Monday, September 15, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects Review

As I have mentioned before I am a creature of habit and have pretty sensitive skin so I am generally pretty unwilling to try new products on my face. Facial cleansers and moisturizers aren't cheap and buying them and not having them work well with your skin is always a shame. I have used Olay products before and will honestly say they weren't my favorite so when they new line of Olay Fresh Effects came out I kept my eye on it. I was anxious to try it but don't like to stock up on products when I don't need them so I waited, and waiting all while checking them out every time I went to Target.

Well while at home I went to Target and gave in, I mean they were a lot cheaper there and I was basically out of moisturizer so I said what the hell. I actually bought more than just one product and now that I have tried them all I thought I would stop in and share my thoughts with you.

I didn't plan on buying this product truth be told in the last few years when suffering from insomnia under eye concealer just doesn't cut it. I haven't ever used any under eye brightening treatment until I purchased this one and I couldn't be any more in love. It truly does make a difference and I find myself wondering how it is that I ever lived without it. I wash my face in the morning and then roll this under my eyes and let it set for a few minutes and dry before I start my makeup routine! I find there is no difference in how my concealer applies and don't find it to crease or anything because of an additional product in my routine. If you suffer from dark under eye circles and are looking for improvement I highly recommend you try this. 

For this product check your nearest Target, Walmart, Ulta or anywhere else you may purchase your face care products. 

This is the gem I really wanted when I went to purchase my Olay Fresh Effects products. I tend to get dry patches and quite dry skin in the winter so I really wanted to find something that could hopefully prevent that all together but not make my face greasy. I have used this product for over a week now and let me tell you.. it is AMAZING! Its light and super hydrating, it makes my skin feel amazing when I put it on! On top of the fact that it is such a fantastic formula and feels so great you barely have to use any! The smallest amount covers so much and does it job so well. I truly plan to stick with this guy for a long time to come, I can't wait to see how my skin feels in the winter because I think if anything could prevent dry, flaky skin this will be it! 

Deep pore clean and exfoliating scrub YES PLEASE! I am a lover of all things citrus smelling but if you are not you can absolutely get this product in different scents. I really like this product, I use it 2-3 times a week and have nothing but great things to say about it. Its fresh smelling and foams up wonderfully along with the exfoliating particles you feel like you get a really awesome clean. I have yet to have this product cause my face to break out or anything which I am obviously really grateful for. I take off all my make up with my Burts Bees sensitive skin facial cleansing towelettes and than splash my face with warm water before putting one pump of this product in my hand. I mix it around in my hands a little and then go straight to my face. Apply the product and then massage around in a circular motion for a few moments and then rinse off with warm water. 

I am so in love with these products I can wait to try more from this line. They have a BB Cream that has caught my eye along with their make up removing towelettes! If you are interested in these products you can peruse their website HERE or online at Target HERE, although lets be honest y'all visit Target daily, weekly even.. GO!  

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