checking out!

Turns out it was the 4th annual 'All about downtown street fair' celebrating all things downtown Jersey City! There was about 125 street vendors, local live music and food trucks. We tend to miss the food truck festival at home every year so I was really excited to see what was there.

It really wasn't all that busy which was great, especially because Lindsey has a double stroller to navigate through the crowds. We decided to walk from top to bottom and survey what was there and then on the way back get snacks. Lindsey and the girls stopped at Helen's pizza which Jason and I have been talking about trying forever so I thought I would skip that one and just wait until we actually ordered, it looked fantastic though!

After that Lindsey and I decided we had to stop and have one of the amazing looking empanadas from Stella's Empanadas & Argentine Grill! The options were endless and we stood there quite some time deciding just which ones to try! We settled gladly on the potato and cheddar and let me tell you they did not disappoint! I am a fan of empanadas but I have never had one like this, it was almost like a perogie, too good!!!

I wish I would have got some to go!

On our way to find somewhere to sit and enjoy something to eat we crossed a little place selling Shipyard Pumpkin Head on tap and so we couldn't resist! Not only is that beer simply amazing but they way they presented it completely made it! They took the glass and dipped the rim in simple syrup then a mixture of what I believe was cinnamon, brown sugar and white sugar! There may have been some kind of spice but let me tell you it tasted like a pumpkin cookie or something on the rim of your glass, it was incredible. I could have drank.. well, that's not really important.. it was awesome!

Oh the goodness! I honestly don't know why we didn't get more.
With our hands full of empanadas and beer we decided it might be a good time to find a place to sit because obviously pushing the stroller with two hands full in a crowd wasn't the easiest task! We got lucky and came across a perfect spot for the girls to stretch their legs while we enjoyed lunch!
 The had what appeared to be black paper taped to the ground in places for the girls to use sidewalk chalk, it was a great idea and the girls loved it!

Lily also got to make an apple tree, it was a really great idea that allowed her to paint and glue, crafts all round and she absolutely loved it! She used an apple to paint her little apple for her tree red, they painted bubble wrap then she rolled her little toilet paper roll on it to paint it with texture. All the things that they had going were fantastic for kids!!

Honestly it was a great place, on the way out we decided to try one more place and because the BBQ didn't look nearly as good as I am use to we decided on a different empanada place called Nuchas. This was a food truck as their actual store is in New York, and let me tell you they were completely different from the first ones but EXCELLENT in their own way. Lindsey had the shitake curry and I have the spicy chicken and neither of us were disappointed! I really love empanadas but because Jason isn't a lover of Mexican food we don't go out often for it and therefore I don't often have them. I am definitely happy I had them today, sadly I didn't get a picture of this one!

Here are some pictures from the festival...

I was so glad we decided to head down and check this out, the food was great, the weather was perfect and I think the girls enjoyed it just as much as we did. Stuff like this is the perfect transition event from summer to fall, people love the comfort food, autumn beers there is nothing bad about any of that! Its also a great way for local businesses to get recognition they might not otherwise get!

We headed back to the apartment and made a stop at the playground before heading in. They were calling for quite warm weather today but there was a cool breeze which made it perfect shorts and sweatshirt weather! Not having Jason home today I was glad to be out and about enjoying this perfect day and Lindsey and the girls are fantastic! So I ended my day hanging out watching a Scandal marathon (its coming back this week.. YAY!!) with fall scented candles and peach green tea! All in all I think it was fantastic!

I hope you all had a great weekend too, tell me what you did!

I will leave you with some pictures of my partner in crime, because she's too cute not too!


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