Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can We Trade Bugs for Bears?

I'm tired, like really tired.. like I probably wont get through this day without a nap kind of tired.

As you know yesterday didn't go fantastically, I don't know why I always have such high hopes that this time things will be different and it just never is. The painters didn't arrive until after 2:00pm which was a huge disappointment on account that we really just wanted everything taken care of yesterday and at that point it was clear that was not going to happen. The attitude they had the day prior, polite, using drop clothes and stuff seemed to have vanished and they spent most of their time chatting with each other or on their phones.. going in and out and leaving the door open (annoying when its 100 degrees outside and the air is on in the house).

I had assumed they would leave at 5:00pm in which case they wouldn't have put a dent in the work at all. I had asked the gentlemen who was going to begin the painting if he could paint a patch on the wall so I could make sure I liked it (they couldn't match our original paint and therefore we ended up repainting pretty much the entire first floor with a different paint) and he said no. He said that the paint had already been mixed and basically whether I liked it or not it was going up, I decided then and there I needed to make it clear that it was my home and his attitude wasn't going to fly, nor was paint I didn't like whether they had bought it or not. PERIOD! I said I wanted to see a patch on the wall before he painted the entire thing, whether he liked it or not.. reluctantly he did as I asked. The color although slightly different is fine and therefore they went on painting.

I won't lie they spent most of their time on their phones and therefore I was anticipating days of work. As time when on their work ethic seemed to slack even more, I really didn't want to go around pointing every little thing and hanging over their shoulder but I knew I didn't have much of a choice if I wanted things done right. They tried to get away with painting only certain walls which was not going to fly on account that I wasn't willing to have different color walls in a room, that's ridiculous. When I started telling them what was going to need to be done and what wasn't going to fly I started getting a ton of attitude and extreme unwillingness to comply. At that point I figured screw it I would be meeting with our superintendent this morning and would be making a whole new list of things I wasn't happy with and they would have to come back.

While they were finishing up last night I spoke with the only gentlemen who really spoke English and explained that I wasn't trying to be unreasonable but this is my home and its also our one year warranty, therefore when we signed off and agreed we were happy with things that was it, everything aesthetic from that point forward would be our responsibility, I was not willing to sacrifice quality and work because they wanted to get home.

Now as unreasonable as that sounds they were paid to do a job and I expected them to do it, I expected that they would respect that this is our home, that we paid a lot of money for and we would like quality work. He basically said they don't get paid for overtime, blah blah blah which as much as I feel bad about at the same time I also don't feel is my problem so to speak. I said to him, look at it this way.. if you came into a hospital and needed care and I was an under paid nurse would you accept less than respectable care? NO!

While they were getting ready to leave one of the guys ran upstairs to address one more thing and I decided to go up behind him.. well.. when I came up the stairs I was face to face with a MASSIVE cockroach! UGH! So what does one do in this situation, scream and then break out in hysterical sobs of course. The poor painter came running out and I was just pointing at it and begging him to kill it. He assured me it was because the door was open on and off all day and that there was most likely only one.. but let me tell you one was enough. He killed it, thank god but he seriously thought I was a nut job!

So that was that, there was no way I was going to sleep last night, period. Why does the south have such MASSIVE bugs. I mean this thing was HUGE and I am not exaggerating! So I put my slippers on, bug guards really because god forbid I stepped on one of those bad boys, I would have just died. I love the south, beyond.. I have felt since we moved here that this is where I belong but in a second I would trade the north their bears for our bugs! I would rather take my chances with a bear (because I know how to use a gun) than a freakin' bug! Having said that let me tell you if I see another one and no one is here to kill it I plan to shoot it with the 357 as an alternative to burning the house down.

The guys left at 7:30pm after the bug debacle and I just knew I wouldn't sleep. I really hate dealing with all of this warranty business and let the whole thing stress me out a lot more than I really should, but I can't help it. Its been so hard dealing with all of this for the last year and Jason and I get cranky about it and lose patience with it all and it ends up just a tense situation that I resent because this is our time in our home and it is so limited. Before getting in bed I went through the entire house with a flashlight looking for more of those suckers terrified of what I would find, thankfully nothing turned up. I got in bed and put on a DVD starting a night of what was bound to be restlessness and not much sleep.

I think I got about 2 hours, maybe. When it came time this morning to actually get out of bed and get ready I really honestly didn't feel like I would make it but had to meet with out superintendent and wanted to go through our entire list of things and check them for myself before going through with him. I made coffee, grabbed a biscotti and got on my way. I was really impressed with all the items that had been addressed but there was a lot that wasn't as well. My meeting with the superintendent went well, he agreed with all my concerns and promised to have them addressed. It seems like today they will address the exterior work and tomorrow hopefully we will finish all the interior stuff. That gives me the weekend to scrub this place top to bottom. I'm not going to lie as lazy as it sounds I really wish they would send in a cleaning crew when they were done their work. Every single time we are here they come in to do work (because they didn't do it at all prior or didn't do it well) they destroy the house and then its up to us to spend hours cleaning it.. again our time here is so limited.

I guess we'll see how the next two days go, I really hope they will stick to their work and get the remainder of the stuff done and we will be done with all this warranty crap. I hate that our first year of home ownership has been overshadowed by this crap but it is what it is.

Not much else is going on, we got thunderstorms here last night and they are calling for scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. I seriously want to curl up in bed and eat burritos while watching the Sex and the City movies. Haha how glamorous right? No fear Jason will KILL me if I dared eat in bed, let alone burritos.. but I wonder if Moe's delivers. I should check that out. I'm already two coffees in and see another one coming my way.

I plan to blog about something other than all these warranty issues tomorrow, I'm sorry this has overtaken the blog this week that was not at all my intention. As I have said before I have really enjoyed writing about things other than what is going on in our daily lives. Hopefully while being in the house over the next couple of days I will get some post banged out so I have things ready in advance, that really seems to help me post on a more regular basis. A couple more coffees and I really think anything might be possible.

Also.. just a little side note. Its a nice balmy 91 here in Raleigh and because I don't plan on going anywhere I am rocking my Garage slouchy jogging pants, they are at least a size too big and oh soooooo comfortable, I may never take them off. Besides that they have pockets, I love anything that has pockets.. being a little on the larger side though if I put anything too heavy in the pockets my drawers sag a little, but whatever I so excited to be in comfy warm clothes. Bring on fall baby! And on that note while I would like to propose trading the north their bears for our bugs I would also like to talk Mother Nature into eliminating winter and spring? What more does one need than just summer and fall. Whose with me?

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